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    I am currently seeking a female/s who would like to experience the BDSM scene through assigned tasks. This type of relationship can help females who are new to the scene, or is unable to commit a lot of time to a proper relationship with a Dominant. In the past I had other females who could only commit a couple of hours a week, because of family commitments, studying, etc. Therefore, any tasks will be designed around the agreed criteria and areas of your interest.

    For example one female enjoyed the prolonged orgasm denial and edging. Her partner, was going away for a week for work. Over the course of the week, she had objects in her cunt like vibs, pens, beads etc, for a set period of the time. During the evenings we were on IM together, and I controlled her masturbation and edging. Never letting her cum, until the last evening before her partner come home. Where I built her up over a few hours of edging and making her beg to cum. By the time, that I gave her permission she was horny as hell, and lasted for a few minutes before her orgasms died down. It took her about half of a hour before getting her breath back and thanking me for the best week she had.

    With another female, she was more interested in the humiliation tasks. With her, I set tasks like making her cum over her dinner, before eating it off the plate on the floor. Another task, was that she, was not allowed to wear any panties or bra. She had to wear a skirt, high heels and blouse. On her chest, she wrote “I am a dirty slut. I am wearing no underwearâ€

    The types of tasks areas I have given females previously within the scene and getting reports back are breast play, BDSM, humiliation, masturbation/sexual, orgasm edging/denial, pain and pleasure, clothing, restrictions, punishments, spanking and more. The tasks can be assigned through emails where you report back to me by the agreed time, or else in real time over instant messaging.

    I have been a Dominant in the scene on and off, over the last decade. I am currently looking for a female/s to take on as taskees as a way to keep my fingers in the scene over the next couple of months.

    Please either send me a personal message, or contact me through email (My email address is the same as my username When you contact me, please tell me more about yourself and what tasking areas you would like me to consider for you.


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