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Discussion in 'General BDSM discussions' started by maxxx, Oct 22, 2011.

  1. maxxx

    maxxx New Member

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    Hey, I am new to the forum and I am my girlfriends sub, I was wondering if anyone had any advice for new ways for me to serve her, I lick her arse, her feet and her pussy, and our play consists generally of her ordering me around. Any ideas are appreciated, thanks, max.
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  2. l0v3ly

    l0v3ly New Member

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    Set up a sort of beginning "ritual" that you must do every time you begin playing. I order of my sub that when we play she must immediately kneal and kiss my feet, and do it again as I'm leaving.

    And I noticed you called her your girlfriend, which is all true and fine, but consider calling her something that holds a dominant role when you play, such as Mistress.

    You could also try using a leash and collar, since you said you like when she orders you around. A leash can be used simply by making you crawl behind her while she leads you around like a dog. Or it can be helpful in restricting movement (tying the leash to something like the leg of a chair or bedpost). Or as a way of getting you to do something without having to bark orders (grabbing the leash close to your collar and yanking it down to make you get on your knees)
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    Hi Maxxx,
    It's funny - I just gave the same advice in another thread. In short, make yourself a better slave for Her. Remember Her pleasure is all that matters.

    How about:

    • Learn to give a proper massage. Find an instructional DVD or go on a course.
    • In particular learn to foot massage. It can be made to be quite humiliating.
    • Learn to give a proper manicure and pedicure. A Mistress looks really great with perfect nails.
    • Brush Her hair for Her.
    • Does She have a car? Wash it and valet it for Her regularly.
    • Learn to cook for Her.
    • Learn to clean for Her.
    • Find something that causes Her stress, or pain, or effort and take that stress, pain or effort away from Her.

    Try to take a genuine pride in these things. Show Her you care. Not only will you be a better slave, it will strengthen your relationship.

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  4. sebastian

    sebastian Active Member

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    You should speak with your gf and find out what she wants. A sub should not be making the decisions about how he serves his domme. You should be bending yourself to her will. You can, of course, offer suggestions about things you'd like to do, but she should be deciding which things she demands from you. It sounds like you're both fairly inexperienced--am I right?
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  5. edjixxx

    edjixxx Member

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    Maxxx, I've made the mistake of trying to do what your doing. Sabastian is right on. If you go into it with your ideas, you will end up saying/doing something that'll screw up the power exchange and ruin the whole thing at that moment. I personally talked to my wife and said what I am okay with, and what I'm not. When we engaged in it today, I went in with no thoughts of what/how I wanted anything. It went better than ever, I thought. Probably should add this to the other thread too.....

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