Robert North Chapter 3

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    "Robert North part 3.1"

    A little more than a month after I brought Diana home all was running smooth. I had gone through her bag of cloths and kept what I though she would need and burnt anything I thought she wouldn't. We had established a lot of ground rules around the house and she had been thoroughly obedient.

    We had been living as master and obedient slave for the entire time and she never seemed to tire of it. I know I didn't. She seemed to enjoy her place. I worried that at some point all relationships have their problems but she handed all control over to me allowing for any tiffs to be handled by disciplin and obedience. The more I learned how to take control the more she responded with happiness.*

    She always watched me eat before she began to eat herself. I'd make meals for two and put it all on one plate. After I finished she would eat whatever remained off of my plate.*

    We had a workout routine where she would watch and spot me working out. Then we'd do a cardio routine together which helped push me a little farther.

    I altered the loft above my roof so that she could be held there through the day. I laid down a wood platform above the insulation and bolted a chair to it. While I worked I was able to restrain her to the chair. For safety I installed an air conditioner with vents throughout the house and an extra vent to the loft so she wouldn't pass out.*

    She was still restricted from clothing except the couple of days she had her period. At that time I allowed her underwear and sanitary items. But all the other time she didn't wear anything. I did get her a thin choker that I made her wear and I found a sexy thin chain with a pendant to wear around her waist.

    A month of keeping her at my house and I still hadn't had sex with her yet. Not that I didn't want to. God, I loved her body and it was tough having a willing sex slave walk around naked in my house all the time. But I wanted to respect her. Sex was something that would come with the developement of our relationship. To do it too soon would devalue the intimate relationship that the master/submissive affair was giving us.

    I was off duty one evening after the sun went down and we were sitting on the sofa while I watched a baseball game. She held my beer up so that I could use her as a coffee table despite a perfectly good coffee table that went unused in front of us. "I am going to start taking you outside," I told her. "Hunting season is coming up and I'm going to need help putting up my deer blind. Would you like that Pet?"

    "Certainly, Pet, would enjoy anything, Sir, would like to do." She said with a beautiful smile.

    "Next spring, what do you say we plant a garden out back together?" I asked.*

    "Pet, would like that."

    I wrapped my arm around her and got lost in my game. A little later I reached for my beer but it wasn't in her hand. She had placed it on the coffee table.

    "Why is my beer there?"

    "Oh," she said startled, "Pet is sorry, Sir, Pets arm got tired." She quickly picked the beer up and offered it to me.

    I wasn't mad. I was very understanding. But I couldn't let her get away with it. I had to make an example. What if she suddenly got tired of me? This relationship ment everything. One little mistake and I'd be in jail. Then she would be shipped up to Boston to daddy after he paid her fine. Little mistakes, little lapse of conscious and all this is over with. I wasn't really upset, but I had to make an example.

    I slapped the beer out of her hand and the liquid went all over her. "Tired? You got tired, Pet? What the fuck?"

    "Sir, please, Pet is sorry. It won't happen..."

    "Shut up! You are officially demoted to Fuck-up! You have lost you title of Pet."

    She dropped her head and began to sob.*

    "You're not going back to that shit, Fuck-up. You're not going back to sobbing little spoiled girl. We are going forward." I went to my room and grabbed a bandana and work boots. I went back out to the TV room and grabbed Diana by the arm pulling her out the back door. I gagged her with the bandana and told her to put on the work boots and lace them tight. Then I said, "Stay here." I went to my shed and grabbed a shovel. "Here, we're going to fix your problem with getting tired. Apparently you need some more stamina. Dig a hole right here," and I pointed to the ground in front of her.

    "I'll be back in one hour." I went into the house and turned out the inside lights. I knew with the flood light in the back yard would prevent her from seeing me inside especially if I had all the inside lights off. From my kitchen table I was able to watch her. She stumbled a bit at first with the boots that were too big for her and the awkwardness of the task. But after a while she seemed to get the hang of it. When she had gotten into a good rhythm of digging and was about 2 feet down I turned off the flood light. She was blinded from not having any night vision and looked around until she got her bearings. *

    "Keep digging, Fuck-up!" I yelled from the door. She did but a lot more clumsily in the pitch black of the back yard. Diana was in good shape and she managed to dig down to waste level. That's when I came back outside. "Your filthy, you need a bath."

    Diana began to climb out of the hole but I pushed her down and she tripped to her ass. "Stay seated, Fuck-up." I grabbed my hose and connected it to the spigot. I commenced to hosing her down in the hole. When the bottom of the hole was sufficiently muddy I cut the water off. Then I laid down in the grass so that I could see her eye to eye as she sat in the muddy hole.*

    "This relationship will be difficult but we both need to work hard to maintain what we have." I told her. "It's the little things; these minor details that can get us in trouble or caught. This isn't about beer or you failing at holding it. We can't forget the position we are in because when we do we risk losing each other."

    Then I took the gag put of her mouth and like a flash she leaned in to kiss me. I didn't pull back rather I leaned into her and deepened our embrace. It was our first real deep kiss. At that moment I realized not only did we both fully understand what each of us desired, I realized that we loved each other and our roles were what made us work.*

    She jolted back and dropped her head, "Fuck-up, is sorry, Sir, just..."

    "It's ok," I said calmingly. "I don't like the name Fuck-up anyway. You are my Pet. Just don't make me have to give you that name again." We smiled at each other and she bit her bottom lip which I thought was outrageously sexy.

    She was soaked and muddy. "Let's get you inside." As I started to get up I noticed red and blue lights flashing the tree line. A squad car was in my front yard. Diana and I stared into each others eyes in a moment of panic.*

    I whispered as sternly as I could*"Get down in the hole!"*
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