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Discussion in 'General BDSM discussions' started by WrathofThor, Mar 6, 2011.

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    I realize there have been threads on floggers, but I have a more specific question. My first flogger was suede but was cheap - plastic handle and the falls were only about 10'. Using it for too long or hitting too hard makes my girlfriend's skin itchy and it's not fun for her. I've learned to use it moderately but still have to be careful.

    We just invested in a proper piece - it's an elk flogger with more falls (29) that are longer 18'. First of all, it's WAY nicer, not fancy but solidly crafted. Now she no longer has a problem - I think it was the cheap suede that was giving her the reaction because the elk feels great to her. It's so... soft and smooth and spongy, feels good just to touch.

    I'm wondering: 1) has anyone had similar problems? and 2) the elk is great but it's a fairly light material, so if we were going to upgrade to something heavier in the future what would you recommend that has a similar texture? I was thinking moose or buffalo but I don't have the funds to gamble on it or the means to try one out right now. She likes thud not sting.
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    It's nice to have exotic skins... But I still like leather.

    I doubt it was the suede that bothered her. It was probably the chemicals used to cure the leather, and the coloring. With cheap floggers you always have to worry about that.

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