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    "Robert North 2.1"

    Journal of Virginia State Trooper Robert North

    It was 3 months since I pulled over Diana Carper in her daddy's BMW. She never turned me in for; what was I did? Assault or rape? Did I teach her a lesson? Whatever I did to her, that night, it completely changed me. It ignited a fire inside me that I never knew existed. 

    I started researching some things online. Apparently there's a whole community of people who enjoy sadistic and painful sex. I looked into domination and submissive relationships. Apparently people live like this. Sometimes out in the open and sometimes just in their homes. I knew there were freaks out there but it's more than I'd ever imagined. Rich people, poor people, politicians, businessmen, and even cops are into this BDSM lifestyle. I never knew. And now I think I'm one of the freaks - and I like it!

    I researched how to be a dominant, or a Dom as they call it. Men and women who subvert their subject. Like slaves but not as a really bad thing like most people think. The submissive need their masters to help them sexually and gain confidence with who they are or how they act. The more I read the more I got turned on by the idea. I wanted that life and knew that's what I wanted to be. I knew it's what I was. That's why I've failed at relationships; because I never knew what I wanted. 

    After that night with Diana, every time I stopped a woman all I could think about was dominating them. I dreamed of pulling these women out of their cars and treating them like shit because they broke the law. I needed to get control of myself. I needed Diana Carper. 

    I looked her up trying to do my research on her. I was right, she went to Georgetown. But she hadn't been to classes for the last 3 months and the school suspected she'd dropped out. She never reported to her court date either and a warrant was put out on her. Its like she fell off the Earth. Her father was lawyer in Boston and he'd reported his BMW stolen. Then a few days later he figured he'd report his daughter missing as well. What a real low life he must be to report his car before his own kin.

    I'd wondered if my night with her was to blame. I was trying to teach her respect and maybe she'd gone off the deep end and done something stupid. Those thoughts had made me feel miserable and I dreaded at the idea that I may have destroyed this girls life. 

    Then it happened last night. I was back out on Tussah road and a famous BMW was driving through. A lot slower than the last time I remembered it. Out of reflex I almost grabbed the radio to call in what I knew was a reportedly stolen car. But first I needed to talk to the driver before things got official. I stepped out of my squad car and stepped into the road. I waved my arms and motioned the car to the side of the road.

    Diana Carper sat in the driver's seat, eyes fixed ahead of her and avoiding me. she rolled down her window as I stepped up and she said, "Good evening Trooper North."

    I didn't know how to react. I had all these emotions inside of me and things I needed to tell her. But my police training kicked in and the only thing that could come out of my mouth was, "Ms. Carper, there is a warrant out for your arrest and your vehicle has been reported stolen."

    She began to cry and my heart dropped. I feared that I did ruin this girl and now she came back to do something horrific. She looked strait at me and wailed, "I need you Sir! Oh my God, you just don't know. Ever since that night with you; my eyes opened up. I've been a bitch my whole life and I've been needing someone to put me in my place. I've needed someone to need my body and to do what's needed for me. Sir, I need you!"

    Her tears were flowing and she put her head in her hands. My emotions were strained. I needed her but because of the situation I felt like this could never work. My job was on the line with how I acted right then so I said, "We need to deal with your warrant Ms Carper..."

    "No!" she screamed. "I can't go to jail."

    "You'll just go over night then you'll see a judge in the morning about your ticket. You need to call your dad and get things strait with the car."

    "If you take me to jail dad's going to take me away from here." she said slowly through. "I need the feeling you gave me that night Trooper North. I need your control over me. Do what you have to do, Sir."

    She got out of her car and kept her head down submissively. I stepped up to her and smelled her. She apparently hadn't taken a bath in a while and her clothes were just ratty old gym sweats. 

    When she had noticed that I smelled her she said, "I'm sorry I've been living out of my car for a while. I didn't know where to go."

    "I'll get you the help you need Mrs. Carper." I said. Then I put the cuffs on her. 
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    "Robert North 2.2"

    I gave Diana a pat down and placed her in the back seat of my car. I got in the front seat and grabbed my radio.

    I sat there for about 2 minutes just starring at my hand mic. Emotions were tumbling inside of me. I think I was falling in love with this girl. But I couldn't risk my career over a crazy fling.*

    "If you take me to jail, I'll tell them everything..." Diana said.*

    That really upset me. "It's your word against mine Diana. They'll never believe you."

    "I have your blood on my skirt, I saved it. Right now it's in a lock box back at school. But if thus becomes a big deal I'll tell people where the key is."

