How do you get there?

Discussion in 'General BDSM discussions' started by subspace, Dec 12, 2009.

  1. subspace

    subspace Member

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    What is one sure fire thing that your Dom does that puts you into your subzone the fastest? What does it take to get you to that place? Is it one thing or a combo that gets you there?

    For the Dom’s, what does your sub do that most makes you feel like you are her/his Dominant and puts you into Topspace?

    On the flipside is there something in particular that takes you out of that Top/sub space quickly?
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  2. pepeluism

    pepeluism Member

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    Humilliation does it for me. To me the best Mistresses are those who can come up with inventive ways to very quickly humble you and "put you in your place".

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    I would say humiliation too, verbal humiliation. Especially when I'm bound and gagged, conveniently unable to answer back :)

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    I'd say His tone of voice. I know immediately when He means business by the tone of His voice. When He calls me a dirty slut instead of His baby girl, I know. :)
  5. subspace

    subspace Member

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    Subbies - Does having an orgasm take you immediately out of subspace?

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    Being called "little one" is my instant sub-spacer, but any name or even a firm look will do. Or being manhandled. Being called stupid is an instant way to snap me out of my SS. No, orgasm doesn't take me out. I'm not out until I'm let out.
  7. GreyMac

    GreyMac Member

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    Immediate and unhesitating positive responces from My Girl do it for me as a Dom. Hearing that quality in her voice which tells me instantly that she's completely immersed in subspace.
  8. master jey

    master jey Moderator

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    yes master does it
  9. pepeluism

    pepeluism Member

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    Orgasm usually does take me out of subspace, but sometimes I'm too deep into it to get out of it even after an orgasm. In some situations it takes quite a while.
  10. fr3sh3st_3l3m3nt

    fr3sh3st_3l3m3nt New Member

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    Honestly what used 2 make me feel my topspace was just simply waking up between both my slaves.

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