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    I agree. Her story is a little grim, but it reminds people of the risks subs take with strangers. I know of a woman who was almost definitely saved from being murdered because she told the Dom she had a safe call arrangement. He beat her and threw her out. Not long after, police raided his property and found several buried corpses.

    The sub's safety should always be the top priority.
  2. Safety for all (Dom and sub) involved should always be first priority!

    I count myself very lucky in my experiences thus far, but, I know there are many out there that haven't been.
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    I was having a YIM conversation about this very subject last night...I cannot imagine being a sub out on the dating scene. Hell, I can't imagine anyone being out on the dating scene - and I'm now officially out on it... There are so many creeps out there - it seems the internet is a haven at times. I myself ran into someone, who at first seemed ideal for getting my feet wet after 13-years off the market. Nothing too dramatic, but after a few weeks, it became apparent that she was Cuckoo for Cocoa Puffs. My only advice - for everyone, but especially subs, is take things slow. It's easy to get caught up in the desire for intimacy - especially our brand of intimacy. However, it obviously takes trust and that is rarely instantaneous.
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    One of the dangers of the internet is false intimacy. And d/s play operates on a very deep type of intimacy that is paradoxically quite shallow. You can know a sub's deep desires without knowing much about who they are in general.
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    It is scary out there, especially with this kind of style, some people who are really truly psychos seek out subs figuring "hey they like being beaten so they wont tell anyone" and they don't get what it's all truly about. Most BDSMers I know run a real life and hold this for their bedroom or behind closed walls and truly love each other, this is why I never went to any of those personal sites like fetlife or collarme. It's to dangerous and there is no way to insure you're really talking to the person you think you're talking to. I feel sorry for the younger generation (haha look at me saying younger, someone slap me, i'm 21, im young too.) these younger people (18+ ) have these fantasies and find this BDSM and want to just rush into it not realizing the real dangers it can bring!

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