Robert North is back (part 3.2)

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    After much anticipation and delay Robert North is back. This is part 3.2 of the story. Please be sure to check out the other parts of this story I've posted in this forum. I really enjoy this story and i think it can really only been understood if you read throught the whole thing. Thank you all who have supported this story. If it wasn't for you all writing me and asking for more then I might not have come back and picked the story back up. Please let me know if you're enjoying the story. I'm a man, and a single Dom male at that, so my ego needs to be fed (looking for an online D/s relationship BTW). Thanks again, I hope you all enjoy.

    "Robert North part 3.2"

    "Just stay down." I repeated as I threw a tarp over the hole to cover Diana.*

    I went into the house and looked out my from door. It was Carlson again. He was walking up my walk path as I opened my front door.*

    "Carl," I said, "you can't keep coming up here..."

    "Sorry, buddy," he cut me off, "I just had to drop something off too ya." I stood and waited for him to come up to my steps. "Remember my wife's friend we wanted you to meet?"

    "What about it Carl," I said irritatedly.

    "She's in the car," he said with a smile I just wanted to punch off his face. Carl and I were great friends, but since I brought Diana home I had valued my privacy a lot more. These unexpected visits were really getting on my nerves. "Her name's Charlotte." he waved to his squad car and the passenger side door opened.

    "No, Carl," I said, "I can't. I'm busy..."

    He leaned in and whispered to me, "dude, she's high on X"

    "What!" I exclaimed. "What kind of trouble are you trying to get me in?"

    "Bobby," he said, "it's cool. She's DEA. She'd be in more trouble than you." From of his car I saw Charlotte stumble out. She was tall and in heels. She was a very slender woman with a red purse and wearing a tight, short, black dress.

    "Take her home Carl," I said.*

    "Sorry, bro, she's yours now," He said. "Dude, trust me, she just wants to fuck."

    "No, Carl," I was yelling now.*

    "Hi, Bobby is it?" Charlotte strode right up to me. She pulled me in like she needed to lean on something just to stand up strait. She put one hand on my shoulder with the other on my ass and her cheek pressed up against mine.*

    "Take her home, Carl," I said with no care how rude I was I was being.

    "Can't," he said smugly. "I took a late shift. I gotta work." He started to walk to his car.*

    "Carl!" I yelled.*

    "You'll thank me later," he said over his shoulder as he got into his car. In a flash he flipped off his lights and reversed out of my driveway.

    I put one hand around Charlotte's waste to help support her and she smiled at me. A big toothy grin which was actually really beautiful. Charlotte was a gorgeous woman and under any normal situation I wouldn't have hesitated to fuck the shit out of her. If you really stop to think of it Carl was doing me a huge favor. But this wasn't any normal situation. The fact was that I had a naked young girl in a muddy hole under a tarp and technically I happened to have kidnapped this particular girl.

    "I'm sorry, Charlotte," I said. "This is a misunderstanding. I have to take you home."

    "Oh," she whined and pouted her lip, "but Carl said you'd be so much fun." She came back with that wide grin. "C'mon," she whispered hazily, "I never get to have fun."

    "You're law enforcement, Charlotte," I shot at her, "you shouldn't be fucked up like this."

    "Oh, Robert," she grabbed my crouch, "just fuck me."

    "I'm sorry, I have to take you home. Where do you live?"

    She didn't respond at first. I had to look at her just to make sure she didn't pass out. But after a moment she started giggling.*

    "What?" I was baffled.*

    "I'm gonna fuck you," she laughed out and stumbled backwards on her heels while she tried to do a sexy shimmy. I just don't understand why high people think they're smooth, but I assume it feels better in the moment.*

    "Where do you live, Charlotte?" I demanded.*

    She leaned in and whispered in my ear, "You wanna fuck me there too?"

    "Where!" I hollered.*

    "Up, in DC," she giggled and put her index finger to her mouth to bit on her red finger nail.

    "My God," Washington, DC was over an hour drive one way. "How did you get stuck down here?"

    "Sara and Carl picked me up. I'm house shopping... or something." her hand went to her eyes like she was trying to think to hard. "I'm going back with Sara tomorrow and we're doing lunch in the city."

    "I'm taking you home now," I said, "wait here, I'll grab my keys."

    I left her on my front step and ran into my house then right through to the back door.*I pulled up a side of the tarp and saw Diana hunched down in the hole. She was shivering as the water was getting cold.*

    "Hey," I whispered, "I'm sorry, I have to go to DC. Something unexpected came up."

    "Uh-huh," Diana answered with a shiver.

    "When you here me leave get into the house. Take a nice hot shower and get under the covers."

    "Ok, Sir."

    "What is going on here?" the voice came from behind me. Diana and I turned slowly to she who said it. It was Charlotte and she was standing there, for probably just a second, but a second was enough. Charlotte had an unlit cigarett between her fingers and she looked like she was reaching in her purse for a lighter. She had walked around the side of my house and came around the corner and caught us. She was standing there looking at us with one leg cocked out. My eyes were hyptnotized on her long legs and her showing too much thigh. I was paralyzed. I had no idea what to do or say.*

    I was dead. I mean I couldn't imagine how was I going to get out of this one.*
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    Write more, you keep leaving off at cliffhangers
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    Oh, I love to have people wait on the edge of a climax. I'll just try not to wait so long between post. Thanks for the encouragement.
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    This isn't enough. You had a workable "cliffhanger" at the end of your last part to set up a new scenario, which ends up being a very small extension of this cliffhanger to reach another cliffhanger. Your lack of thematic development has became slightly irritating and is more likely to lose interest than sustain it.
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    Is this intentional, the way I read it?

