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Discussion in 'General BDSM discussions' started by Cumdumpster, May 27, 2013.

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  1. Cumdumpster

    Cumdumpster New Member

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    I've been a disobedient pet for my master, and he told me to make a post to ask for punishment and humiliation ideas. He loves to humiliate me beyond belief (as shown by my username), so ideas like that would be great.
    No family or overly public, please.
  2. adultfulltilt.com

    adultfulltilt.com New Member

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    An idea for humiliation would be Walked around the house like an animal on all fours with a butt plug stuffed in u. Being spanking every few steps, being fucked and throat fucked until you learn your lesson.
  3. KM451

    KM451 New Member

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    alright, maybe you should listen to your master before he makes you do this. just an idea.

    1: your master could make you get under the bed and tie you there for a while. you should be blindfoled and naked. every once an a while they could spank or paddle you.

    2: do a bunch of erands without any panties or bra on. make sure to jog or jump as much as possible. also drop things and bend over to pick them up, and make sure it's in front of people. (i know, cliche, but it works)

    3: sleep naked except for a collar, or something of the like

    4: you must act completely like a dog. you are not allowed to stand on your feet, get on furniture, or even talk. your master will take you to the back yard to go to the bathroom, and you must eat on all fours with your ass in the air.

    5: you much ask for EVERYTHING you have to ask to go eat or to the bathroom, but you must not ask for the same thing twice in a row. if you master says no, you have to deal with it, even if you end up wetting yourself.

    6: set up rituals that you are expected to carry out, like you must peak ten times every time you shower, or complete one punishment a day.

    7: spend a stretch of time completely naked. you have to stay completely prepared for sex at any moment, an that means keeping yourself lubed, and in a good position. If that means eating on all fours, so be it.

    i hope you learn your lesson
  4. MistressSimone

    MistressSimone New Member

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    He should put you in a cage, naked with only your previous collar and a dog bowl full of water.
  5. Sally

    Sally Member

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    He spits in your eyes so you have to keep them closed, then you lie on your back inforont of him, who is sitting on a chair. and you have to kiss and lik his feet, and massage the one who is not in your mouth. after that, you stand on all four whit you face to the floor, he gets to sitt on you as/hip facing your ass, spanking it or doing other creative things to it. while on the floore, you are still blind and have to lick his feet. My Master did this to me, I was in heaven. keep in mind to wash the feet first and to brush his heath one hour before and not eating anything. and while he is sitting on you, not putting full wight on you.
  6. darknova42

    darknova42 Member

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    You yourself know best about what you find humiliating. Think of the most embarrassing thing that could happen and then willingly and purposefully ensure that it happens to you.

    I suggest this, because as a sub you should want to please your dom. Choosing something that is the most embarrassing all by yourself and doing it shows how sorry you are and how serious you are in regards to your dom/sub relationship.

    As for specific ideas maybe something like going into the bathroom of a mall or something with a lot of people in another town so it will be more or less anonymous. Get naked in one of the stalls, sit on the toilet with you legs spread and your feet on the seat. Leave the stall door unlocked and slightly ajar so people will think its empty. Then masturbate, slowly, draw it out. You're only allowed to cum AFTER someone has walked in on you. When they do, close and lock the stall door and then finish yourself. Put on your clothes and leave.
  7. WickedPleasures

    WickedPleasures New Member

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    Since I don't know what you normal level of play is and what YOU find humiliating, I can give you and idea of what we did. As my slut was never allowed to wear clothes around the house anyway, and never permitted a bra or panties under her clothes....EVER...I cant comment to that as a punishment. As far as humiliating punishment goes.....these were our personal favorites:

    1) wearing an anal plug under her skirt in public. depending on my mood it was put in discreetly while out in public.
    2) having to urinate in front of me in a doggie position with legs wide apart.
    3) wearing my cum in her latex panties under her skirt in public.
    4) withhold bathroom usage untill she wet herself. She would be required to stand bent over with her skirt up for a spanking/flogging untill she began to wet herself and was flogged when she leaked untill she no longer could correct it and wet herself completely. no dancing or crossing of legs or she was "corrected" with a swat.
  8. shauwn

    shauwn Member

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    MistressSimone has a good idea :) i have been caged with only a collar on and it left me feeling sooo vulnerable an humiliated....
  9. Wayneman

