Blindfolds: Making one yourself?

Discussion in 'General BDSM discussions' started by Stargazer, Mar 25, 2014.

  1. Stargazer

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    Though our household has shifted back to a much more 'standard' dynamic, my wife and I still enjoy a small amount of kink on occasion. But we have a bit of a difference of opinion with blindfolds.

    We have a total-enclosure hood that I love but she refuses to wear and a simple fabric slip that does the job but can slide off rather easily.

    I've suggested that we make our own blindfold that she won't find intimidating like the hood but that I won't find pointless like the slip. Does anyone have a design or a link to a design that will be effective, and comfortable? I presume some kind of head strap will be required, just not sure where and to what degree.


  2. kosvince

    kosvince New Member

    I like using scraves myself, ties, or ropes even.
    And about ropes I like glow white ones under UV light..... it makes it quite different
  3. Smallest

    Smallest Moderator

    Ropes for blindfolds?
  4. thinmint7

    thinmint7 Member

    Yes ropes can be used for head wraps- wrap the head in a scarf and secure it with 5 mm ish rope but not on the eyes. Of course I would be sure you know what your doing there are a lot of delicate spots on the face.
  5. sebastian

    sebastian Active Member

    There are lots of fairly cheap basic blindfolds that do the job but won't keep a sub from peaking if they choose to. So if your wife's objection is that blindfolds scare her, you might try to get one of those. Most drug stores sell them as sleep aids.
  6. acko85

    acko85 New Member

    Agree bandages or goggles to sleep. All use them.
  7. As Sebastian says, your wife may be afraid, or simply uneasy about her vision being blocked. I'd advise you not to push that particular limit as it could cause her to step back from kinky play altogether.

    However, if she's more concerned about the claustrophobic feel of an enclosure hood, but she's OK with her vision being blocked, then you could try a pair of swim goggles. By painting the outside of the goggles you can create an extremely effective blindfold, but it would not be claustrophobic like the hood. I suppose you could even use duct tape on the outside if you didn't want to ruin the goggles for swimming.

    Remember to paint the outside of the goggles, not the inside because you don't want to trap the paint fumes up against her eyes - it could cause an allergic reaction.

  8. sebastian

    sebastian Active Member

    Good thoughts, Stanley!

    Overall, it seems to me that the starting place for addressing this would be having a conversation about why she dislikes blindfolds. If you can pinpoint the cause of her unease, you may be able to work around it.
  9. kosvince

    kosvince New Member

    you can always use a fancy scarf, of a tie even
  10. Stargazer

    Stargazer Member

    I managed to resolve this issue quite nicely. I bought a really cheap ring-gag harness and cut the ring off. So now we have a simple harness that buckles unde the chin, around the head and has a strap that goes over the head as well. So with that over the blindfold, no more slipping off.

    And I never said the wife had an issue with blindfolds, just that she refused to go near the full-enclousre hood. So she feels clostraphobic in it, I can respect that even if I don't have the same reaction. But she loves the simple blindfold. I'm sure that if she had her way, she'd ware if every time.
  11. johnboy12

    johnboy12 Member

    I quite like the idea of using ripped or torn clothing for both blindfolds and binds. Kinda adds to the fun as well

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