My Darling Submissive Needs Tasks

Discussion in 'General BDSM discussions' started by SirJester, Jul 13, 2012.

  1. SirJester

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    This will be my first post, hopefully of many down the line. I am a fairly young dominant, with only a few years of experience under my belt. I have come into the ownership of a very shy, but very loyal cam submissive, that I am proud to call mine.

    This all being said, my attempts at giving her tasks have fallen short, as I fear she thinks that with my ideas I am becoming a bit cruel.

    That is why I am here, to show her that I am not nearly as cruel as other people can be, or in some respect, to show her that maybe conceding to ideas that she may have not considered before can be both exciting, and fulfilling in the role she plays.

    This is where you the poster come in. I need ideas for tasks that my little submissive can do while over cam, or just during every day activities that will be demanded to be done in a timely, yet appropriate manner.

    Here are the rules for her when it comes down to it. Anything that I consider easy, or harmless, she must do without question. Anything that goes past the limits I have set for her, and she has agreed upon, will be disqualified from consideration. Anything that may be something she is really insecure or not sure about, I will have to discuss with her, and then they will be done, or passed on accordingly.

    Now to what I will not allow to be done to her:
    First and foremost, is penetration of any kind. She is still :angel:innocent:angel:, anatomically speaking, and I plan to keep it that way for the duration.

    Nothing using or involving fecal matter, or urine.

    There will also be none of the following:
    Incest acts
    Bestiality acts
    Publicly Illegal acts
    and acts that will do permanent damage to her body or otherwise.

    Things that she has consented to in the past include:
    Nipple clamps
    Full Nudity
    Pictures (For my eyes only)
    Ice Play (Though she despises it)
    Bondage of various types
    And moderate amounts of pain and humiliation

    I appreciate you tall taking the time to read this, and I hope to hear the tasks pour in for her to do.

    I will be posting every so often the results of tasks, and if you would like to have a task done personally, just PM me. I may have her do it, and you will get the whole story, in detail upon her completion of it.

    Over time I hope to have her make an account on here and post her own experiences as time goes on, but we will see.

    Once again thank you, and have fun thinking of some very crafty tasks for this little submissive to conquer. ;)
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  2. sebastian

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    Rather than setting arbitrary tasks for her to do, I think you need to focus on what you actually want from this relationship.

    Doms ask variations on this question all the time. What should I make my sub do? And to me, the answer is obvious. Make them do things that make you feel powerful. That's the whole point of being a dom, the sense of power and entitlement we get. But most of the doms who ask this question seem to be turning things around, because they're trying to serve their sub rather than be served by the sub. You're trying to think of kinky things to do that will make your sub feel happy, and when you come up dry, it makes you feel a little frustrated and powerless, which is the opposite of what you want.

    So stop thinking about what you can do to make her feel submissive, and focus on what will make you feel dominant. What is going to make you feel like you have control over her? Do you want to watch her play with her tits on cam? Then order her to do that. Would it make you feel powerful to control how she dresses every day? Then give her protocols for that. Make your play an extension of your needs.

    For example, when I deal with boys long distance, I need the feeling that I control the conversation. So if I send a text message to the boy, he is not allowed to not respond, unless his job or whatever makes it impossible. Not getting a response makes me feel less powerful, so I forbid that. But having a boy perform on cam for me does nothing for me, so I don't do that, even if the boy wants to do it. This should be about what you want.

    Of course, the sub has to enjoy what you want. You said she's worrying that you're cruel. It sounds to me like you want to do pain play and she doesn't. That might be a sign that you're not well matched as dom and sub.

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