    Wayneman Guest

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    Here are some ideas including ones I think are disturbing. Here is some some weird shit and yes I'm trying to be as outrageous as possible.
    Being chained in a trash can with rotting food. Especially if he made you eat some.
    Having an animal fuck you.
    Having a really old guy and lady make you do things.
    Making you eat bugs.
    Putting worms in you pussy.
    Piss, scat eating and being put on you.
    Having you puke on yourself or eating his puke.
    Having your mouth used as an ashtray and eating the ashes.
    Having a couple people over to make fun of you. A group would be more humiliating I would think.
    Being fucked by more than one guy.
    Being made to sleep in a dog cage with a dog.
    Dress up like a guy and get fucked in the ass.
    Have your man ejaculate up your nose.
    Be forced to look at a picture of your dad or loved one while getting nailed.
    Dress up in a diaper and act like a baby.
    Pretend to be a prostitute crack whore being raped.
    Have a model come over and have your guy tell you how ugly you are and how he finds here more attractive and he would rather be with her.
    Have an enema and be chained upside down so you have diarrhea and it goes all over you.
    Cut off the head of a rat and stick it in your ass or pussy as fast as possible so it bleeds in you.
    Have your clit cut off so you will never feel as good again and being reminded of it.
    Have your tits nailed to the floor.
    Have your toenails ripped off and then be given a gift card to have them done at a nail place.
    Be whored out on the street.
    Get nailed looking at a picture of Hitler.
    Have a toy car put in your pussy and walking around in a store with it up there.
    Have puke or piss put in your ass for an enema.
    LOL. IDK how I came up with some of this shit.
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  10. Smallest

    Smallest Moderator

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    BDSM isn't a game. This isn't a forum where we come up with the stupidest, most dangerous ideas, and this particular thread is for realistic and suitable acts of discipline.

    This is probably a good time to point out several "rules" of kink (pretty much different wordings of each other.
    SCC- Safe, Sane, and Consensual
    PRICK- Personally Responsible Informed Consensual Kink
    RACK- Risk Aware Consensual Kink

    If this site had spoiler tags, I'd hid the next bit, but just in case anyone needs an explanation:

    Being chained in a trash can with rotting food. Especially if he made you eat some.
    Skin to whatever contact, fumes, and eating could cause poisoning (food poisoning, obviously, but also respiratory disease from fumes and open sores opening in the skin to the bacteria from the dampness/friction are likely)

    Having an animal fuck you.
    Like children, animals can be aroused, but also lack the mental capacity to consent. It is also illegal almost everywhere and puts the bottom at risk for parasites, genital tearing, and more. It's basically rape, but dangerous for the rapist. Sounds great.

    Putting worms in you pussy.
    Bacteria plus thin mucous membranes=blood or tissue infections, and I cannot picture a way to clean worms of bacteria without making them die and shrivel, and this is ignoring that you should never put something in any holes that you don't know you can get out.

    scat eating and being put on you.
    Especially if it is not one's own scat, the bacteria from the colon does not play well with skin nor the digestive system. Someone else's can easily kill you, your own can make you very sick still.

    Having you puke on yourself or eating his puke.
    Puking in general is dangerous, it erodes the teeth and throat. Acid plus skin is not much better, and eating someone else's puke has similar problems to eating someone else's shit, if less pronounced.

    Having your mouth used as an ashtray and eating the ashes.
    This is actually fairly common, but the ash eating is dangerous; it is not something human bodies are meant to process and may sit in or erode the stomach as many people with eating disorders like pica experience with glass and metal

    Cut off the head of a rat and stick it in your ass or pussy as fast as possible so it bleeds in you.
    To start, rat bodies, even from clean pet stores, are dirty. Rat teeth are even worse, and an untreated scratch from them can (and has, often times) lead to blood poisoning. Both of those do not mix well with a mucous membrane. Also, this doesn't make sense, as after death blood just seeps, it doesn't bleed, and the least blood would be in the head.

