Rena gets kidnapped

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    this is my first story post here. its not quite finished yet byt i hope you enjoy it so far. if i get a good response i'll continue

    Don had been watching Rena for some time now from his house while she was on her way home. She usually passed through a small neighborhood near Don's home to get to her house so he had been seeing her almost every day. Don was an old sadistic bastard, about 49 years of age, who has always had fantasies of torturing and fucking young girls. After his wife had divorced him over ten years earlier because of his sadistic crave, he became miserable and desperately wanted to fulfill his sick fantasies. He believed that women must always submit to a man's will and over time, his mind became more and more twisted. He started to enjoy the thought of forceful sex and had a thing for hot young girls.

    He sat in his car, about to leave his home, when he saw Rena walking home late Friday evening returning from a friend's home. Rena was about 5'7 and a very attractive nineteen year old with long, rich dark blond hair and beautifully cupped average sized tits. She was slim and had that hourglass shape with a well-rounded ass. She was the kind of girl every guy would want to hook up with. She was wearing a tight pink tank top, slightly covered by her open dark jacket and a black pleated mini skirt, which showed off her beautiful smooth legs following down to her black, high heels.

    Don froze for a moment... thinking... He had been fanaticizing about fucking her for a long time now whilst watching her walk all alone from school or at her friends home, passing through his little neighborhood. But this time he saw her a bit late. It was 6:30 pm and the sun had already set. At this time the road was usually dim and lonely. "Dam she looks gorgeous!" Don thought to himself. "Where did she come from at this time?" he wondered. In the stillness, he stood there, he began to think off what he could do her if he had her and began to think of how he would get her; and then his cock began to harden again. He knew that there was no time to waste. After his years of misery he decided to bring his fantasy to life. He already had equipment in his basement in his cabin in the woods a few miles from where he stayed for restraining and bondage in hopes that one day his fantasy would come through and luckily he had some ropes in the trunk of his car. His heart started pounding...

    "I can't let this opportunity get pass me" he thought, as Rena slowly approached his direction. He was waiting for a day like this to come; he certainly couldn't let the opportunity slip. He may never see her this late again and also to be lucky enough to see her alone. Then with a quick suspicious glance around the area to make sure no one was watching, he popped open trunk of his car then got out. It was time to take action.

    Rena started to watch around cautiously as the tall dark figure, dressed in formal outfit, quickly approached her. Don was tall and muscular and could easily over power Rena. She became a little nervous, as there was no one else around. Her heartbeat increased as he quickly closed the distance between them.

    "Excuse me miss, but can you help me?" She look up at him a bit surprised... her cute blue eyes caught his as he repeated, "can you help me please?" "What do you want?" she responded softly. "I'm looking for a man named Mr. Carper, do you know where he lives?"

    Knowing that she was acquainted with the area, he knew that she had known the location of where Carper lived, a popular person from the neighborhood. "Sure" she said, breathing a slight sigh of relief. "He's right over here." And she led Don to Carper's home, which was close to where his car was parked. A pleasant smile came on his face and his cock began to stiffen up again as Rena walked ahead of him towards Carper's house... towards Don's car.

    Now was his chance. He had her exactly where he wanted her. With a quick leap he grabbed her with his right hand, firmly covering her mouth. She instantly let out a muffled scream, which was hardly heard. Now she was in real panic. She desperately tried to turn around and push him off so she can run away but felt his left arm wrap around her chest just below her breasts and swung her around to face the opened trunk of his car. He quickly opened the trunk wider with his left hand then picked her up effortlessly with her legs kicking in the air, and threw her into the trunk, slamming it shut immediately. Her handbag dropped to the ground and he picked it up and placed it in the back seat of his car.

    "Help me! Somebody help me!" she screamed from inside the trunk while kicking the sides of the car, but to no avail. Don quickly got into the car and drove off feeling like the luckiest bastard on the planet but at the same time he was worried if anyone had seen him and if the police would catch him. Rena's mind was racing with thoughts... "What is he going to do with me" she wondered. The thoughts had her shuddering with fear.

    Before long they were off into the woods, where Don thought it was safe to tie her up. He came out of his car and opened the trunk with his key. Rena leaped out screaming and trying to get away. He grabbed her by the neck and slammed her head into the trunk. "You better shut the fuck up bitch! Or I'm going to give you something to really scream about" he shouted angrily. She watched him with innocent blue watery eyes. "What do you want from me?" she gasped. He looked down at her with a stern smile on his face... "everything," he replied. "What? w..what are you talki..?" "I told you to shut the fuck up bitch!" he snapped, as he pulled her out of the trunk and put her standing on her feet. "Now stay here!" he ordered, as he reached inside the trunk for his rope. Rena watch as he reached inside for the rope to tie her up. "I better run while I have the chance" she pondered nervously. She looked around her and turned around and dashed out as fast as she could. Don turned around with the rope in his hand"¦ "Bitch!" he screamed as he started chasing her. Don, being an athletic man, didn't break a sweat in catching Rena, trying to run in her heels. When Don caught hold of her once again, he grabbed her by the throat and dragged her back to the car screaming for help. Shutting the trunk closed, he slammed her against the car and dipped into his pocket with his left hand pulling out a small switchblade. He flicked it open and pressed it tightly against her neck.

