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Discussion in 'Section open for any subject to discuss' started by Obedient Little Puppy, Dec 10, 2009.

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    Every forum needs one of these, a thread where people can just go in and talk about whatever they like, so I decided I would make one here :)

    Basically, just talk about whatever you like...this way, we could all start to get to know each other a bit better in a non-BDSM sense :) Not fishing for info that could reveal anyone's true identity, or anything like that, but just general stuff, like, describing the day you've had, any plans you've got for the week ahead, ask each other questions, that sort of thing :) A free flowing thread with no specific topic, therefore making it impossible to wander away from the 'main point' as there isn't one :p

    I'll begin...I was just looking for my little fibre optic Xmas tree in my store cupboard, but although I found the tree, I couldn't find either the pot it goes into, or the wire :( But on the plus side, the cupboard is now a bit tidier, and I have also finally found my main bunch of keys, having not seen them in about 2 months :eek: So now I am all dusty and smelly, and enjoying a well deserved cup of tea :)

    I can't wait to see how this thread will turn out... :D

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    OLP, I think you're fabulous for thinking of this! :D

    If we're going with days, I woke up at my usual 5am, only to discover that there is no water in our building. Terrific. So, I tweaked for about 20 seconds (because frankly, that's all the anger I can ever seem to muster) then just went about my business and got to my job. Didn't do much interesting, started on a new project, then came home to write more things and get on with my day! That's where I'm at right now anyway.

    On a side note, I wrote and deleted this about 4 times because I convinced myself that nobody would care about my day, then I realized that if they're not, they won't read it, and if they are, huzzah!:p
  3. subspace

    subspace Member

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    I actually got some work done which is always amazing since I work from home and get sidetracked a lot. Then I went to lunch with a friend and stopped by Toys R Us to Christmas shop for my son. I racked up some good karma when I mentioned to the cashier that she neglected to ring up the $80 Lego set, I need all the good karma I can get but kinda wish I kept my mouth shut.....:p
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  4. Sparrow69

    Sparrow69 Moderator

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    im curious to know how many of us here work from home....

    anyways, i woke up around 6, stayed in bed until my meds kicked in. got up around 8, checked my mail, the ticker, and my facebook. got a shower, got dressed, and headed out to buy a new coat. didnt have the one i wanted, but i found a nice one instead. I also got new gloves which i absolutely love, and a new scarf.
    then i ate lunch at Popeye's, and walked down to the drycleaners to pick up my laundry. On the way i called the realtor to see how things were going in detroit, and then i came home and got back online.

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    Hmm...right now, I feel envious of people spending money, because I have to save up every penny I have to go up north for Xmas :(

    I just bought my train tickets, it cost £43 (it was only £32 last year! :mad:) and at the moment, I think I'll be lucky if I have £60 to go away with, and I'll be away for nearly 2 weeks...I hate being poor :(

    Yeah, erm...I feel sorry for myself a lot :( You will all start to see, as this thread progresses, just how annoying I really am! :D
  6. master jey

    master jey Moderator

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    well woke up at 10 am brushed teeth e.t.c. shaved dressed then gone to cafe for some coffee and cake (MMM) XD after thet i want shopping chose presents for family and for mycelf i found some nice scalpel type knife (will use it during game) i found some good lookin suit i'll buy it for mycelf aswell :) after thet i went to my brother after to the gym but it kinda sucked (i was the only one there...) i went home had dinner right now i'm at home having fun plaing guitar on the full sound and at 12pm i plan on some reading and then nice sex (without bdsm i'm not in the mood today..) :)

    i'm not playing guitar enymore now i'm listening to
    i wan't to have a dick like him XD
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    I usually work from home, but, actually decided to go into the office today! :D

    So, Im sitting here doing the same stuff that for the most part I can do from home, but, I get to be social too!

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    I've had a rotten day, and am in two minds about getting drunk now.

    Erm, you lot do know that you don't have to simply describe your day here, right? :confused: You can talk about other stuff too; I'd like to see a bit of conversation taking place :)
  9. Sparrow69

    Sparrow69 Moderator

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    Same stuff as always. I'm basically stuck in a rut. I need money to buy some form of transport, and preferably also a better home in a more desirable area.

    However, for all this to work, I need a job, but despite my best efforts, I'm getting absolutely nowhere with this. And because of where I live, I'm being labelled as stereotypical dole scum, a chav, etc., and it's doing my fucking head in :mad:
  11. Sparrow69

    Sparrow69 Moderator

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    i understand how that goes. If you were in the usa, id say you could come stay with us for a while when we move to detroit, but seeing as how your not in the usa, thats a moot point.

    keep your head up, i was in the same boat you are once, and with a stubborn streak and some determination, i've gotten where i am in life.

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    I do hope your day ended better than it was when you posted this . . . though prevailing issues about life rarely just go away. I know where you're coming from. I worked 3 jobs until today (down to 2 as of noon today) and am a full time university student, and it's just never enough. Wish I could have developed a taste for alcohol right now :p

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    Haha, that was the end of my day (kind of) was coming up 1am here, when I posted that :D

    Cheers both, the encouragement of others means a lot to me right now. The job thing is difficult though because I've not worked at all since moving down south nearly 6 years ago (I was a carer to my ex, but not professionally, and was advised against seeking work) and now everyone seems to want something like 2 years' experience, or whatever, or they won't look at you :mad:

    Where I live now, is a council estate, and everyone else who lives here just gets drunk, smokes weed and listens to shit music at a ridiculously loud volume 24/7...I don't want to be like that, or be near it :(

    Today should be better than yesterday though; my master is taking me out somewhere tonight, to get me away from here (I live a bit out of the way, for me to visit friends or them to visit me) and in a little while I'm nipping into town to do a food shop, and see if I can find a buckle for my PVC dress now it's all clean again :)
  14. master jey

    master jey Moderator

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    well olp i live in really good place but i as well drink smoke weed and listen 2 shit music 24/7 XD

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    Well, I didn't mean any offence by that :)

    Round here at least, that's just the stereotypical thing. And it doesn't help that I live in a really poor area; half the buildings in the town centre are boarded up :(
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