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    Good Afternoon!

    I found this site after being given permission to explore more avenues in bondage, restraint, and scenarios by my man- he goes by Dick in public
    As my screen name explains I love 'em. I've been with Dick for over 15 years. Our first years together were very vanilla. Bondage, spanking and other aspects only began about 18 months ago. Up until now, we've not desired to have any additional partners. He was only with a couple of other women before me. I explored as many cocks as I could (using care and protection, I might add!). I can't say an add'l partner is a desire so much as just a discussion right now. What would we want? What would they do? Penetration? etc....

    I have read through some of the stories and LOVED them!!!! I will share some of ours as time permits and he allows.

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