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Discussion in 'Section open for any subject to discuss' started by rob_96, Jan 17, 2012.

  1. rob_96

    rob_96 New Member

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    Everyone, I am all new to this and after watching the movie Secretary I found my self very aroused in watching this movie. I have always found Bondage very attractive but have not found the right partner to expand my experience. I am realizing that though-out my life I am always in control, I really want to and expand my experience with bondage and the lost of control. I plan to research new things and just expand my knowledge of this new found interest.

    I have always been in to being spanked and tied up, but its never gone past that due to my partner not being comfortable with trying new things. I do want to try sensory deprivation and having the loss of all control.

    Thanks everyone and hope I can gain knowledge in this area


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  2. Anna2

    Anna2 Member

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    I enjoy this movie too.
    I hear what you're saying as far as control. I have to be in control all day. Plan, direct, tell others what to do. I'm pretty well sick of it at the end of the day and want the exact opposite.
    I'm new here too. Welcome.
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  3. kato

    kato New Member

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    I have very limited control in my daily life, and I want the exact opposite of that!
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  4. beth{MTTC}

    beth{MTTC} New Member

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    i remember watching that movie 7 years ago with my Master.at that point i was already involved in the BDSM scene but always as a Dom. i was aware that my Master has a very dominant personality but was rather determined that i wanted to keep control. 7 years later and i sit at my Masters feet and meet all His wants and needs and love every second of it. i believe that this movie has probably convinced a lot of people to make the jump into the BDSM scene :)

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