Does any one on here use the collarchat forum?

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    Hi ,I was wondering if anyone here uses the bdsm forum called I have been reading the posts there as a guest for a while and it seems like an interesting and active forum so I thought I would register but a couple things put me off. They have a very long user agreement and one of the provisions is that you accept emails from other members seeking contact and also unsolicited comercial emails from they'r site and others. This permission does not expire even if you leave the forum. I am in a relationship and never pay for internet porn so any email they send me would pretty much be spam. I was wondering how much email I should expect if I joined so I clicked on they'r support link to ask and found out that you have to join in order to contact them. I don't mind an email now and then but if they are a high volume mailer I don't want to get involved, so if anyone uses that forum can you tell me how much email they send out?

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