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  1. Lunabell

    Lunabell New Member

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    So I read alot of Hentai mangas..and i see them injecting the girl with some drug to make her insanely horny. Im wondering if there is anything real out there like that? I would love to experience the uncontrollable urge to screw like those girls. To feel the insane desire for hours on end. Ive researched a bit and found something called PT 141 but im wonderign if theres anything stronger?
  2. sebastian

    sebastian Active Member

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    Aphrodesiacs are, more or less, the stuff of fantasies. Drugs like viagra can encourage erections, but they don't exactly stimulate the libido itself (although for most men, the line between those two things is pretty thin). Thus far scientists have not had much success in finding a female equivalent of viagra. There was some recent news about trials for a drug that did have some success in enhancing female sex drive, but they were modest results and IIRC, the drug had some serious side effects so they stopped the trials.

    What these fantasies really involve is men wishing there was a way to make the female sex drive more like the male sex drive. It's well-established that male and female libido operate rather differently--they activate different centers of the brain, for example. Men are classically very triggered by instant visual stimulation, while women classically react more to more gradual emotional stimulation. That's not to suggest that women are incapable of being stimulated by visuals or men by emotion, or that the female sex drive isn't as powerful as the male, just that they operate quite differently. And let's be honest, few men are capable of having sex for hours on end--we can't stay hard that long. So expecting women to crave that sort of endurance sex is unrealistic. Of course, bdsm scenes can go on for hours, but bdsm sex often doesn't involve the same sort of sexual activity. The dom isn't constantly penetrating the sub, for example.
  3. sillylittlepet

    sillylittlepet Active Member

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    let's be honest with ourselves, how many hentai writers/artists do you think are well versed with real sex? Probably not too many...

    I'm not saying everyone is like that, and I'm not saying they're not fun to read, just... think about it...
  4. Sparrow69

    Sparrow69 Moderator

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    I know a few well versed in sex SLP. We shouldn't judge based of assumptions...

    Lunabell, while generally Sebastian is absolutely correct, there are a few substances that when injected into the human body, can cause an elicit reaction, that is why they are shown in an aroused state but often portrayed as being humiliated in their thoughts as their body betrays them. While I don't condone their use, since this lifestyle is about safety, consent, and choice, that doesn't mean that they don't exist. If your partner wants to experience that level and isn't afraid to experiment with dangerous chemicals, you can find what your looking for with some effort.
  5. sillylittlepet

    sillylittlepet Active Member

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    did you hear what I said sparrow?

    well... I guess you couldn't really hear it... cuz... you know...
  6. Death

    Death Member

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    I would heavily recommend against trying drugs such as that. First of all, they end up clouding your judgement beyond description. Second, pretty much all drugs lead to an opposite effect, after you stop taking them. I'm unsure about the after-effects in the case of sexually stimulating drugs, but I'd imagine depression and a decreased interest in sex. Your brain chemicals are nothing to play around with. Drugs may seem dreadfully tempting to use, but they generally are very horrible, and using them "moderately" is pretty much impossible; you just end up keeping to think about getting them again, very often... even in regards to mild drugs to use for sleeping, this is the case. I'd like to say that this comes from someone who just a couple years back wanted most drugs to be legal and able to be bought in pharmacies under prescription in order to rid organized crime from handling it, instead, but I now fully see that drugs generally are just too horrible for people to get their hands on, very easily.

    I apologize for sounding like I'm making a lecture but drugs really are just quite bad. :/ Don't let it tempt you.... I know how tempting it is to use them, as I, in fact, used to obsess over using them, when I was younger - felt they would make me at least a bit happy - but pretty much all drugs do is ruin lives... in so many ways; just in regards to blacking out from alcohol, it means you end up completely vulnerable to getting raped in some way or another.
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  7. L8NightQ

    L8NightQ Member

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    Mr. D -

    Your point is well put.

    There are some combinations of drugs that might make a woman (or guy) crazy horny, mostly by flooding neurotransmitters in the brain. That's the problem.

    lunabell -
    The real beauty to Death's statement is that if you try to push the feeling by taking the "wrong" drugs, you wind up making the opposite "normal" for your body.

    Just like taking E makes many feel super affectionate, sharing, loving..... it actually makes you the exact opposite on a normal day. And stopping doesn't always get you back to the "old normal".
    So you take it one night and you're up, then the next day or later, you're down. Many come out more depressed after only one or two times partying with it.

