Sensory Deprivation Hoods: Can you offer any input?

Discussion in 'General BDSM discussions' started by Stargazer, Apr 13, 2009.

  1. Stargazer

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    For a while, we've been using a slip on/slip off blindfold thats great right up until you lay down and move and then it rides up, gouges out your eyeballs for about forty seconds and then comes off completely.

    We have a leather blindfold that buckles round the back of the head but it is even more useless than the Lycra thingy we're using. You can see out the bottom of it and since it only has a single strap around thew back of the head, that too just rides straight off.

    There several options but as far as blindfolds go, I'd really like to go down the route of a more heavy-handed approach. I found (typically on an American website, why is it always on American websites?) a great item called a sensory deprivation hood.

    Like a regular hood, it laces up down the back and then it has a lockable neck buckle. It also has padded sections over each ear and over the eyes. Lockable buckles then hold straps tightly over the ear and eyes and under the chin as well. It has a small breathing tube for the mouth and I understand it to have nose hole as well. But the idea of that really gets my boat to float.

    Now the good quality American ones price well into the hundred and something margin. And that's before you get it shipped. But then you get the imitation ones. That weird faux-leather plastic material that they make stuff out of in China at a fraction of the cost.

    The cheaper ones are availabel on ebay for as little as £25-£30. This is a much more reasonable price, but having looked at the feedback for some of the sellers, you can see a great many negatives and neutrals from people saying things like, "quality was terrible" - "Nothing like asd described" - "used it twice and then the straps snapped off"

    Does anyone here have any experience with anything like this? Was it that the straps snapped because they were being too heavy with them or is this faux-leather stuff really abysmally awful? I'd really appreciate some feedback because if all goes well, I'll be looking to purchase in the next couple of weeks.


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  2. Sparrow69

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    I use a hood that laces up the back. it has a blindfold that buckles into place right around where the ears are, and a ball gag that buckles in the same way. I love it, and it wasn't that expensive, maybe 50 bucks, and its leather, and very well made.
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  3. ReallyGreen

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    I just use a regular hood and add earplugs (foam plugs available at most drug stores).

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