Slightly more sadistic tasks anyone?

Discussion in 'General BDSM discussions' started by jh1202, Oct 3, 2011.

  1. jh1202

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    I have an excellent long distance sub who is rather stubborn, so I'm looking for some slightly sadistic, more difficult/complicated tasks or tasks that could take a few days or more to complete.

    She is big on ass play,stretching/gaping, pain, enemas and all the more usual, rope play, humilation and wax play.

    Has a range of rope,plugs,vibrators, clamps, and candles to use as well as an e stim toy, can improvise paddles, whips and similar things till I can find ones I like for her.

    She will be told to keep, an eye on this thread to see what suggesstions you can come up with.

    I have searched previous threads but nothing seems to jump out at me so many thanks to all those who can help.

    If any more information is needed please let me know.
  2. Smallest

    Smallest Moderator

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    Do you want more difficult chores/assignments, pain play, sexual things, or something else, or all of those? What sort of theme goes best? You sort of answered this, but i want to be sure

    Do you have any ideas you consider particularly proper/sadistic so we know what kind of level you want, and an example of things that aren't quite enough?

    Obviously with pain play you can just bring everything... further, but I'm assuming you want new ways to use it. One thing that's not so harsh but could be combined with things of old is giving her a difficult or painful to hold position to keep (while you or her got off, or she whipped herself, or so on). I don't know what kind of humiliation you two like, but that could be mixed into this or separate, and either way, you could focus on the things that you know really bother her in real life (as long as it's not a limit for her, of course).

    A long difficult punishment (lots of combinations of pain play, bringing herself near to climax and not finishing, humiliation and so on) dictated to her (or emailed to her to complete while you're working) while she filmed herself could prove interesting.
  3. jh1202

    jh1202 Guest

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    thanks for your reply smallest, pretty much everything, this is serving a multitude or purposes, giving new ideas as well as inserting ideas into her head of tasks she may have to do.

    Aren't quite enough erm, spend all night plugged with a large plug no lube, inserts and pushes out a large inflatable plug, almost to the point of ripping, took the cane to the point she couldnt sit down. She is good but very very stubborn to complete a task she hates to fail like no one I have ever met. Too far I think hard limits mainly were scat, she is willing to try some knife play, needles etc I am struggling to find the limit for her she is just too willing to please if that makes sense. I am trying to find the point she fails without causing her damage or crossing a limit.

    New ways to use pain play would be good Im worried about bringing everything further until I am in control in case she does something too risky or too far. She really wants to be pierced but I want to be with her when it happens.

    Humilation, still exploring she hasnt done much regards it so I'm working my way through and seeing what responses I get.

    hope this helps and thanks again
  4. babysub

    babysub New Member

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    Thanks for posting this master
    I love new ideas all the time and are open to pretty much anything master sets me :p
  5. sebastian

    sebastian Active Member

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    In your second post, you identify a couple fairly extreme things she's done, including taking a butt plug without lube "almost to the point of ripping" (I assume you mean tearing her rectum). As her dom, you need to be thinking about her safety as well as her pleasure. (I think you actually are, which is why you're on this site, but I'm saying this in case you aren't). Remember that just because a sub has a fantasy about something doesn't mean that fantasy is ok to play out. Some subs give up control because it also allows them to give up responsibility--after all, if something bad happens, it's the dom's fault. So I'd advise you to be more firm about the limits to play that you are setting. If her limits are wider than yours, direct her toward areas you are more comfortable with. (After all, the masochist says 'spank me', and the sadist says 'no'.)

    Perhaps rather than training her to take more pain, you should train her to be more obedient. Focus on teaching her to serve you with absolute precision. Give her very complex orders and require her to follow them exactly. Have you taught her slave positions? Does she clean your house the way you like? Does she have daily rituals you expect her to follow? These are all ways you might think about deepening her training.

    You say she's very stubborn. Train that out of her. A slave should be obedient to her master. So when she gets resistant, punish her. I don't mean spank her or give her some sort of play she craves. I mean punish her with something she doesn't like, such as denial of pain play until she becomes more compliant.
  6. jh1202

    jh1202 Guest

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    just to clarify that ripping bit, she informed me if she did it a certain way she would rip so I told her to do it a different way - I do care and take my time reading and informing myself on anything I am unsure of.

    Thanks for the rest of your comments.

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