    I froze up. I was done for. I could be in jail for a dozen years. The media would label me as a cop rapist. Really, I think I only had one choice.*

    "What's in your car?" I asked.*

    She thought for a second, "I have all my cloths and stuff in a couple of trash bags in the trunk. I thought I could run away with you."*

    I jumped out of my cruiser and popped the trunk to the BMW. I grabbed the trash bags and transferred them to my car.

    My house was only 3 miles away and I drove us there. The whole time my mind was racing and the rational side of my brain was going off. What was I doing? What was I thinking? The irrational side knew there was no turning back now. All those fantasies and dreams I'd been having took control of my actions.*

    When I parked in my garage my actions pick up speed. My whole body was trebling with nerve. I was breathing heavy and sweating. As soon as the roll up doors closed I grabbed Diana out of the back seat and hurled her over my shoulder. I carried the petit girl to my bedroom. I grabbed two pairs of extra hand cuffs. With one I secured her wrist to my bed post by wrapping them around the pair i already had on her and I replaced the other on my utility belt.

    "Thank you, Sir," Diana said as a tear ran down her cheek. She was smiling at me.

    I grabbed some duct tape out of my tool bag and secured her mouth shut. I noticed she was breathing heavy too. Her breast were heaving and sweat built up on her forehead.*

    It was warm in my house because I haven't upgraded to air conditioning yet and the summer was at where the nights only got down to 80. *I was worried she was going to pass out from dehydration wearing those sweat clothes. I grabbed some scissors and cut her top off. Then I pulled her pants off and grabbed a fan and pointed it on her. This time she was wearing a bra and panties and I left her on them.*

    "I have to go back to work now." I told her, "I don't get off until the morning. But I'll check up on you in about 2 hours."

    She nodded and I saw what I thought was appreciation. This was really crazy. I was harboring a fugitive. All I could think about is if this could actually work.

    I got back into my cruiser and sped back to Tussah road. In my hand mic I said, "Dispatch, this is Trooper 817."

    "Go Trooper 817," the radio cooed.*

    "I've found a stolen vehicle on the side of the road on Tussah. BMW, tag number DC AJ 4021. I'm going to need a tow truck. Please notify the owner. No sign of a driver. It looks abandoned."
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    "Robert North part 2.3"

    Before I returned home, after my shift, I reported to my captain to tell him I'm going to take a couple days off. I told him I didn't feel good and that I probably caught a bug. "I'll probably go see a doctor if instant feeling worse." I said.*

    When I got home Diana was asleep. I checked up on her earlier like I said I would. I'd taken off her handcuffs and the tape over her mouth to let her sit up for a glass of water. She was quiet and subdued. Whatever she had been going through must have taken a toll on her because she was tired and depraved. When she finished the water she laid back and I returned the restraints. I don't know if I wanted them on her more to submit her or if I was scared she would run away on me to get me in trouble. I still didn't completely trust her. But she allowed me to put the handcuffs on her without quarrel.*

    While she was asleep I took the handcuffs off of her. I sat there watching her trying to figure out what was going to happen next. How is all of this going to end? Uncertain of the future I began to make preparations for the present.*

    I took out my tool bag and began to reverse the lock on the door. I wanted it to lock in not out to secure my... captive? prisoner? slave? girlfriend? I was still unsure what to call her. I took the phone out of my room and removed all dangerous objects like my cuffs, pepper spray, and baton. I places all of my gear in my spare bedroom. I left my gun safe in my room because I have the key to that and I thought it would probably keep her in line should I need intimidation.*

    I wondered what she was going to do when she awoke in a strange place. Was she going to come to her senses and regret her decision? Would she hate me again? I wished I could get into her mind.*

    I had worked overnight, double shifts, the previous couple of nights and I was getting really tired, but I knew I needed to be awake when she got up so I struggled through the morning. I went to the kitchen and gathered some grapes and sliced cantaloupe. I took the bowl of fruit with some orange juice and took it into my room.*

    I placed the breakfast on my nightstand and started to wake Diana up. She was startled at first, waking up in a strange bed. Then she saw me and smiled.*

    "I made you breakfast..." I said struggling for a word, "what should I call you."

    "Sir, you may call me anything that makes you happy." Diana said with that sweet smile that I was starting to fall in love with.

    This was all new to me and to demean this girl, who was now being nice to me, with a derogatory name felt weird. I just spoke what came out, "here is breakfast my Pet."

    As I handed her the bowl Diana said, "thank you, Sir."

