[TRUE] Untold torture, female dominance

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    I got home from work, the collar still tight around my neck. Only my mistress had the key, and she had thrown it from the car a few months ago. I walked through the door, expecting to be punished. I was twelve minutes late. I waited inside for permission to take off my shoes. There wasn't a sound. I waited for half an hour and still, there was no sound. I slowly took off my shoes, put them under the desk beside the front door, and walked into the kitchen.

    She was there, sitting with her back to me, facing the freezer. I stood there in total silence for what seemed like eternity before she finally stood up and beckoned me forward. I did as commanded. She clipped on a long dog lead to my collar, then threaded the end behind the cooker and finally onto what looked like a hand-operated pulley device.
    "You're late." She said softly.
    "I know. I'm sorry." I replied, unsure as to what she was going to do.
    "Where are your shoes?"
    "I took them off in the hall. I didn't know you were in. I'm sorry."

    Her hand hit hard across my face, stinging and pulsing.
    "Sorry?" she said "You don't know the meaning of it... yet."
    My heart was racing as she went over to the cooker and opened the oven door. It had already been running, and even from the other side of the room I felt the heat rush across my face. It had been set on that highest setting - 280*C. She went over to the pulley, and started winching the dog lead towards her. I was being dragged slowly towards the oven, the air getting hotter by the second. She pulled me until my face was hovering half a metre from the hot oven. She stopped, my eyes burning, I felt as though I was going to melt to a mucky puddle on the ground.
    "Because you see," She whispered into my ear, "I don't think you're sorry at all. In fact, I think that you don't know what sorry really is. Don't worry," her teeth pinched my ear, "I'll teach you."

    She revealed a small knife, razor sharp. She held it in front of my nose, the blade barely touching my burning skin. She brought it down in one fast movement." I screamed, not sure what she'd cut. I looked down - the end of my nose was still there. The dog lead was now in two pieces, dropped to the floor. I scrambled away from the oven before it could hurt me any more.

    "Go upstairs." she ordered. I moved upstairs quickly, not wanting any more pain from the oven. "And take off your clothes - lie down on the bed!" she called up. As I lay myself down, I noticed a tall metal cage in the closet, just big enough to stand up in but barely wide enough to reach your hands out more than half a foot. There was also a cardboard box in the corner of the room. She'd been planning this evening; had equipment ordered for when I was out.

    She came into the room and tied rope around my left hand, pulling the rope under the bed and up over the other side, and tying that to my right hands, stretching out my arms. She did the same with my feet, but rand the rop in a loop that just stopped my feet from moving up into the air. She then tied me down at my thighs, hips, chest and then over my neck, taught but not restricting my breathing. She put a spreader bar between my ankles, forcing them apart; a slight burning strech running down the insides of my thighs. Then she went over to the box and pulled out a sewing needle. I clenched with the sharp stinging pinch as it punched a hole through my ear. She drew it out almost immediately.
    "You said that you'd be sorry, and here's lesson one."
    She took her smartphone out of her back pocket. She looked like she always did - blonde hair slightly wavy down to her shoulders, hoody, combat trousers. Her hazel eyes shone in the light like an angel. A fallen angel, as she took the stylus out of her phone, then put the handset back in her pocket.

    "I wonder, how much can you take?" She toyed with the tip of my penis, circling it with her fingernails, gently flicking the top. It was beginning to grow bigger, harder. "No no no. That's definitely not allowed." She took out a small bottle of ice cold water and poured it over me. The erection stopped coming, and was soon reduced to a limp piece of skin. She took out what looked like a metal penis, just my size. It was hollow, and was gradually bent over a 90* angle facing downwards. It split into halves, joined by a hinge on one side and a padlock on the other. She put it over my penis, fastening it up the tying the leather strap on tightly so it pushed backwards. There was a small hole in the end. She then resumed playing with my penis. Knocking the metal case from side to side, even lightly licking the tip of the urethra, which was the only part showing. I could feel an erection screaming to come out, but there was nowhere for it to go. It began aching intensly, almost unbearable. The bend in it was excruciating.
    "Shall I let you out?" She asked. "No I don't think so." before I had time to reply. She then took a tiny curved needle out of a sterile package, already threaded. She let the tip of the needle brush faintly against my urethra. Then she rested the needle with the point on the side of my tip, holding it dead still. She pushed the needle into the side of my urethra. I screamed as it popped through on the inside, and then through the other side. The pain was more intense than anything I imagined as it threaded through. She repeated it, stitching a little way down, and then tied off the top. My urethra was stitched closed, with barely enough room to piss.