    Take it from those who know. Do not fall for the hype of drugs to get you where you think you want to be. You'll wind up somewhere else.

    I'm not a drug zealot... I've done my share, and still do sometimes, but I've lost to many to the other side. There are just so many who lose the vision of "moderate".

    The right drugs can work the wrong way too -

    PT-141 was supposed to get out of clinical trials last year. I don't know yet what happened. I also don't know how it works. I can say this. Many regular people who take drugs made for dysfunctional people can't go back. The drug becomes the new norm and a panic ensues when they don't have it.
    I've seen this mostly with guys and viagra. Guys who didn't need it before they started taking it.

    If you're reasonably healthy and really do suffer from low libido, there are things for you. If you just want to get buzzy horny for fun, don't go that way.
  8. Death

    Death Member

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    I'm very glad to see such an informative post in support to what I said. Personally, though, I have little experience of my own with drugs, but I've read very much about it over the years and have experience in the form of others that I know or have known, that have used it. Also, just trying to get your hands on those drugs puts you in risk, especially if you're female, due to the kind of people that tend to handle the selling of them. Of course, if pharmacies handled the selling, as I used to think was a decent idea, before, then that risk would disappear, but that's a whole other debate.

    The thought of people taking drugs just makes me cringe, today. :/ Even in regards to alcohol, although I do use alcohol, myself, at times, anyway, but if one does use it, one should be sure that one is in a safe environment... and along with that, be aware of that your "friends" do not necessarily have to be real friends. The fact that young people don't understand the risks, very often, is very scary to me... to think about how many have been raped, the past hour, because of blacking out from alcohol. -_-

    On another note, I often have sleeping problems, so a time back I used a cheap prescription drug called zopiclone. They worked well for me as my mind often is cluttered with thoughts, and they put my mind at peace by making my thinking less active. They even made me feel "safe" in a strange way, and gave me this cozy and "warm" feeling. When I had used them every day for less than a week, I stopped. The following day I got an extreme panic attack, and the slightest hint of negativity in my mind made it spiral to so much worse, and it lasted for two hours of borderline panic until it became better and just was bad, instead. I wasn't sure that it was the sleeping pills, at first, but when it started happening every time I temporarily stopped with them, I researched about it and found that I wasn't alone with this experience. Furthermore, combining this drug with alcohol may easily lead to memory loss, and in some cases, for some people, the memory loss has been for over a full day. In my case, I also kept starting to look forward to using them... even though I knew they weren't good for me. I eventually stopped with them completely, as it was so tempting to use them. Of course, they didn't help me end up sleeping better, in the end, at all; every time I wouldn't use them, I would have a harder time to get to sleep. This is also just about a prescription drug, yet they cause such severe problems, including memory loss. It's not like my mere experience with this drug is what caused me to start feeling this way about pretty much all drugs, though... just an addition to everything. There are other things that I don't want to mention that made me change my mind, after my many years of liberal views on it. Of course, I'm still quite aware that some drugs may in fact help people, such as cannabis for people with great physical pain, including some other examples. In fact, I honestly can't see how cannabis isn't legally allowed when alcohol is... alcohol is so much worse. Of course, not like cannabis doesn't hold its severe side-effects, as well...

    Again, I don't mean to lecture... just sharing my view on it and hope it will be taken seriously by those who read it.
  9. kajmir

    kajmir Member

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    I'd preffer to offer a safe and proven option:
    Beer and Barry White.

    Worse case you puke a bit and gain a headache that makes you feel as though your head is in a vice....really when compared to some of the pain those of us have had from our Master's and Mistresses, what's a little (upper) head squeezing?

    And ok Barry White might not be for everyone, but he's a lot safer then injection. I'm betting Barry White even in large doses with not make you grow a 3rd nipple or swell your tongue.

    Beer when properly applied, will often fixed a libido issue and act as a visual improvement aid. Should it not work, you're out $10.50 rather then labeled insane after injecting some weird crap into your body that makes you see all people as purple flying monkeys. Flying monkeys are bad, look what they did to Dorthy.

    (Please don't assume I do not take this topic seriously, but it scares me to think someone would attempt to inject and unknown substence into their bodies. And I felt we all needed a laugh after some rather sane advise in the pervious posts.)
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