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    As a new member, and feeling the need to introduce myself gradually by means of my actual posts, keeping them together in one thread for ready reference, I started the thread "Some Games" in the intro section of the off-topic section.

    But in fact it is all likely to be very much on-topic stuff.

    If at any time you feel my thread would be better placed somewhere else, would you kindly move it there for me? (I don't mind if it is left where it is either).

    btw I do like the layout of this forum.

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    MIRROR: Download from MEGA

    Good afternoon. Do you know any guys who dealt with unblocked games? I have problem at work, I could install any game or application earlier but with a new software in the office it's impossible. It remains to be believed that at least in the browser you can play some stuff. I used to play on unblocked games earlier, hope these games will work.
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