    "Now that part's sorted, what next? Oh yes!" She took out a sweet, and dangled it above my head. "Eat it." She moved it close to my lips, but everytime I went to close my mouth around it she moved it away. I could barely lift my head from the ropes holding me down. She undressed completely, and lay on top of me, her face almost touching mine. "When I say eat it," she whispered, "then you eat it." She knelt above my head, knees either side of my face, spread wide. Her pussy was right above my mouth, almost dripping. She took the sweet in her fingers, and pushed it up her pussy, as far as she could reach. She undid the rope around my neck. "Now eat it." I moved up, my face totally covered by her. I licked all up the inside as far as I could, eating her out. After ten minutes, my face was aching all over, but I didn't stop. She was reaching orgasm, and he pussy opened up in spasms as she orgasmed. The sweet appeared just inside her pussy lips. I took it out with my tongue, and showed her as I ate it.

    "Not bad," she said softly, "not bad at all. I guess maybe you should be rewarded for that." She unlocked the metal restrictor around my dick, letting it breathe. It sprung out in a huge erection. It was a little blue. She crawled down, to give me a blowjob. Then at the last second she said "But maybe, that was just my payback." She gave me her evil smile, and took out some nail scissors and cut the threads that closed my penis, but didn't pull them out. Instead the left them there hanging. Then she took her smartphone stylus and pushed the tip into my penis. Then slowly she pushed it further and further in, until it couldn't go any further. I was screaming from the pain - she'd put alcohol on it. Then she took out a Trebor Extra Strong mint, and chewed on it. After half a minute, she smiled at me, and spat into my dick. The strong peppermint spit burned the inside of my penis like never before, but I couldn't do anything - I was roped down tightly to the bed. She laughed, and came to to kiss me. We tongued, exchanging what was left of the mint several times until she pulled away, taking a small piece of mint from her mouth. "This is for you." she said. Then she painfully slid out the stylus, before popping the piece of mint into the top of my penis, then pushed it down with the stylus until again, it was a far as it could go. The burning was more intense than anything I'd ever experienced. She pulled it out, and then told me to pee. I did so there and then, unable to get up from the ropes. It stung as it pushed the mint back out and over the stitching.

    "Now." She took the cage out of the wardrobe and set it upright. She opened the it's door, and unfastened me from the bed. I got in, and she padlocked the door shut. I was trapped. Then she took out some electrodes from the box. She proceeded to put one up my penis and then one up my ass. She went over to the control box, and turned them on. I could barely feel anything. They were set to minimum output. Slowly she turned up the power. At first it was pleasurable, but then it became painful. She left it nearly at full power. My legs were shaking. She pulled a tiny cattle prod out of the box, and zapped me all over my body. I was in a cage, unable to move. She pushed her tits against the mesh. "How hard can you suck, because if I'm not feeling enough then I'll make up for it with this..." she zapped me with the cattle prod in the hip. I moved my head towards the side of the cage and got my lips around her nipple. I sucked as hard as I could. She was quietly moaning with pleasure, and I felt pleasure by giving to her. My legs gave way from the electric and I fell a little bit before my knees hit the side of the cage, stopping me from falling any further. She turned the current off. The shaking stopped. She unlocked the door and let me out.

    "Put your clothes back on. I'm hungry." And later we went to to a restaurant to eat. My penis was sore from the stitches, and my tongue ached from sucking on her tits and pussy, but I'd had a great day.
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    Wow, fantastic story, thank you :)
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    lucky sod!
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    Great story! Thanks for sharing!
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    Thanks a lot.
    I got jumping something in my pants:p

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