A day to Remeber( Start of my training into this world)

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    So, I have posted in the past just a little bit but more or less have been lurking the last few weeks. Well I am here to say I finally was able to meet up with my new Master. As in the past I have always been in Vanilla Relationships that have left me unsatisfied.

    Well, anyways, I also stated that I had a strong limit of any anal from the begining and swallowing. Over the last few weeks I really started to crave those two things the most as master told me what he would do and such, it just made me even more hungry to try it out. A little more back ground information is that I wanted to talk with Master and really get to know him before we started playing, as we got more into this our relationship was turning into the online Master slave relationship, if he would email me and tell me he wanted a picture Wallah I did it for him. During the last month he did not allow me to cum at all until we finally met.

    So here is how it started: I knew I was going to be nervous about all of this, which turn me on even more and which made me more wet when I went to meet master at a local hotel. We had talked and such about what he wanted me to do for him when I came to the hotel. As soon as I stepped into the door, Master had me strip out of my clothes and then to kneel, he adjusted my position oh so slightly to his liking. After this I did as he had told me earlier to then put my head to the floor arms still behind my back and to ask him to use me in what ever way possible. After this he collared me with a training collar (I have to work harder then any other to be able to get my own special collar).

    He hooked the leash to the ring on the front and started to walk away, I then started to get before soon he had me crawling . I didn't think this would in a way humiliate me. With in the first couple of minutes he talked and asked me what my greatest fear at the moment was at which I told master what I was thinking. After that we went through a body inspection where he had me go through positions and to look me over. After that he slipped blind fold on to me which make me less nervous and that much more wet.(I loved the feeling of being helpless). Once he blind folded me and had me into a position he like, he walked away and all I could here was the sounds of crinkling wrappers. next thing I knew was he wanted me to prepare a dildo for him...

    I have only ever given head once before to anyone and disliked it but over the last month he wanted me to practice deep throating at which I did. So to test my limits master had me take as much as I could and he was very happy with me and gave me a kiss and told me that he was glad /I did so well. After this he flipped me around to be half off the bed where he told me to hold what felt like a remote.... next thing i know he put up near my ass hole and just so slightly pushed in what I soon found out was a ass vibrator. The feeling was so strange but I love it and it just turned me on that much more. He left this in me for maybe 15 minutes, during which time he took the dildo and started to tease me with it by rubbing it up and down my lips and over the clit, I was so ready for him to insert it into me that I was getting frustrated and pleaded with him . After a couple minutes he full seated the entire dildo into my cunt. At which caught me off guard then he started to thrust it in and out with me asking to be able to cum (I was so ready release). After, he pulled that out along with vibrator in my ass.

    At this time I was asking him to fucking me anywhere he wanted. At first he started to play with my ass and lubed me up even more and inserted a couple of fingers before another dildo. At first my ass clenched down so heard it hurt but he kept the pressure there till the muscle relaxed and was able to insert it till full seated. After this he had me switch positions at which time he then worked another on me which was even better then next this I know he slipped into my ass. I mean I had a little pain but nothing that I would say have to stop play. While he slowly began to move in and out he asked me if I liked it. My answer for a couple of times was No Master at which I finally got the hint the 4th time which made me feel even more owned as I answered him. If Master likes it so does his slave. After that I didn't think I would be so turn on by being fucked in the ass that I felt myself begin to climax before he pulled out. Leaving me to have him continue so I could get off.

    While all of this was going on I had my safe call come through and was happy to tell her I was just fine :) We did the basics of a little bit of every thing that night and It just now leave me wanting more!!! Master and I talked after we had gone through everything, I really couldn't answer him but after thinking things threw I was able to email him with my full thoughts :) I am nervous to hear what master says.

    Anyways I do have one question for you all.... I felt extremely lose after being fucked in the ass for a couple of days. Is this a good thing bad thing or could you tell me it is some what normal :) Also I forgot to state even though master told me not to cum this entire last month and when he gave me permission when we met, I just couldn't could that be because I was nervous? I cant wait to meet Master again this Friday!
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    In regards to climaxing problems, you might have just felt pressured to do so, or just had to much going on to make it viable at the time. If you get what I mean?

    The looseness I guess is normal? Best person to ask for that one would be Seb...
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    I don't know the answer to either of your questions but reading about you and your master totally turned me on, sounds like you both have a very good thing going there. Good luck with your new relationship!
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    I editted it to make it a bit easier to follow, I hope you don't mind.

    It sounds like a good encounter, and I'll try to answer your questions.

    I don't usually feel loose for so long afterward, but unless you're stuck gaping or having trouble controlling your bowels, it shouldn't be a bad thing. It also might be psychological, or the muscles being at a different tension than you're used to.

    For the orgasm part, that's pretty personalized to you. It could be because you're nervous, or because of any other factors in your life you haven't mentioned, and so on. I think it's very unlikely that denying you orgasm for a month will have stopped your ability to, although you/your body may need to almost relearn how, if you had okay control of it before. But if you're still having trouble coming, you might want to look into external factors and, if you can't find anything else, ask your master to not do orgasm control until you're sure you can again.
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    I know I asked master to allow me to cum yesterday and such before I wrote this and I had to problem taking myself over the edge, I will have to say it was probably more or less nerves then that got to me then while we were playing. :)
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    So yesterday Master and I had another session!!!! It was very much like the first one but a little more intense (PER MY REQUEST) We worked more on oral which I have stated before would be my 3rd time ever. Swallowing wasnt as bad as I feared it would be(the taste) but in a way it still turns my stomach but I pushed past some of my limits which made me really happy. I was more relaxed yesterday with Master but was yet able to orgasm :( It must just be nerves! I think I enjoyed the most last night was when he double penetrated me his cock and a decent size dildo, it was a little painful at first but when I adjust to his size and the dildo it was so much better. :)

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