    And I agree with knots, though I'll keep reading either way. I finish books and series even if I've stopped liking them to see how they end, and I haven't 'stopped liking' this yet, per se. Just a little 'eh'
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    "Robert North part 3.3"

    "Get in the house," I told Diana. She climbed out of the hole and started toward the house.*

    "Wait," Charlotte said and started to walk toward us. Diana stopped where she was, completely naked and mud plastered on her skin. "I'm sorry I didn't realize you had a guest. I'm so embarrassed that I've intruded." Charlotte's voice had changed. I could hear her elegant southern draw and it seemed like she sobered up in a matter of seconds. She started to cough in her hand. "Could I trouble you for a glass of water?"

    I motioned for Diana to get into the house and I started to follow. I figured; what was I to do now but be polite. I said, "sure, Charlotte, follow me."

    Diana took strait off for the shower and I led Charlotte to the kitchen. "I'm sorry to have been a bother," she said in her elegant draw.*

    "Are you okay, Charlotte," I asked, "you seemed tipsy earlier."

    "Oh, I do apologize," she said and I grabbed two glasses from my cabinet. "I had taken a pill earlier and Carl gave me such an impression of you. I was just looking for a good time you know. Work has been so stressful lately and I just came down here to relax a bit. Sara and Carl have talked so much about you. Please let me start again." She extended her right hand and I put the glasses down on the counter. "I'm Charlotte, and it's such a pleasure to meet you Robert."

    I shook her hand and said, "nice to meet you ma'am."

    She reached in her bag and pulled out a pill bottle. "Again, I do apologize for the trouble. It seems the recent turn of events has given me such a headache." She picked up the glasses and filled them up with water from the faucet then handed me a glass. "I hope the young lady isn't too embarrassed by my showing up. I can call Sara up and I'll be out of here."

    "No, Charlotte, please, I can give you a ride." She seemed understanding that perhaps she just caught me and my girlfriend in a compromising position. But I still had to figure out how I was going to get her to not tell Carl or Sara about it. Carl knew me too well and would have pried into the situation. He would have been relentless asking me who I had over and why was she in a hole in my back yard. He would have been more prodding over why I never told him anything about meeting someone. Those were questions I didn't have ready answers for and I didn't need any extra aggravation at that point.

    Charlotte took a pill with her water and I drank mine. "I surely hope you don't think too poorly of my being inebriated." she said shyly, "At the DEA we are privy to a few elite designer drugs and I use them from time to time just to wind down."

    "My girlfriend and I were just playing a fantasy game," I said all too bluntly and defensively. "I mean we were..."

    "Oh, no need to explain," she smiled, "to be quite honest I'm a little turned on, but that may be the pill I took talking."

    "Well we just like to play these games you see," I didn't see myself making any headway to get out of this mess.

    "Is she submissive?" she asked.*

    "What?" I was shock at how she was so blunt with the question. Her question shocked me and I felt like I was getting deeper in the hole.*

    "Oh, I'm so sorry to pry, but by the way it seemed you were domination her and she was your subordinate. That's the kind of game that really turns me on."

    "Yes," I stammered, "that's the game. I should be getting you home now." I wasn't getting any traction in getting out of this and I was being a fool. I started feeling a bit nauseous and I was having trouble thinking on my feet. I could just feel that I was going to get busted. I turned to get my car keys off of the hook near my front door but I tripped and fell to the floor.

    "You shouldn't be driving in your condition Officer North." she said leaning over me. Everything started to get fuzzy and my legs were wobbly. I couldn't get up.*

    "What did you do?" I asked with a slur.*

    "I do apologize," she said. "It just looked like you two were having so much fun this was the only way I could get you to let me join. I slipped into your water a pretty powerful relaxant. Pretty soon you're going to lose all inhibitions and you're gonna want to have a good time. Now let your worries slip away and we can have a good time." Charlotte started to take off my shirt and I couldn't resist.*

    "No," I heard myself say once but it sounded far off and hazy.

    "Are you a good Dom, Bobby?" Charlotte said from what sounded to be from another room or a tunnel but she was right there in front of me. "I want to fuck you and that little slave girl. Is she your slave girl Bobby?"

    Uncontrollably I nodded a yes. Somewhere in hindsight I knew I was going to get in trouble but it was like she said; the drug was causing me to lose all inhibitions. All I wanted at that moment was to fuck her.

    "Will you let me fuck you and that little slave girl?" The tunnel effect was going away and I could hear her southern draw clearly again. "What's your slave's name, Bobby?"

    "She is my Pet." I really couldn't help what I was doing. Somehow I knew it was wrong but at the moment it felt so right and so good. I grabbed her by the back of her neck and pulled her in close to my face, "and you will call me Sir."