    I did not give her a fork because normally I eat the fruit with my hands. I thought she might prefer a utensil but before I could get up she began picking up the fruit with her fingers. I watched her eat like it was her first meal in a months. I noticed slit marks on her wrist when she brought a piece of melon to her mouth. Before I had thought that they were impressions from the cuffs but when I saw them better I knew a knife made those cuts.*

    "What's that?" I asked pointing to her wrist.*

    She stopped for a moment and chewed slowly thinking of a response. "I wanted to recreate the pain that night I met you. I tried shoving anal plugs up my ass and I paddled myself but after a couple of weeks it was no good. I couldn't get that feeling of you again" She looked down submissively an said, "I started cutting myself so I could get the pleasure back. I hope Sir doesn't think I'm ugly."

    "No, Diana, I think you're incredible." the smile returned to her face. "Do you really want to be here?"

    "As long as, Sir, wants me here." Diana said as she returned to eating. "I am sorry for what I said last night. I will not tell anyone about what you did, Sir. I know that will get you in trouble. If you decide that I will not work here then I will go to the police station an turn myself in. I will not mention you, Sir."

    Filled with joy from what I heard, I handed Diana the juice. "May I give you a bath?"

    "If it pleases, Sir, then he does not have to ask." Diana said.

    I liked the way that she was talking. It was different but it seemed right. I considered that I needed to change my way of talking but I felt uncomfortable. I helped Diana out of bed and led her to the bathroom.

    "Uh, everything is in there." I said, "Towels in the closet..."

    Diana looked down to the ground an sighed hard.*

    "Everything ok?" I asked.*

    "I didn't come here to be your fucking girlfriend or clean your fucking house," she snapped. "I came because I need something from you. I need what you gave me back then. Now can you balls up and do it?"

    Her words hit me like a stone at 200 miles per hour. I wast just posing. I needed to stop acting like I was in control and actually take control. I slapped her hard across the face. She bent over and said, "Ow, that fucking hurt."

    'I know' I thought. I grabbed Diana by her hair and pulled her into the bathroom. I turned the shower on and let the cold water run. "You don't EVER talk that way to me." I lifted her into the shower and she squealed at the cold water on her skin. Her bra and panties were still on her and got soaked. "Now if your going to live here you're going to have to understand some rules."

    Things were about to change around my house. Big time.*
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    "Robert North part 2.4"

    She stood there in the stream of the cold water with a terrified expression on her face. She quickly began to shiver and when she pulled back I shoved her head under the water flow. When I let her up she spit out a mist of water. 

    "There is no you or I. Your speech will be in the third person. I will be referred to as Sir, at all times. For now your designation is Pet." She nodded as she understood. I pulled at her bra and panties. "Take these off! Clothing will be earned."

    As she took off her underwear her fingers trembled. I struggled to know whether she was in absolute fear or if the water was numbing her. 

    "I still haven't figured out why you came back," I continued, "or why you've dropped out of your life: but your being here threatens my life, my career. You will be restrained when I'm not around. Even when I am around you will restrained most of the time for my safety until you earn my trust. You will earn you keep around here too. Your presence will serve my pleasure. Are you getting this?"

    "Y-y-yes, Sir." she stuttered.

    I turned the water temperature to warm, "Now wash up. After I get some sleep today I will go out and get you some specific feminine products." I handed her a bar of soap and she washed her body. As she did I was able to take in the magnificence of her. Her calfs and thighs were so tight firm all the way up to her perfect ass. Her stomach was flat and she had runner's hips. Her breast were firm and round. Her skin was silky smooth. 

    "Your going to have to stay on a work out regiment." I told her. "There is a gym in my spare bedroom. I will allow you certain opportunities to use it." 

    As she was finishing up I turned the water off. "Go back into the bedroom." After standing there and dripping for a few seconds she passed me as she walked toward the bedroom without making eye contact. Her soaked body dripped all over the floor as she made her way. "Stand by the window." I opened the blind to the rear facing window in my bedroom so that the early sun shone bright on her body. This window opened up to a short field and acres of private woods so I felt safe nobody would be able to see the naked captive in m house.  "Dry off here."

    I pulled out a pair of my issued shackles and clipped them around her ankles. A that point I really needed the sleep so I handcuffed Diana in the front and placed on a chain belt around her hips. I locked to the cuffs to the chain belt so that she couldn't lift her hands up. "We're back in the country sticks, so nobody's going to see you through that window. I'm going to get some sleep behind you." I stole a long stair at her body again. I loved the way the chain belt looked around her thin waist. The excess chain hung down to her vagina as an almost concealing and sexy view of her privates.  

