New to the forum, so please let me introduce myself.

Discussion in 'General BDSM discussions' started by cutesluttyboy, Jul 30, 2012.

  1. cutesluttyboy

    cutesluttyboy New Member

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    A very friendly greeting to all of you who stumbled upon this thread, and everyone else on this forum.

    First I'll tell a bit about myself, before explaining my interests in BDSM.

    I'm a 25 year old male, born and raised in Belgium, and after 25 years still living here :)
    I have been a soldier for the belgian army since I was 19 years old, and before that, I studied social economics at high school/secondary school.
    Oh, and I still live with my parents, but that should change at the end of the year :p.

    I won't start telling about my personality, because even I still haven't figured out everything about it yet.


    Now about the reason why I am here: My interest in BDSM.

    I can't say when I started being interested in BDSM, but I started fantasizing about it when I was around 12-13 years old,
    although it feels to me that I have been obsessed with submissiveness/obediance and domination all my life.
    I started fantasizing about being dominated by Women, and since then I have never stopped fantasizing about it.

    -So yes, as you have probably noticed because of my boardname, I am a sub-

    Around my 15-16 years old I discovered internet, and started searching for this big fantasy of mine
    (it actually has never felt as a fantasy to me, but more like a wish... a lifestyle that i have always wanted, but I figured it would be easier to call it "my fantasy").

    What I noticed on the internet was that there where different "styles" of BDSM: Bondage, pain play, humilliation ....

    But for me, I was fantasizing about a Woman who could be my Mistress, who I could be property of ... although not as an object, I would do my everything to please her, and she would also show her affection and respect to me and my needs (allthough, only if i'd deserve it :) ).
    This means I would be happy with (almost) everything, just to please my Mistress. I wouldn't like to be tied up on a bed or something, if She wouldn't enjoy it. But if my Mistress would like bondage, I'd be overjoyed to be tied up for her.
    Only thing I would be realy scared of, and i think would never want to do, is playing with needles... I hate needles... I've never had anything in my life that made me feel so uncomfortable then knowing someone is going to put a needle in my body. (so yeah, i guess that would be a NONO :p )

    I should also say, I feel inferior to, normally, all women. In my fantasy, they are superior to me. But I do not feel inferior to men...
    I would only obey them if my Mistress would have told me to do so. Note that TS women are also women to me, and not men...

    Hopefully now you'll know my interests in BDSM (I guess my biggest interrest is just being controlled)

    BUT : Although I think of being a sub every day, I am still very very very unexperienced with BDSM. Because I still live with my parents, I have only been with a Mistress once... wich was yesterday. And I have never been to an sm-club or anything like that before.

    I have been in contact with my Mistress for quite some time allready, but up untill yesterday this was only via chat and e-mail.
    I am not going to go into detail about this, only that I'm very happy to have met such a pro Mistress, after the session we even went to have a drink at a bar, to relax after such an intense experience.

    This is also the first time ever that i'm on a forum that concerns BDSM.
    Reason why now? As i said at the beginning of this post: "I still live with my parents, but that should change at the end of the year".
    So I have got the feeling I'm finally be going to be able to explore my interests like I have always wanted, at the end of this year (actually started yesterday) so I want to catch up....

    Thank you for reading my introduction, and I hope I was clear enough in explaining my interests. If not, feel free to ask me.
  2. sebastian

    sebastian Active Member

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    Welcome to the SMplace. Maybe you should talk to Mistress Maria. She's in England, and is starting out as a domme
  3. cutesluttyboy

    cutesluttyboy New Member

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    Thank you, Sebastian, I pressume Mistress Maria is on this forum as well?

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    Lol yes I am on this forum and read various posts with interest including yours. Its great that you mananged to find a place where you feel happy to chat ec - its certainly somewhere I feel welcome and am able to ask anything I need to know.

    It sounds as though you have found someone who was able to indulge your fantasy. Are you going to keep in contact with her? Are you looking for advice or more experience or just to chat?

  5. Roland

    Roland Member

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    Congratulations on having such a positive first experience and welcome to the forum.

    I highly recommend reading the newbie forum pages. They were indispensable to me.
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  6. cutesluttyboy

    cutesluttyboy New Member

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    Thank you Mistress Maria, it's nice to hear my post was interesting to you.

    i am indeed very happy to have found my Mistress, and i am keeping contact, but unfortunately she is only visiting Europe, and will be going back to the homecountry, Indonesia, after her visit here.
    She will probably be staying here for a few more months, and maybe even going to the UK for 6 months so I'm hoping i'll be able to be with her again.

    I do understand that this means i will not be able to serve her properly, wich is what i desire most, so i am still in search for a Mistress closer to where i live...

    I'm on this forum for advice and to chat, if possible maybe even some more experience (although i'm guessing that the advice will also give me a bit more knowledge, wich could help me with my experience).

    Thank you. one of the reasons for such a great first experience is probably because we have been in contact for some months allready.

    I will have a look at the newbie pages, although i haven't found them yet. If you mean the newcomer's FAQ, i'm reading them right now :)
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  7. Roland

    Roland Member

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    lol...yes I meant the newcomer's FAQ. Force of habit to use the term newbie here in the states.
  8. chukim69

    chukim69 New Member

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    you're welcome

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