    "Oh, yes, Sir," she said excitedly. I noticed her hand go up her skirt and I saw her playing with herself.
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    "Robert North 3.3 cont'"

    The next thing I could remember we were standing outside the bathroom and all I had on were my boxers. I pushed open the bathroom door and saw Diana drying herself. She had a startled look on her face and she looked worried when she saw Charlotte.

    "Come to bed, Pet," I said. "This is Charlotte and she will be joining us."

    Slowly, hesitantly, Diana dropped her towel and walked out of the bathroom. I climbed into the bed and the two women watched me. 

    "Pet, take Charlotte's dress off." Diana hesitated. She looked upset and I could tell she wanted to say something. I don't know now if she knew yet that I was under the influence of drugs. I didn't get to tell her until the next day but she could definitely tell that I wasn't quite myself. So she hesitated and now I really regret what I did next.

    I jumped out of bed and grabbed Diana by her waste. I lifted her into the air and screamed, "do what I tell you. Don't hesitate when I tell you something." I threw her onto the ground and she landed hard on her ass. I climbed back into the bed and continued, "now take her skirt off."

    Diana got right up. I realized later that was the drive that I desired in her. As weird as the situation must have been to her, she still drove throughout it. Charlotte was just standing there with a devilish smile on her face. I wish I could go back in time and have knocked her onto the floor but that didn't happen. 

    Diana got over to Charlotte and pulled her dress up and over her head. The dress was the only thing she was wearing on her body so after the dress came off she was brief except for her heels. She was firmly trimmed and had huge perky breast. She stood at least 5 inches taller than Diana and she had much more defined muscle tone over her body. I loved the look of a woman who worked out with weights and had tighter stronger muscle. I could say I found her more attractive than my little Diana, but I loved Diana more because she was mine. 

    Charlotte started to caress her own body and ran her hands over her large breast. "Stop that," I ordered. "Pet, feel Charlotte. Rub your hands over her body and feel her skin."

    "Yes, sir," she said and began to touch and slowly feel Charlotte's abs and arms. 

    "Massage her breast, Pet."

    She began to massage Charlotte's breast and I noticed that both women's nipples were getting hard.

    "Charlotte, spank my Pet's ass,"

    Charlotte forced Diana to turn around and bent her over the foot of my bed. She violently smacked Diana's ass three times. 

    "Like that, Sir?" Charlotte voiced. 

    I nodded,"Do you understand who's in control here, Pet?"

    She nodded and said, "you are, Sir." but we were both wrong. Charlotte was really in control that night and I hate her for taking that control from me. Really, she took control from us. Charlotte took the control from both Diana and me. She robbed us of our life and raped us mentally. I will always hate her for that. 

    But I was too influenced by the drug Charlotte slipped me to think that clearly. I continued at Diana, "do you want some pleasure to go with that pain?"

    "Yes, please, Sir!" Diana said.

    "Lay down and let Charlotte eat you out." Both women got in my bed; Diana on her back and Charlotte with her head between my Pet's legs. I enjoyed watching them for several minutes. I loved to watch as Diana moaned and grunted. Charlotte was good and I'm certain this wasn't her first time finding herself around a woman's body. I got up and I mounted Charlotte from behind. I slipped my cock into her wet pussy and started to fuck her as hard as I could without thrusting the two women off the bed. Charlotte began to moan and it made her mouth vibrate on Diana's clit. Diana's moans grew louder and I could tell she would be cuming soon.

    I pulled out of Charlotte and said, "sit on her face." Charlotte crawled up Diana's body and stopped to suck her tits for a second. Then Charlotte squatted on Diana's chest and pulled Diana's head to her cunt. I wanted the right to make Diana cum so I took my dripping hard cock and thrusted it into Diana's soft pussy. This, I realized later, was the first time I'd penetrated Diana. I found she was very tight and her pussy hadn't been stretched recently so my dick hit bottom without the full shaft fitting in her. I pulled Diana's legs up into my arms for leverage. I pounded her little pussy as hard as I could.

    "Yes! Fucking, yes!" Charlotte was screaming an I heard Diana's moans, though muffled, were louder. I could tell Diana was having trouble breathing with Charlotte's ass on her chest, her head in her muff, and my dick pounding her. But I think this light asphyxiation was getting her hotter.

    Diana was fully cuming and I could feel her pussy throb and flow with juices. I pulled out and shoved Charlotte to the side. I crawled up to Diana to look her in the eyes. 

    "Was that good?" is asked.

    "Fuck, yes, Sir. Pet loved it." Diana's eyes rolled back and a huge grin came over her face. I kissed her on the forehead and turned my attention to Charlotte.

    I can't really explain it. I had no absolute control of myself but something told me I had to do something to punish Charlotte. Some inner feeling came over me and we'll just call it justice.

    "Lay down on your back, Charlotte." I ordered. 

    She did; with a devilish smile. I put my groin in between her thighs then I pulled her legs up really high forcing her waste in the air. I forced my dick into her ass hole with only Diana's pussy juices as lubrication and she screamed from the unexpected pain. She started breathing really hard and clenched my sheets in her fist. I waited a few moments for her anus to stop throbbing and her breath started to get shallow.

