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Discussion in 'General BDSM discussions' started by sweetsub31, May 25, 2012.

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    Hey all! My Master has asked me to come up with a new S&M game for us to play. Any ideas would be helpful. No anal play please (hard limit for me). He also would like me to come up with 3 punishments for my next infraction (should I have one). These would be real punishments, not enjoyable. Any help would be appreciated. Thanks!

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    ....and if anyone does come up with some game ideas that could be carried out by a female dom to a male sub please post here too - apologies for the slight hijacking but thought it better than writing a new thread. Also what do you do if your sub never tries to resist - how can you punish lol
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    I'm sad no one else has replied yet. I was thinking something along the lines of a posture game. Maybe he puts me in a certain position, or I'm holding something, or balancing something while he spanks me. We have to see how long I can hold it while taking my spanking...IDK. I'm stumped. I'm supposed to have this assignment done tonight.
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    Two that come immediately to mind are:

    The dying cockroach - lay on your back with your arms and legs up off the ground why he uses you as he sees fit. If/when a limb touches the ground you are punished.

    Standing, arms horizontal, palm up, holding a broomstick, wooden rod, riding crop, or an empty weight bar. after a while even the broomstick will become heavy. I like hanging hoops right on the end of the rod o that any wavering causes them to fall resulting in punishment.

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    OK - here's an idea for a game. I see we have both male and female subs interested so I'll just refer to a "sub".

    You need a TENS unit that is mains powered, and that has a "hard switch". Let me explain what I mean by that. A hard switch is one like a light switch - it's a physical switch so that if you leave the TENS unit "on", but turn off the main it will not shock the sub. but if you turn on the mains then the TENS unit immediately works.

    A "soft switch" is different. If you turn the TENS unit on, a "soft switch" will always be off - and it needs to be physically pressed to switch it on.

    I have an older, inexpensive TENS unit that has a "hard switch". So they definitely exist. If you check out a sporting goods store they sometimes have demo units that you can investigate.

    Connect it to one of these things...


    (I assume there is a US equivalent)

    This is a motion sensor that will turn on the mains to the TENS unit if your sub moves. If you leave the sensor close to the sub then only a small movement is needed.

    You leave the TENS unit switched on, and dialled into an appropriate setting.

    Connect the TENS unit to the tied-up sub. Keep the electrodes "below the waist", but fortunately that includes the genitals :devil:

    The rest of it is up to you.

    Basically you can set this up so that if he/she moves the TENS unit is switched on for a programmable amount of time from 5 minutes to an hour.
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    I found this 110V one on Amazon.com - looks like a bargain compared to the UK unit.


    One of the reviews points out that if you have a low current load on this controller it does not turn off (poor sub!!). A TENS unit does not draw much current, so this could be a problem.

    To solve it, use a multi-outlet strip and plug in a table lamp to it also.

    It doesn't mention an inactivity timer in the spec, but it does in one of the reviews.

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