    I change into a comfortable pair of shorts and a tee shirt. When I laid down my thought finally caught up with me. It was hard to get to sleep as I started to think about the consequences. Not just my career but Diana's life. Could I really keep her here? I couldn't possible grow old with a fugitive being held captive in my bedroom, could I? How was this all going to end? 

    As my mind began to shut down into sleep and my eyes closed on the day I heard the distinct short wail of a police siren. I immediately jumped from under the covers and grabbed Diana. 

    "Sir, what's happening?" she startled. 

    "I'm going to put you in my loft in the ceiling." I rushed Diana into the hallway where I pulled the string to let down the stairs that lead above the ceiling. I carried her up the half ladder and placed her on a support strut. "Stay here an keep quiet." I whispered in her ear. 

    I flew down the ladder and flipped it back up into the ceiling. As I looked out of my front window a sigh of relief fell over me. I saw on my front lawn a Virginia State Trooper with two cups of 7/11 coffee.

    "Bobby, open up!" Dayshift Trooper Carlson Troy yelled.

    I opened my front door a couple inches and said, "What's up Carl?"

    "Lemme in, Hoss, these cups are hot."

    "I'm sick Carl."

    "I know. That's what Cap said. Getting a little vacation on you weekend?"

    "No, nothing like that. Just under the weather. Aw, come on in." I said as I fully opened the door. "I was just getting down to sleep so I'm gonna kick you out soon."

    "Roger, Bobby. Since your sick I'll give you my honey and Chai tea." Carl said a he handed me the cup and entered. "So when are we gonna get together next?"

    "Let's do beers in a couple days down at Mel's"

    "Hey, Bobby, my wife has a friend we want you to meet. Let's do a cook out here in a couple days..."

    "No, Carl, I don't know. Definitely not here with the way I'm feeling..." just as I was trying to come up with a good line to get him to leave there was a rustling in the roof. 

    "What was that?" Carl said. 

    "Oh," I stammered, "I've been hearing mice up there..."

    "Fuck, really? Hey I got a bunch of traps. Lemme take a look up," he strode over to the hallway and pulled the rope to the hatch. 

    "No!" I yelled. I grabbed Carl's arm and turned him around. "I don't have time to mess with this today Carl. I'm really tired and I've got to lay down. Bring me the traps tomorrow and we'll go out later this week okay?"

    "Roger, Bobby. Enjoy the tea, Bro," he said as he went for the door. "Sorry to be a bother, I'm going back to work now."

    "No bother, Carl. I know you mean to help. Sorry, I'm just sick."

    He exited with a grin and a nod. I followed the door shut and locked it up. I opened the ceiling hatch back up and looked at Diana. "What the fuck was that?" I asked?

    "Sir," she said fully ashamed, "Pet was itchy from all this insulation."

    "That won't do. Do you understand what's at risk here?"

    She nodded as a tear ran down her cheek.

    "You'll have to be punished now."

    She nodded again and her face clammed up with fear and shame. I climbed the stairs and picked her up. I put her back in front of my bedroom window. 

    I went into the kitchen and grabbed a carrot. When I brought it back into the bedroom I held it in front of her eyes. "This is your dinner. Take good care of it." I bent over and shoved the carrot into her pussy. I pulled her legs together to keep it tightly in place.

    When I stood back up I caught her eyes. "Why are you here Pet?"

    "Pet, was in a life incomplete. The life that, Sir, provides offers security, comfort, excitement... fulfillment. Pet finally feels fulfilled and purposeful." A tear rand down her face as she smiled and looked genuinely happy.

    It worried me that the treatment I'm giving her can actually be good for her. But compared to how she was when I met her I didn't think her psyche was getting worse; rather, perhaps, improving. I think she used to be genuinely unhappy and now had felt the comfort she longed for. For that matter too, meeting Diana had filled a large hole in my life.  

    I went behind her and fell asleep. She did well. She kept the carrot secure and true to my word and hours later I fed it to her all soggy and soft. She was happy to do it and I fed her some of my left turkey and stuffing as a reward. 
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    I've actually been waiting to see how this turns out - write faster lol
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    2.4 finally completed. Working on chapter 3 now. Sorry for anyone who may be getting into the story. I love to write but the writting I have to do for work has to cone before hobby writting. Thanks for anyone who may be following this story.
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    :O:OO: nice ....
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    Great story, I can't wait to read more

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