    "Pet, ask her how she like it," I said as I started to fuck Charlotte in the ass.

    "Does it feel good?" Diana put her face right over Charlotte's a couple inches apart. She was loving this. I could tell by what she did next. Diana started slapping Charlotte hard in the face. "Do you like having you ass filled with a thick hard dick?" Slap. "What do you think your doing here, bitch?" Slap. "This is my, fucking, Sir!" Slap, slap. "How does it feel, cunt? You're getting fucked up the ass by my sir! He's tearing the fuck out of you ass. Does it feel good?" I wad thrusting my dick in Charlotte's as deep and hard as I could. Charlotte was breathing heavy and biting her lower lip to ease through the pain. 

    "Oh, fuck yes!" Charlotte screamed. "It feels good! Oh, I love it up my ass. Yes! Fuck me good."

    Diana gave Charlotte another good slap and said, "shut up, bitch."

    I was ready to cum so I pulled out and forced my cock into Charlotte's mouth. She took the whole thing into her throat and started to suck me off. 

    "I want your cum in my mouth, Sir," Diana pleaded. "Please."

    Well, how could I resist that. Diana was on her knees so I stood up on the bed and stroked my cock a few times. Diana got her mouth on it just in time as I exploded my hot load down her throat. She let it flow into her mouth and when my dick was done pulsing she swallowed it all in one big gulp. Only a little dribble came out of the side of her mouth and she wipe it with her finger. 

    "Let Charlotte have that little bit," I said, "She deserved it." So Diana stuck her finger in Charlotte's mouth an my cum was licked completely off.

    I was completely exhausted after that. Probably a combination of the events with the dump of hormones and something to do with the drugs, but I laid down in the bed and passed right out. I woke up the next morning next to Diana and we were cuddled up with each other under the covers. I had no idea how we got there and my immediate memory of the previous night was very foggy. I kissed my sleeping pet on the head and said, "I love you, Diana."

    "So, her name's Diana?" I heard Charlotte from behind me. In the fog of my brain in the early morning I had completely forgotten about her. I rolled over and found her sitting in a chair smoking a cigarette. She was drawing a puff with her right hand and rubbing her pussy with her right. I think that loony slut stayed up all night watching us. I know she had at least gone through my things because the only thing she had on was one of my police uniform shirts and didn't bother buttoning it up. She had taken her heels off and had one foot propped up on the bed. I worried that she might have gone into my loft and seen where I tie Diana up but I doubted it. 

    My memory of the last night came back to me in a rush of emotions. I still had no idea how I was going to keep Diana a secret and after last night I was in the shit hole deeper. It's not like I could tell anyone about being drugged because that would bring our my secret about keeping Diana. Also, I had to figure out how to get Charlotte out of my life and stop her from telling anyone about my kidnapped roommate. Yeah, I just fucked two women the night before. But, boy, was my life fucked. 
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    The people spoke and I will listen to the people. I can't promise I'm a good fiction writer but I will give you the best I can do. I know it's been a lot of set up and development; but the people said they want to get to the meat of the story so I will try to start delivering meat! I know another cliffhanger. I love the hook, it what I do. The hook gives me something to build on but I understand the lag between segments and the slow development is a drag. I've got this story in my head for another 3-4 chapters but it's worthless if it's not enjoyable. So, I hope you enjoy this latest segment!
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    I don't mean to criticize too harsh, but I think you understand why it's given.

    And I did enjoy it, update when you get the chance
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    "Robert North part 3.4"

    "You fucking drugged me, you bitch" I said as I rubbed my eyes.*

    "Oh, and I do feel so bad about that," she smiled and continued to rub her pussy, "Maybe next time you'll be as kind to just let me have at you."

    This woman was getting on my nerves and I couldn't wait to get her out of my house. But I had a loose end to tie up first.*

    "Look, me and..." I hesitated to say her name, "Diana; we're trying to keep our relationship a secret."

    "Oh, why honey?" she giggled, "Is she under age. What is she, 16-17?"

    "No," I thought for a second, "she's married. Her husbands in Iraq. Sara and Carl know them and I don't want things to be ugly." There, enough details to make it believable but not too much to go on.*

    "I understand," she said and took a deep drag from her cigarette. I noticed she was dropping her ashes in a cup on the floor. Two already smoked cigarettes floated in a small pool on water. I guessed she'd been busy while I was sleeping. "I suppose I could just tell Sara and Carl you showed me a good time. But Sara would love the gossip and hear all about my time with Diana."

    "Look," I sat up in bed, "you stay quiet about Diana and I'll not make a fuss about the drugs."

    "Are you a dumb ass?" she said angrily. She flicked her lit cigarette at me and I flinched. I was able to pick it up and drop it in the cup before it made a mess on the bed. "I'm a fucking assistant director. What evidence do you have? You better come with something more than a headache, Trooper Bob. My shit doesn't even come up in a blood test. What, are you going to use your slutty adulteress as a whitness."

    "Don't talk about her like that," I shot at Charlotte.*

    Charlotte got up and went to her pocketbook she moved onto my dresser. "I got a better idea." She said with her back to me. She pulled out another cigarette and lit it up. After another puff she said, "I want in your stable."

