Do we have pride rallies?

Discussion in 'General BDSM discussions' started by Smallest, Mar 15, 2011.

  1. Smallest

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    I was discussing with Master, and we both seemed to think it sounded familiar, but we weren't sure if that was just because of the amount of fetish you see in some lgbt pride parades.

    Obviously pride parades for something like BDSM would never get approved by a city, because the children and such being exposed to blatant sexuality, not same sex moderately clean things, but what about large gatherings like? Are we just imagining things and such things don't happen, or am I looking at the wrong places on the internet.

    I'm not really into showing off my sex life, vanilla or as part of a D/s couple, but I'd still like to see other people of a similar lifestyle/thinking as myself, see what's similar or different to them, that sort of thing. That's why I joined the forum, mostly, to compare and see how others are.

    So, anyway, fulfill my questions if you can. And I dont' care if you answer that there is one far away from where I live (since you don't know where that is), anywhere's a starting point to look from. And if no such thing exists, well, that's okay also.

    I should mention, I know Folsom, but I can't find any affiliates listed on website (page won't load) or any similar types, and I also have never attended Folsom, so if you have, I'd love to hear about.
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  2. Frostig

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    Hmm.. well I know there are v.I.p. gathering which isn't so big. Im not for sure by where you live but there are a few clubs that has bdsm nights around here. Perhaps even, I haven't looked this up but maybe do research to so if there are bdsm conventions? Other then that I can't think of any gatherings for it.
  3. Kor

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    I don't see any reason or need for a "pride rally." I don't feel socially rejected or discriminated against. Indeed, in the last few decades BDSM has moved from a diagnosable mental illness to practically being mainstream.
  4. sillylittlepet

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    I think there's a thing in san Fransisco and new york

    but its less of a pride festival and more of a leather party
  5. P.S.Eudonym

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    Well, there are appartently quite a few discussion groups in my area. I haven't been yet, but I hear its basically just an open community with no real purpose except to provide a platform for discussion. Kind of like our community here, but in real life.

    Frankly, I never saw the point in pride parades, although it is entertaining to watch. If people need a parade to be open about something, then they have different problems altogether. They help to raise public awareness, but in my experience only in the sense of fake acceptance in terms of political correctness as opposed to actual acceptance based on tolerance.

    The mental image of the political fallout resulting from a BDSM parade is amusing and scary at the same time though. On the one hand, a bunch of leather clad people, leading slaves in various costumes along the street strikes me as funny, but the image of political hardliners calling for culls and asylums definately isn't.
  6. Smallest

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    Pride rally's the wrong term, certainly, to those who pointed t out, but I didn't know another definition. I more meant 'general gathering of people who are similar', and 'convention' is an even less correct term, I think.

    Most of you have given me pretty clear answers despite my horrible wording though, so thank you.

    And yes, PS, I think it's rather fun to imagine that, knowing it won't happen. The reaction before people were sent to asylums, at least

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