I had my first dom experience today...

Discussion in 'General BDSM discussions' started by miss k, Oct 8, 2012.

  1. miss k

    miss k New Member

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    And I am feeling so tired and sleepy and happy.

    What is that?

    Endorphins? Oxytocin? What? Haven't felt this relaxed in a loooong time.

    And the weird thing? I didn't have an orgasm! Didn't receive anything from him (he likes to be "served"), was not even fucked!

    I gave a lot of oral and was very serving for 1hr.

    Someone please explain it to me!! I feel great!
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  2. shauwn

    shauwn Member

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    Cool :) sounds fulfilling for you!
    I sure don't know "why", but it is sweet when you can feel so good about it!
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    I'm no medical expert, but I know after I've given a big presentation I often feel drained once I'm off stage - especially because I tend to get rather "passionate" when I'm presenting :)

    I think the explanation is that the excitement and anticipation before and during the event causes a release of adrenaline (which in turn causes the release of endorphins). Once the event is over, and your "reptile brain" thinks you're safe again, the adrenaline is metabolized and reabsorbed, and the body goes into a physical and mental "sag".

    This is one reason that aftercare is such an integral part of the BDSM experience.

    I think it also gives rise to the phenomenon of adrenaline junkies - people who become so used to the adrenaline high that they keep doing thrilling things like fast cars or rollercoasters. BDSM sounds like a much safer way to get your adrenaline fix!

    Whatever the reason it sounds like you had a great time - congratulations!

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  4. Khartas

    Khartas New Member

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    stanley is right about adrenaline. i snowboard and i cannot get enough of that release...
    except for dominating. like last night, i collared and leashed my sub, had him sit in my lap while he played with himself as i looked on, giving him occasional orders, punishing him when he took too long to comply. it was the first time i'd ever done any such thing.

    i received no sexual contact. no stimulation of any sort, yet i felt tremendous release when he finally climaxed. it was bizarre, but it felt amazing.
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  5. sebastian

    sebastian Active Member

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    BDSM is not called 'power exchange' for no reason. A dom and sub who are clicking are giving energy to each other. It can be very profound, it can make hours pass surprisingly quickly, and it can leave you feeling tired but strangely energized at the same time. I'd say it's a good sign.
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