Is Dom Apprenticeship a Thing?

Discussion in 'General BDSM discussions' started by Morrigan, Jun 4, 2012.

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    For a long time I've been fascinated, and enticed by the BDSM subculture. I've done a lot of roleplaying, both as myself and with characters, and as both sub and Dom. Now I'm sure that I am a Dom. I enjoy playing the Dom most while RPing, and I'm the most happy in life when I feel in control (I have a small leadership position at work, and am working towards a position with greater responsibility).

    However roleplaying online, and actually participating in a scenario in real life with someone are two different things. At least, they seem to be in my mind. I'm rather nervous to actually jump into things because of my lack of practical experience.

    So I'm wondering, do seasoned Doms ever take on newbies to help them learn? I understand that it is up to each individual person to choose if they wish to, but does it happen? I haven't really come across anything like a Master/Apprentice relationship.
  2. sebastian

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    Yes, it's fairly common, actually. Some do it quite formally, while others do it informally. Many doms are good teachers, and offer classes in various skills. But there's no 'accreditation board' or whatever. Talk to doms in your area and ask them if they will teach you a few things.

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