    "My what?" I had no idea where she was going.*

    She turned at me and said, "my work is so stressful I need a release. You're so much better than the shitty selection of dickless twerps I have in the city. I want that big country dick you've got. I want you to have me as your slave."

    "No, I have Diana,"

    "Then have us both," she sat down on the bed next to me. "Come on, Bobby, she's okay but I'm the real goods. Besides hubby will be home someday and she'll go back to him." She reached under the covers and grabbed my dick. "Don't you want me, Bobby?"

    "I'm not looking for anyone. I don't need a stable."

    "But, I'll be your sex slave." Charlotte started to stroke my cock, "Just sex, just when I have time to get down here."

    "So you want a booty call?" I pulled her hand off of me. "You just want to come when you get a chance and use my dick. I just have to preform for you?" Not too unpleasant an idea, but this woman was nuts and I couldn't have her in my life. I had to be devoted to Diana and our secret.

    "Fine, then I'll come when you call," she was starting to plead now. "Anytime, I'll be totally devoted toward you."

    "You drugged me, Charlotte. You're just not my type and I can't trust you."

    "Fuck you, you loved last night. I'll be good to you." She stood up and crossed her arms, "Fine, no more drugs, I promis."

    "No!" I said all too loudly. I had to make sure I didn't wake Diana.*

    Just then we heard a car horn and a door slam.*

    "That's Sara!" Charlotte said cheerfully. "I can't wait to tell her all about last night."

    "Don't you..."

    She cut me off by wrapping her arms around me, "What do you say Big Dick Bobby? You take my body and you get my silence."

    The last thing I needed was this woman stuck in my life. But I had to take the chance of keeping Charlotte quiet. I looked at Diana sleeping next to me and sighed. There was a knock at the door that startled me.*

    "What's it going to be, Bobby?"

    What could I say? "Alright," I told her. "No more drugs."

    "Yee!" she squealed like a little school girl and rolled out of bed. She threw my uniform on the ground and pulled her dress back on. She took another puff on her cigarette and said, "you won't regret it - Sir. I can show myself out." Then she blew me a kiss and left.*

    I flopped back into bed and sighted loudly. I could feel Diana stir beside me and she put her arm on my chest pulling me to her.*

    "What was that?" Diana said groggily.*

    "Oh, nothing," I mumbled, "just Charlotte leaving. Look, about last night, I..."

    "I really liked her," she cut me off.*

    "You do?" I said with a huge sense of surprise.*

    "Yeah after you went to sleep I got a cigarette from her and we talked for a little while."

    "You did?"

    "Oh, Pet hopes that pleases, Sir." she said more alertly and her head sprung up.*

    "No, that's ok. It doesn't necessarily upset me. What did you talk about?"

    "Not much," she placed her head on my chest. "She did most of the talking. She talked a lot about her work and she loved to talk about sex."

    "Did you say anything about you and us?" I asked.*

    "No, just that Pet loved being here and you Sir makes his Pet feel safe. Pet told her she was beautiful and would love to make out with her."

    "What'd she say to that?"

    "She made out with Pet and we masturbated each other." Diana smiled with excitement. "She said the next time she comes by she'll bring a strap on dildo so we can have more fun."

    "She told you she'd be back?"

    "Yes, Sir," Diana paused, "Sir, are you sure she won't tell anyone about us?"

    "I hope not, Pet." I kissed both of her eyelids. "I hope not." I hugged her tighter and lost my worries.*
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    "Robert North part 3.4 cont'"

    I officially woke up about two hours later. I got up and started my routine of bathroom maintenance and made my whey protein shake. I guzzled half the drink and started working out on my treadmill. I might have woke Diana up because about 10 minutes into my run I saw her standing outside of my workout room, naked. "Here, you can have this." I told her and got off of the treadmill. She put on a pair of sneakers I let her keep and started jogging on the machine. I loved to watcher her little ass bob up and down as I lifted weights. I realized I could get more reps as I concentrated on her ass. 

    My mind started to wander as we were working out. I was thinking about how last night was the first time I'd had sex with Diana and I had to be drug induced to do it. I felt cheated out of that moment with my Pet. I also started to think about Charlotte. Was it really going to be so easy that she would wait for me to call her? I doubted it. She wasn't going to be so easy to ignore. Hopefully, though, she would be obedient and I could control her to the point where she's not be drugging me and she keeps our secret safe. 

    I threw my weights down in a fit of anger thinking about Charlotte. It startled Diana but she kept running. I went to the shower and washed up. I needed to get out of the house and clear my mind a bit so after my shower I put on my uniform and got ready for work. 

    I found, Diana still dutifully jogging, and told her I was leaving. She was exhausted from running and stop the machine. She took her shoes off and started for the loft. 

    "What are you doing?" I asked. 

    She stopped and hesitated, "Pet thought..."

    "Well that's your first problem right there," I scolded. "You don't think until I advise you to do so. I was at least going to give you breakfast before I left but now I think you need to earn it. Get on the couch." I could feel anger swell inside me but I knew I wasn't mad at Diana. I knew she was just doing what I programed her to do. I was leaving so he was going to sit in the loft. But that was complacency. She was just acting because that's how she'd been trained to think. She needed to be more on her toes. Yeah, I was mad, but I was mad over the events with Charlotte. Diana was just there to take my anger. 

