Either my pet is too obidient or im just not strict enough :P

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  1. RenamonX

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    So I have not so much a problem...but something ive noticed. Between me an my pets playtime(all long distance/online) she literally has what id say insane self control. So after perfecting our new tactic of me making her cum just by command, we decided to try something different. She handcuffed her hands behind her back, stayed on her knees and I ordered her not to move, and pretty much ordered her to cum over and over, every...3-4 seconds for about 15 minutes, which adds up to well over 200 times non stop. Never fell over, never moved any part of her body she shouldn't.

    Similar thing happens when we do our daily game. I have 20 cards, 10 black cards from 1-10, 10 red cards from 1-10...I shuffle them all up and she picks a random card. Reds are rewards, blacks are punishments, where for both 1 is light and 10 is heavy. I also added in a system so if she does really well and goes above what I ask she gets "good points" and can use them to increase rewards or decrease punishments.

    As yet ive never given her a 'bad point'(the reverse) in our 3 months of playing, she literally never disobeys or does anything wrong, am I just being too soft, or do I need to look at tougher punishments and things. Thanks for any feedback ^^
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    You asked if you should look at tougher punishments but if she does not disobey you may need a different variety of tasks to challenge her more.
    It sounds like what you have is an extremely well trained submissive but I am a little suspicious of 200+ orgasms online - is it possible that she may be exaggerating just a little?
    (or maybe Im just envious of her control?:eek: )
  3. RenamonX

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    To explain the command word thing just to give you an idea. And ya...that number sounds ridiculous but...mathematically..*shrugs*

    A bit of background, she a massive submissive and when we started camming and playing around, basically she stopped masturbating by herself completely, and only would masturbate in front of me. For about...3-4 months, every single time she masturbated was in front of me, and every single either say 'cum' or cum before her. I found out accidentally when she literally had trouble cumming -without- me saying it. So its pretty much become a reflex to her. Accidentally mind >.>

    Also an update...she in fact DOES have a breaking point..did the same thing, but I added a new restriction for her to make as absolute little sound as possible(since she has alot of trouble being quiet), and put in a safe word "red' she shouted it out after about 16 minutes. (*victory* :D)

    Its possible she may be exaggerating but I doubt it...I know it defiantly works since I can even mouth the word and she cums, even when there's people around and shes reeeeally shy, cant see her faking that. And also that my 'dominess' steams from giving pleasure, not so much control, either willingly or unwillingly giving pleasure, so her faking it would defeat the point since if it doesn't work she just tells me and we find a new way to go about it.
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  4. subspace

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    You are very lucky, she sounds like an amazing submissive! You definitely are going to have to get creative on tasks and punishments since she is so advanced.
  5. sebastian

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    I think it would help you to consider the difference between discipline and punishment. These terms are confusing, because some d/sers use the two terms interchangeably, but others, myself included, tend to differentiate them. Punishment is strict treatment intended to discourage inappropriate behavior; it's training away from something. Discipline is strict treatment intended to encourage appropriate behavior; it's training toward something. What you're doing, I think, is disciplining her, not punishing her. You are training her to be extremely submissive, and she's responding very well to the discipline you're giving her. So you're not doing anything wrong and neither is she. You just haven't reached any of her limits within this situation.

    I think what you want to do, rather than giving her stricter commands (given that what you're doing sounds reasonably strict and effective), is explore a different facet of play. Have you thought about pain play, for example? Perhaps have her get some clothespins and clip them onto her tits for a set period of time. Then work up to tit clamps, or explore putting the pins on other parts of her body. If she enjoys humiliation play, give her some orders involving wearing ugly or dumpy clothing or a dog collar all day. Bondage is more difficult to explore long distance, so there's probably not a lot you can safely do in that area.
  6. RenamonX

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    Hmm..I can see what you mean and ill give it some thought...Im not sure how much she is into specifically pain play, we do spanking and have done clothes begs on nipples and clit which was interesting hehe. The main part I find interesting is that with all punishments like those, unlike a standard dom/sub role where the dom administered these things, shes forced to do everything herself without flinching. One of the 'punishments', (ill change that word soon enough) is 6. 40 spanks in a row, or 5 lots of 10 with breaks in between. So pain isnt really an issue, but she doesnt like needles, and not so much my thing either. She already wears a collar all the time with a tag on it, but she does have a bit of a weakness for watersports, which she finds incredibly embarrassing, so I may get her to do that in front of me at some points to try humiliation play.

    And Im not so much as training her to be submissive, its more striving to be as good as possible and to instinctively know what I want. Since I award good points a fair bit if she goes above and beyond what I expect. And since im not a typical dom and we are both very lightly switches, the higher up rewards are mostly me doing things for her, stripteases and masturbating on cam etc. Ive got to say its a fun learning curve though ^^

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