cream in my anus

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    Hey guys
    Today my master came up with a new idea,
    He took my leash and brought me down in our BDSM-room.
    There I had to make the doggystyle-position on the table.
    I got my gag and he tied my arms and legs on the table
    Then he went up in the kitchen and came back with the bottle of aerosol cream out of the fridge
    I felt how the cold metal-can touched my buttock
    Then he removed the cover.
    Next he removed my gag and tested the aerosol cream into my mouth, Then he put back my gag.
    He went back to my feet.
    I´felt how he stuck the spiky end of the can in my anusand the next moment my anus was completely full of cream, I felt the unnecessary cream coming out of my anus. It felt strange, cold but not as displeasing as I thought it would feel.
    After a few minutes my master said I should "fart".
    After I done it and most of the cream was out of my anus he started again.
    After a few repeats he removed his clothes and stick his penis in my vagina.
    What was following was a normal doggystyle-session-
    After he cum in my vagina he took his clothes, untied me and said that I should clean my nether regions as clean as I can get it till he comes back.
    So I started to pull the cream out with my fingers and by farting and on other ways.
    After 10 minutes he came back and had a look on it and he said it isn't clean enough and so I had to lie on table again, this time on my back
    he spread my legs and tied me again.
    While he prepared some things I had a foreboding that he will do a enema with me.
    And I was right he started the enema
    It's not a new feeling for me because my master likes enemas and so we are doing them alot but it is still displeasing.
    After he untied me he said I should clean the room and the tools and disappeared

    I just wanted to share this experience with you.
    I think it was a very interesting feeling and I would like to hear what you think about it or how to improve it.
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