    "Get on the couch." I told her. She passed me and sat down on the cushions. "You need to wait until your told to do something. Just acting can get us in trouble. If you're going to do something you need to clear it with me before you do it." She sat on the couch dumfounded and I went into the kitchen. I did something I saw online during my research. I took two sets of chopsticks and tied off the ends with rubber bands. Then I went to Diana and clamped her nipples with the chopsticks. She flinched at the pain when I put them on but she continued to sit there silent. 

    "Turn around and kneel on the floor. Bend over the cushions." She bent over and I pulled my cock out of my pants. I squatted down to her and put my dick in her. She was still tight and too shallow for me so I told her, "we're going to have stretch you out, Pet." she moaned as I started to fuck her. I kept pulling my cock fully in and out of her, thrusting hard when I went in. I reached around and twisted the chopsticks. She put her face into the cushions and squealed in pain. This felt good. We were finally having sex an it was on my terms. My excitement grew in me and I started to slam her tiny pussy harder. Her muffled screams intensified and I could feel her pussy contracting on my cock. My tension of last night was being released and I felt like I got back whatever emotions that Charlotte took the previous night. 

    I pulled out and spun Diana around. In one quick motion I ripped the chopsticks off of Diana's tits and she screamed loudly. Her shouts were deafening in the quiet house and I loved hearing them. I stroked my cock off and I shot my load all over her chest. I pulled at her to stand up and I watched as the cum slowly dripped down from her breast to her stomach. "Now, get into the loft." I told her. She went up the ladder but I didn't follow. I grabbed some rope, her heels from the closet, and a bowl of fruit then I went up into the loft. "Rub the cum around your breast." Her hands dove right in and smeared the cum all over her. Then I held the bowl in front of her and told her to eat the fruit. Her cum covered hands grabbed at the melon and grapes and she hungrily ate it all. Then I had her get into the heels. I tied her hands with one end of the rope and I secured the other end over her head to the trust in the ceiling.

    "Sir," she said quietly, "Pet has to pee."

    "Good luck with that. Don't hold it in too long or you might hurt yourself." I said leaving her stretched standing up. She had cum all over her and she was still sweating from her workout. I turned and left down the loft's ladder. I'd come back in an hour to get her down so she didn't pass out and I could get her to clean up any urine keeping it from staining the ceiling. But she was going to get the message for now. I went to work, tension relieved and a clear mind. Today was a good day after all. 
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  13. knightnorth

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    "Robert North part 4.1"

    The next week I was at work in the firing range doing my semi yearly qualifications. I hadn't heard a peep from Charlotte and I started to think it was going to stay that way. I made love to Diana several times during the week too. We tried all sorts of positions and punishments. I had started practicing binding her with nylon rope. The rope was incredibly sexy on her and it left imprints on her skin which made me hard at the thought of it. We had tried a few toys from anal plugs to vibrators and I was in the process of altering my automatic saw into a fucking machine.

    At the range I ran into Carl for the first time since he dropped Charlotte off at my house. He'd asked me how it had been and I replied with a stern warning not to intrude on my privacy. 

    "Sorry, pal" he said, "I didn't know. Just wanted to see how it went. Charlotte didn't say anything and usually she's all gossip."

    I was relieve to know Charlotte kept her end of the bargain but I bet that meant I'd have to keep my part too.

    Also at the range was fellow Trooper Heather Maddow. I can't tell you how sexy a woman in uniform is to me. I was infatuated with Heather before I me Diana but she'd rarely given me the time of day. Isn't it funny though when you find someone you notice women flirt with you a little more often? Heather had asked me why she hadn't seen me at the local Irish pub lately and I found her patting my arm a few times. She laughed at a few of my not so funny jokes and engaged in more conversation that I had ever had with her before. Her loss now. 

    When I was done with the range and cleaned my service pistol the day shift Captain called me into the roll call room. 

    "Hey, Bobby," Captain Earl Moy said. "do you remember a young girl by the name of Diana Carper?"

    My head started to spin. I couldn't believe he was asking me that. I just stood there with a blank scared look. 

    "Apparently you gave her a speeding ticket a while back." Captain Moy continued, "She never paid and didn't show up for her court date. She's been reported a runaway and you might have been the last one to have seen her."

    "Okay," was all I could manage to say.

    "Anyway, her father is some big lawyer in Massachusetts and he requested a meeting with you." Moy looked at a notebook. "I set it up for 11 Am tomorrow. Does that sound good?"

    I shrugged my shoulders. 

    "Just tell him the report from your traffic stop and we're pulling the video footage from the storage. You should be in an out. We'll even give you 4 hours overtime for coming in."

    "Okay Capt." I managed. "I'll be there." My mouth was dry and my body went numb. I turned to leave and I found Carl talking to Heather in the hall.

    "We're going to the pub, Bobby." Carl said, "you coming?"

    Heathers eyes lit up as she looked at me. "No, sorry guys." I said, "I have some things at home. I'm gonna call it an early night but definitely next time."

