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  1. slaveboy1930

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    Three days ago my master placed me in a male chastity cage. She then left one key at her work and the second in our lockbox at the bank. Sometimes she gets excited when I'm pleasuring her and sets me free early, (or she caves into my begging to be set free :eek: ). This is a good system that works for us. There is no point in me asking to be free since she doesn't have access to the key while we play each evening or over the weekend. She does bring a key home at least once a week to clean and inspect me.

    We are on a point system. Once I earn ten points I am free (we often celebrate my freedom with lots of good old sex). Last time we played this game, the game lasted 3 weeks.

    For each day of good work or as a reward I get a point. As a punishment (in addition to traditional slave punishment) I can lose a point. I'm on day three and I've earned two points toward my freedom (earned three, lost one).

    As usual, nights have been tough. Last night I slept through most of the night getting about 6 hours of sleep. Woke up did bathroom duty, laundry, cleaning, and massages. Master is a sleep now, so I'm getting some needed down time.
  2. sebastian

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    Sounds like you have a fairly good system. What do you get and lose points for?
  3. slaveboy1930

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    I lost a point for forgetting to take the clothes out of the washer and into the dryer. Sorry, not too much of a sexy story there. Just a dumb error on my end.
  4. slaveboy1930

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    I wore heels most of the day yesterday. At night she tied me standing up in the closet. I"m guessing I stood for another three hours after being on my feet a full day. She knew I was in pain but argued she wears heels all day too and doesn't complain. This morning my feet don't feel like pins and needles by my calves are sore.

    I did get to wear a corset for the first time. Not as painful or irritating as I thought it would be, but still a fun experience.
  5. slaveboy1930

    slaveboy1930 New Member

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    So far day four has been pretty laid back. Mostly light chores today. I have three points toward my freedom.

    Tomorrow I am told I get a quick cleaning. Basically Master ties me spread eagle and takes my cage off. She inspects and cleans my penis and re installs the cage. While I don't get to touch myself during this process, I am looking forward to being touched and stretching!

    We are having a great time. This morning I had to give my Master a massage while she was still in bed. She mentioned how much she too is enjoying the game and that she may keep me caged as a slave all summer. We both know that isn't practical, but we can dream :)
  6. slaveboy1930

    slaveboy1930 New Member

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    Help, I need ideas.

    Last night, master tied me up spread eagle while she teased my nipples. She then sat on me as I orally pleasured her. Great night. Today I'm sore and my nipples are tender.

    She told me while I'm at work today I must think of new games and punishments. I am to present them to her tonight. Any suggestions? We don't have tons of toys, but here's what we have. Of course master doesn't mind incorporating regular household items as needed.

    Shock Collar
    Shock Wand
    Nipple clamps
    Chastity Cage (I've been wearing 24/7 for the past five days)
    Women's clothing for me including 5.5" heels
  7. slaveboy1930

    slaveboy1930 New Member

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    Day 8. I have 9 points. Since Master and I both work, my evenings have been packed with service. I haven't had a chance to post lately.

    The past few nights I've been sleeping in heels and a corset. I think that bothers me more now than the cage. I've grown used to the cage. Sure it still hurts, but it's a part of my life now.

    In a way I'm not looking to be free. I love that after a hard day of work, I can come home and have no responsiblities. I DO EVERYTHING MY MASTER ASKS. She does my thinking. If there is yard work, she tells me when to do it. Or If she wants massages, she tells me to do that.
  8. slaveboy1930

    slaveboy1930 New Member

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    Well I was freed last night. I spent 10 days and 9 nights in my cage. Here are my thoughts on the game.

    - Women should be worshiped for wearing heels (it can hurt after a while)
    - I miss peeing standing up, always having to sit down (esp in public) is annoying
    - corsets are not comfortable
    - after a few days the chastity cage becomes a normal part of life.
    - if I completely give into my master, the easier the game becomes.
    - i find myself still doing chores unasked. i've been conditioned : )
    - I can't wait until the next game!!

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