Beaded Collar

Discussion in 'Section open for any subject to discuss' started by My Love My Lord, May 11, 2010.

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    So, I've been working on some of my bead work lately and thought I would share. :D



    I have another one Im working on right now that Im all excited about. I used to do this stuff all the time and got away from it for some reason. It's so relaxing to be working on it again!
  2. sluttysub

    sluttysub Member

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    Those are good! I would so wear that first one! :)

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    Thanks ss!!!
  4. master jey

    master jey Moderator

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    you are good :) nice work

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    Those look amazing :)

    Are you making them for yourself, or do you plan on selling any? They look good enough to sell :)

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    Thanks guys.

    I make them for myself mostly and as gifts for friends. But, I sell them if someone asks for something. I don't bother with a web site or any of that nonsense though. It's too much. That necklace there took me about 25 hours to make, and the dream catcher about 15 hours.... It's very relaxing though.

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    I can imagine :)

    I want to start doing some craft work of sorts; in my case, wool dreadlocks. But I haven't started yet because I need the right type of wool, and I couldn't wear the finished result, if it went well, anyway because my hair is still too short :( It'd give me something to do though, to keep me from being bored...

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    That would be awesome OLP! I would love to see pictures if you do it. My neighbor makes her own yarn and knits (Im hoping for a pair of warm knitted socks for the winter!). It's good to have something like this to do. It keeps your mind focused on something, and for me, takes it off of the every day stress because I really have to pay attention to what Im doing or I end up having to UNDO it, or getting stabbed with a really thin needle... Plus there's always a sense of accomplishment when a piece is completed. :D
  9. Precious

    Precious Member

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    They do look amazing! I use to sew for fun, that was until I sewed my finger. Now I do safer things like write. I don't think i could ever bead anything or make a dream catch especially as pretty as that!

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    Thanks Precious! Beading was one thing my grandmother made sure we all knew how to do. I'm the only one that still does it as an adult though.

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    now i want one!!!
  12. Sparrow69

    Sparrow69 Moderator

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    for those into crafts, perhaps you should consider selling them on, stuff like that collar would sell like hot cakes im sure.

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    cfcloe - If you want one, feel free to send me a PM with what you're looking for.

    Sparrow - Thats a really good idea!

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    Yeah, definitely; once I can make some that are good enough, I will post pics of them :)

    Haha, I just had a silly but cool idea...I might make a set that is the exact same colours as the jewellery you posted! :D

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    That would be cool!

    This is the one Im working on now... It's not finished yet, but, it's about an inch wide, using a what looks like beaded "lace" pattern...


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