    They both looked disappointed. I realized I was straining my relationships at work but my life wasn't getting less complicated. More than anything I needed to have a guys night with Carl just to avoid any suspicions from him, but I just couldn't that night. Now that I knew I was going to meet the Mr. Carper in the morning.

    In hindsight I wished I went out because when I got home I found a strange car in my driveway. The license plate was DC and my heart sunk. I hurried up to my door and found it unlocked. Inside in found Charlotte sitting on my couch.
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    "Robert North part 4.1 cont'"

    "Hello, dear, Bobby, I was wondering when you'd get here."

    "Not a good time, Charlotte." I said sternly.*

    "But I was worried you'd never call. I just got here and found your door was an easy pick so I let myself in." Charlotte started going through her purse.*

    "Not tonight, Charlotte," I said.*

    "Oh, but, Bobby, I came all this way." She pulled out a bag of powder from her purse and poured it out on my coffee table.

    "Hey," I yelled, "I said no drugs."

    She started to separate the powder into lines and said, "oh, really now. Come on Trooper, Bob. Arrest me then." she got up and strode over to me. I noticed she was wearing a tan trench coat that went all the way down to her feet. She pressed up against me and pulled my handcuffs out of their holster. "Don't you wanna rough me up and teach me to be a good girl?" She grabbed at my crotch and I'd had enough.*

    I threw her to the ground and she fell hard since she was off balance on high heels. "Not tonight!" I grabbed my handcuffs and put them back on my belt. I was too stressed from knowing I'd be meeting with Diana's father in the morning and I wanted to get up to the loft and see how she was doing.

    Charlotte laid on the floor and winked at me, "that's it," she beckoned, "now fuck me! Rape me Bobby!"

    In a moment of rage I lost my composure. I mounted over her chest and punched her in the face. She recoiled and flinched away. Blood was coming from her lip. She started laughing and licked her bloody wound.

    "Get out, Charlotte!" I yelled as I got off of her.

    "Okay," she continued smiling and went for her purse. "Can I show you just one thing before your mind is made up?" She pulled a file from her purse and threw it onto the table making some of the powder blow off. I recognized the file as soon as I saw it. It was an evidence jacket and it had Diana Carper written on the top.

    "What's that?" I asked stupidly.

    "Oh, I think you know." she licked her bloody lip again. "I did my research. That's your little runaway. That's bigger than an adulteries, your Pet is missing."

    "I didn't know..." I started to stammer. "She said..."

    "Bullshit!" Charlotte cut in, "Don't play me for dumb, you kidnapped her. I bet she's here right now."

    "What are you going to do?" I asked.*

    "I'm going to own you, Robert."

    The air in the room got cold and I started to shiver. She stayed there silent and staring at me to see what I was going to do. After a few moments she pressed up against me. "Where is she, Robert?" she whispered in my ear. "Tell me or my next trip is to the nearest state troop building. You know what I'm going to tell them Bobby. I'm going to say you kidnapped little Ms Diana. They'll be here in a flash with guns and a warrant. If you don't tell me where she is I'll just let the police find her."

    She had me. I had no advantage over her and she just took all the power. For a second I thought about just drawing my gun and getting rid of her. But that option didn't seem like it would offer any solutions. I had to play this out in the hopes that all would turn out okay. "She's in the loft." I gave her up. With no cards to play I gave up Diana to this evil woman.*

    Charlotte cooed like a chipmunk and beamed at me with that devilish smile. She took off for the loft and climbed the ladder. I flopped down on my couch and dropped my head into my hands. Diana came down first with a puzzled look on her face. She was naked with heels, a collar, an her belly chain like I'd left her. When she saw my concern she rushed over to the couch and stood next to me. Charlotte, still in her trench coat, followed and sat on the couch with me.

    "Please, Diana, sit with us." Charlotte said, and Diana looked at me for approval. I nodded disparagingly and Diana sat. Charlotte snorted a line of the powder and handed a straw to Diana. "Take a hit if this my dear." Again Diana looked at me and Charlotte said, "You're going to take orders from me now, Diana. I own you, not him." she forced the straw in Diana's hand and she continue to look for my approval. Finally I nodded and Diana hesitantly took a hit of the drug.

    "You know, Diana, I don't think you understood." Charlotte said and snorted another line. "Let me give you a demonstration. Bobby, get naked."

    I paused and stayed motionless.

    "Maybe neither of you understand. Well I'll just be on my way." Charlotte grabbed her bag and I got up.

    "Alright," I said. "Charlotte's in control. Got that, Pet?"

    "Oh, I don't like the name Pet." Charlotte said, "Stop calling her that. We're all adults here. Our names should suffice. Naked, Robert, now!" she said sternly.

    I took off my utility belt and tossed it on the ground. My clothes came off one by one until I stood before them, limp and naked.

    "Oh, my my," Charlotte said, "You're not excited Big Dick Bobby?" she laughed. "Let's see if this excites you." Charlotte took off her coat. Underneath she was wearing a leather dominatrix outfit. The top was cut low around her cleavage and the bottom was a tight*skirt that went just past her crotch. She was wearing black stockings and black heels. It was sexy and I did feel my dick move just a bit. Charlotte pulled from her bag a strap on dildo and hit another line of the powder. She forced the straw back to Diana and had her do another line. Again Diana looked at me but did not wait for approval before snorting it up. Charlotte forced Diana to stand up and put the strap on attachment on her.

