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Discussion in 'Safety aspects of BDSM' started by decoyicus, Sep 22, 2010.

  1. decoyicus

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    this isn't really related to saftey or BDSM but it has me very worried about 4 days ago I found a small lump on my left testicle at first it was swollen and hurt quite a bit this has stopped now but the lump is still there and I am freaking out I haven't told my girlfriend because I don't want to worry her but I'm getting scarred about this I'm not sure if I should leave it and wait to see if it goes away before I go to see a doctor or if I should go see one straight away I'm not sure what the point of posting this is but I need advice and I can't really ask anyone else

  2. Doctor. He/She won't mind if it's nothing.
  3. kajmir

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    Is it possible it's a cyst? Do you know what a cyst is? A lot of people don't...
  4. decoyicus

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    I know what a cyst is but I didn't think that guys could get them
  5. kajmir

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    Why couldn't you? You have skin.

    Wait, you DO have skin right? -Turns very green-


    Cyst's on balls?
    I've had cysts on my balls for as long as i can remember. Every time i bring it up to my doc he brushes it off like its normal and no big deal. It's not that i care all that much, i mean he// balls are already as ugly as their gonna get a few cysts don't really make or break em... but still how do i get rid of them?
    -2 years ago-

    I mean it should be confirmed, but before you freak out, it is certainly NOT impossible. They CAN hurt.
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  6. decoyicus

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    At first I thought it might be varicocele however it has stopped hurting and is still there I'm going to go to the doctor I'm worried and although its going to be uncomfortable I don't want to take the risk
  7. sebastian

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    Although testicular cancer is uncommon in young men, it can happen. A lump on the testicle should always be brought to a doctor's attention. There is no harm in doing this, other than a little embarrassment, and in the off chance that it is something serious, it could make a huge difference to get it treated early.
  8. sillylittlepet

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    we are not doctors, but a doctor is!!
  9. sebastian

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    Silly, there's definitely a little dom in you...
  10. AnErieGuy

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    I thought she was a Dom when I first got here....

    Yeah, lumps on testies, typically not good, Doctor, immediately, you have no choice, you WILL see one or we'll combine cash to get a giant bondage-bot to drag you into the office itself... :D
  11. sillylittlepet

    sillylittlepet Active Member

    what made you think I was a domme?!!?

    Was it this leather outfit? Or the whip? =(
  12. Carbon

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    First thing, don't panic. Even if it is testicular cancer, it has an extremely good outlook as long as you get it looked at right away.
  13. master jey

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    Aww come on don't scare him
    go to the doctor
  14. Sparrow69

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    i'd say see a doctor, its better to be safe then sorry, especially when it comes to the genitals. however on the lighter side, could it be an inflamed hair follicle? They hurt like a bitch, swell up, and become irritated.
  15. L8NightQ

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    slp - Told you this wasn't over.....

    decoy - It would help a lot if you would describe what might have happened before this came up. If I remember correctly, you and your pet engage in some rough stuff from time to time. The pain, that has now subsided, would indicate stress or injury of some sort.
    It would also help to know if this lump is on the skin or on the testicle itself, and if it's hard or soft.
    As strange as it sounds, which one makes a difference also. Since it's on the left, I got a pretty good idea. (tvc)

    All that said...... Will you ask a doctor please? We had enough worries with Death's crisis.
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