    Have your clit cut off so you will never feel as good again and being reminded of it.
    This is genital mutilation, to start off, and it's a horrible reference to cultish behaviours in the poorest areas of Africa. Beyond that, it would be extremely painful, even for a 'true' masochist, it is near many mucous membranes, and this kind of surgery (and yes, it would be surgery, not play) is prone to infection or bleeding out even when performed by a licensed doctor (very few of whom exist, as this procedure is illegal in most countries)

    Be whored out on the street.
    I don't know why I have to explain that this is a bad idea. Either of you could be arrested and the one on the street could be killed or given any number of diseases.

    Have puke or piss put in your ass for an enema.
    Piss probably wouldn't hurt. Puke would. Acid plus unprotected, thin membranes swarming with important bacteria that keeps you healthy=bad.

    None of these fit SSC, few of them are consensual at all, and though perhaps people could be risk-aware or personally responsible for these situations, these are not the kind of risks 99% of players, let alone those who are considered 'safe' community members to know, are willing to take.

    So, I don't know if you're trolling or what, but thanks for making an example.

    ETA And no, I don't consider this post a waste of ten minutes. It is one thing for people to make informed, consensual, decisions within their own bedroom, even if I consider them terrible, but it is a very different thing to suggest them to someone who may not know the risks.
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  11. sebastian

    sebastian Active Member

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    Let me second everything Smallest just said. Wayneman's post is full of incredibly bad ideas. I don't think he knows much about BDSM, and if I had to guess he's never done it. Ignore his post, and for God's sake don't take any of his suggestions.
  12. Shepherd1

    Shepherd1 New Member

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    I agree smallest. That was definitely NOT a waste of time writing. Some of those were not only dangerous, but illegal and possibly fatal. Being that I've seen, and have been one, a lot of newbies on here; suggesting stuff of that nature could cause irrefutable damage and confusion to someone unaware or the true sense of BDSM. Not everyone has the knowledge or drive to obtain pertinent knowledge of safe play. Being that BDSM is about exploring your inhibitions and fantasies, and pushing some limits to growth; I think it's irresponsible to post such ideas where someone could get permanently scarred both physically and emotionally. We do have a level of responsibility when sharing. Not everyone is skilled enough in knowing what could or could not leave unreversible effects.
  13. Smallest

    Smallest Moderator

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    I dislike that I've derailed this thread, but there was no way I was letting that sit there. If he's a troll, at least he's an example of what not to do. If he is badly informed, now he knows.

    ON TOPIC, I like these
    All, of course, assuming your master is sane and you have a safe word :)
    Oh, and assuming your master wanted the second one. Some doms hate the "May I, may I, may I..."
  14. Shepherd1

    Shepherd1 New Member

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    Back on topic... Perfect. I came up with a few ideas. Some I've done to my sub, and some I'd like to perform.

    1) Start with a 2 qt. enema. More can be administered but that's a good start. After the enema is given, you will want to release. Your Dom should make you hold out as long as possible. Then when it's eminent that you'll have to go; your master leads you outside to the bushes to release
    2) Make a specific time of day when you're going to be busy. Have a selected vibrator with you; one that pretty loud when turned on. Go to a public place, bathroom or dressing room stall, and masturbate. The loudness of the vibrator should draw attention to your actions. A plus would be to make sure that one or multiple people are already in the area.
    3) If your ok with public show... A true showing of submission; ie on your knees adoring your master, at your masters feet, not moving from this until they let you up.
    4) Get a remote vibrator. Then to out for a nice dinner. A well lit place is best. And let your master have their way with the remote.

    Those are a few to chew on, but the main objective is that you learn your lesson. I read a quote that states: the best indicator of the strength of the relationship and the depth is it whether the submissive NEVER misbehaves, but how quickly they respond to the que and stop/alter their behavior.

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    Jesus christ, I made her sign up to get some ideas for her humiliation (funny, because her posting on this site and having people respond is embarrassing enough for her, let alone having strangers respond). I didn't expect ideas on how to kill my pet. Seriously, how is cutting off someone's clit even sound like a good idea?

    Okay, my mini-rant is over.

    Anyway, thank you all for your input. These ideas sound great and I'll be using them. Well, except Wayneman's.
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