Bound sex positions for the beginner

Discussion in 'General BDSM discussions' started by brikhouse44, Jun 10, 2011.

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    This being my first post let me say hello and thank you to all of you who have so far helped me get started down this path. I'm very new to D/s and bondage but when my girl told me recently what she was into I began doing some research and found this place. I suppose I'm the "vanilla" boy who is being turned into a dom. Reading posts here has been extremely helpful to introduce me to the safety, ethics, and psychology of this kink and I wanted to thank all of you for posting such informative, helpful, and especially well thought out comments. Your help was invaluable this past weekend when my girl and I had our first playtime.

    As I am still learning what she is into and likes, I think I did pretty well for my first time. She likes to be submissive, to be used, and to allow me to do whatever I please with her. She had a few toys, namely wrist cuffs and some rope and after asking how she liked to have these used, she showed me how to place her essentially in doggystyle position, using the rope strung through the metal rings in her cuffs to pull her hands down underneath her and between her legs so that she was pinned with her face in the pillow. From here we both had a lot of fun with me fucking her from behind, keeping a firm pull on the rope the whole time. This was great because it was simple and also easy to change around. Within a few seconds I could remove the rope and place her on her back, etc.

    However, here's the meat of my question: Next time we play, I'd like to come a little more prepared with my own ideas of what to do (I am the dom after all). I Keep reading about ways to tie up a sub and various knots but I still am having trouble coming up with ways to use these. I suppose what I'm looking for is something similar to what I described above, where there isn't a lot of setting up and if I want to change positions, I can do so easily. The problem with most of what I see in the porn is that it would be fun for awhile, but if I wanted to change positions it would take a half hour to untie her. Also, I'm not yet that into, and I don't think she is as well, the more elaborate tying. For her, I think she likes a little bit of restraint, enough to know I'm still in control. The fact that I still haven't seen the restraint we used in any porn or in any instructional material (again I'm new to this, I'm sure it's been used before, just haven't seen it yet) lets me think that there are similar combinations of restraint and body position.

    I apologize for my rambling, but if anyone has any suggestions along this line, or resources to check out, I would be greatly appreciative (and I'm sure my girl would be as well). Thanks so much!
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    You've hit on exactly my objection to most bondage--it's more pretty than practical. To some extent this is just the basic nature of bondage. But you can get around some of it by using things like wrist and ankle cuffs. They open quickly, are somewhat more comfortable than rope, and have less risk of hurting the circulation or joints. You do have to buy them, which can add up, but basic ones aren't too pricey.

    Try this. Run a length of rope between the two cuffs and then slide it under the mattress of the bed (or behind the headboard), so that one cuff is on each side of the mattress. That gives you the set up for a basic spread-eagle, either face up or face down. And if you want her facing the other direction, it's quick work to unbuckle her and have her flip over. Get a pair of ankle shackles and you can do the same thing with her legs.
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