    "Fuck me!" Charlotte said and laid down on the couch. "Let's get Robert hard. Watch us now, Robbie."

    Diana held onto the dildo and pushed it into Charlotte's pussy. Diana was awkward with the motion and Charlotte used one hand to position Diana's hips. Charlotte used he other hand to caress her own breast. Charlotte was moaning and grinding her own hips to the thrusting. She made Diana fuck her for a least ten minutes until she pushed Diana off of her.

    "That was fucking good," Charlotte said to me. She pulled out a cigarette and lit it up. "Did you like that Diana?"

    Diana shrugged in response. That seemed to infuriate Charlotte. Charlotte lunged on top of Diana an started screaming.*

    "Did you fucking like it you bitch?" Charlotte punched Diana with a closed fist and said again, "Did you fucking like it? Do you like fucking me?" and Charlotte punched her again.

    "Hey!" I shouted.*

    "What?" Charlotte turned on me. "What, Bobby, what?" I said nothing. I just stood there. Charlotte took a drag from her cigarette and blew out the smoke in my face. "You're still not hard, Bobby." Charlotte sat back on her side of the couch smoking her cigarette and flicking the ashes on Diana. "You just watched two women fuck and you're not hard. Maybe he's queer, Diana." Charlotte laughed. "Do you think he's a queer, Diana?"

    Diana shrugged again and Charlotte drew back for another punch. I caught Charlotte's arm this time before she struck Diana. Charlotte got up and pressed up against me.

    "What, Bobby?" Charlotte said, "What are you going to do? Stop me? Don't you ever stop me again! Do you understand who's in control here? Get on the ground Bobby. Get on your belly."

    I got on the ground and Charlotte grabbed Diana by the arm forcing her out of her seat. "Now fuck this faggot, Diana." Diana hesitated again and I wished she didn't. "Ok, punching you doesn't work let see if this gets you to cooperate." Charlotte drove her heel into my ass hole and I could feel the sharp edges cutting into my skin. I groaned in pain but I did my best to take it. I just wanted to get through the night and figure it out later.

    "No," Diana said softly. "I mean okay. I'll do it."

    Charlotte took the heel out of my ass then knelt down and spit for lubrication. She grabbed Diana's dildo and pushed it into my ass. Again I grunted but I just took most of the pain. Charlotte sat on my back and pulled on Diana to go deeper and deeper inside of me.

    "That's it dear. Get it in there deep." Charlotte coerced. "Now, fuck him. Fuck him hard."

    Diana awkwardly thrusted her hips and I felt the discomfort of the dildo thrust back and forth in me.

    "How does that feel bitch?" Charlotte said and slapped Diana hard in the face. "Does it feel good to fuck your sir?" slap, "Now I'm in charge bitch!" slap slap. "Fuck him harder!" Charlotte screamed and I felt the pressure of the dildo intensify. "Does it feel good, bitch? You left me with a fucking bruise on my cheek last time, bitch." Charlotte gave her another furious slap. "So you tell me, do you like it?"

    Diana wasn't answering and I knew that would provoke Charlotte so I yelled, "Yes! Fuck, yes, fuck me!"
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    "Robert North 4.1 cont'"

    Charlotte laughed and got off my back. She pulled my gun out of my holster on the floor. She pointed the gun at us and said, "do you two understand who's in charge now?"

    "Please, Charlotte," I said calmly, "put the gun away."

    She laughed at me and said, "Make me." She flicked her cigarette at me and reached for her straw. She leaned down to get another line of the powder. 

    In one swift motion I was able to buck Diana off of me and I lunged forward to tackle Charlotte. There was a short struggle as we crashed into the coffee table splitting it in the middle. My element of surprise was enough to grab the gun from her hands so I flung it across the room. Then I mounted Charlotte and punched her in the face four times. 

    When she lost all of the fight in her I turned to Diana and said, "get the rope."

    "You, fucking prick!" Charlotte screamed and spit a blotch of blood in my face. "You're done now. You're going to have to let me go sooner or later and I'm going strait to the police on your kidnapping ass."

    "You shouldn't have pulled the gun, bitch." I said, and Diana came back with the rope. I bound Charlotte's arms to her feet and she was forced into the fetal position. The short dress on Charlotte was stretched tight on her ass now and her pussy was hanging out. 

    "I'm going to turn you both in." Charlotte said, "You could have just put up with me being your master and I would have been a great master to you two. But now you're going to prison. I'm going to tell them how you took this poor girl and turned her into your sex slave. You going to jail, Bobby."

    I went to my utility box and pulled out my duct tape. 

    Charlotte tried one last plea as she looked to Diana and said, "Come on, dear, don't let him do this. Remember the other night?  I was good to you. Take the gun and we'll be partners. 

    I wrapped the duct tape around Charlotte's mouth and head to shut her up. Diana took off her strap on and looked at me. I had nothing to say to her. I had a meeting with her father in the morning but first I had to figure out what I was going to do with Charlotte. 

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