    Her voice was soft and full of fear"¦ "w..what do you want fro..." "If you don't shut the fuck up, I'll have no choice but to slit your throat," he said in a threatening voice as he pressed the blade so hard on her neck that she felt as if she has turned her head, her neck would be severely cut. She kept quiet. "Do as I say or I will seriously hurt you!" He shouted, leaning over her on the trunk and looking at her in the eyes angrily. Her body trembled with fear as he squeezed tighter on her neck with his right hand and pressed even tighter with the blade in his left hand. She was sure that he had cut her neck. "You got that bitch!?" She nodded with fear. Don picked her up and put her on her feet once again. "Put your hands behind your back," he growled as he fastened the rope around her wrists, then he went into the car. Rena desperately tried to loosen the rope around her wrists by sort of rubbing them against each other in a kind of jerky motion. It was loosening. She felt like she could almost slip her hands out of the ropes. Then Don came out of the car with a hiking bag in his hand and saw what Rena was doing. "You little bitch!" he shouted, as he quickly walked up to her. She was sure she had stopped struggling when she saw him coming out of the car. "So you think you can wriggle your way out huh?" he shouted. "And here I was trying to be nice ant not put it too tight"¦ you're a naughty little bitch aren't you?"

    He roughly turned her around and refastened the rope around her wrists, tightly securing her hands almost to the point that it stopped blood flow. Then he grabbed both of her elbows and forced them together until they touched each other. She let out a loud moan as she was not very flexible and it hurt her arms a lot. Then holding them together with his right hand, he fastened another rope around her elbows and bound them tightly together. "Why are you doing this?" she asked in a soft innocent voice. He grabbed her harshly by the jaw and turned her to face him. He looked her in the eyes and let out an evil smile. Then placing the hiking bag on his back, he held onto her bound elbows and marched her north into the woods to his cabin a few meters away. "Do you plan to murder me out here?... you're not going to get away with this." Don remained silent as he continued to march her along.
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    About half way along the route, Don stopped for a while, let go of her elbows, took a look at his watch and started walking and looking around as if not acquainted with the area. Then he came up to Rena and started to remove her jacket. He got it over her shoulders when she began to protest and pull herself away from him. Before she could make another move, Don had the switchblade at her neck. She instantly got the message and calmed down. Don untied her elbows and wrists and completely removed her jacket, revealing her tight pink tank top below. After placing her jacket into his bag, he fastened her wrists and elbows once again making them even tighter than the first time. "It's too tight,"Â she protested pleadingly. "All the better,"Â Don grunted.

    He started looking around and ahead of the route then took a look at his watch again. It was getting dark. "Where are we going?"Â He grabbed her harshly by the jaw again, turning her face to meet his. "What are you planning to do with me!?"Â she demanded whilst trying to get her face out of his grip. "That's enough talking out of you for one day."Â He reached into his bag and took out a Silk scarf. "Open your mouth,"Â he said calmly but she seemed to press her lips all the more tighter and looked at him with both fear and anger. "I said open your mouth bitch!"Â he shouted as he grabbed her hair and pulled her head pack until she was looking directly up at him standing over her. "If you don't do as I say you're really going to get hurt you little bitch!"Â She quickly but reluctantly opened her mouth. He rammed the silk scarf into her mouth as she violently shook her head. He let go of her hair and pulled out another scarf out of his pocket and tied it tightly around her head. Suddenly he slapped her extremely hard in the face. "When I give you an order, you do it immediately and no questions asked!"Â he exclaimed; then teased her by rubbing her reddened cheeks and watching her with a devilish grin. Then his hands began to probe her body; cupping her breasts and working their way down to her thighs and squeezing her round ass. She turned to pull herself away then he held on to her elbows and pulled her toward him and watched her angrily.

    Suddenly they heard a melodious sound coming from Don's hiking bag. It was Rena's cell phone. Don quickly took out Rena's handbag and pulled out the phone. He took off her gag and pulled out the scarf in her mouth and held the phone up in front of Rena's face. "Who's this!?"Â he demanded. It was Rena's Mother. "It's my mother,"Â she responded softly. "She expects me to be home by now."Â "Well you're going to make a nice excuse that wont make her worry,"Â he said threateningly as he held the blade to her neck. Then he answered the phone and held at the side of her face. She told her mother that she was at a friend's home and would be back soon. Her mother believed her. Don then put the phone back into her handbag smiling. "You did pretty well,"Â he said watching her mockingly. "Now let's get going."Â

    He stopped all of a sudden. "Damn it! I forgot the keys in the car, I'll have to go back,"Â he grunted. Don had left the keys for the cabin in his car. Then he looked at her suspiciously. "I'm going back to the car, I'll have to leave you here. But to make sure you don't run away I'll have to tie your legs."Â She looked at him, bewildered. He reached for some pieces of rope in his bag and instructed her to sit against a tree. He then tied her ankles together, crossing each other. With another length of rope he bound her calves together, just below her knees. Then he bound her thighs together placing the rope high up her legs and between her thighs just below her miniskirt. And with a final length of rope he bound her wrists to the trunk of the tree. Then he stood up, watching her helplessly struggling against the ropes. "Oh I better make sure u stay quiet too."Â Then he took the silk scarf to put it back into her mouth. "How can u leave me here?"Â She asked fearfully. The area was really dark now and she could hardly see far ahead. "I'll be back in a second, don't go anywhere"Â he said, giving her a mocking smile. Then he forced the silk scarf back into her mouth and tied the other around her head again. And he was gone. Rena stood there helpless, trying hard to loosen the ropes. "It's useless"Â she thought. The ropes were tied way too tight for her to even move. Her legs were tightly bound together so she could not open them to walk and her arms were tightly secured. She lay there motionless and fearful, looking around but saw nothing but darkness.

    A few minutes later Don returned from behind, untying her wrists from the tree. He untied her legs and picked her up and finally marched her the rest of the way to his little cabin a few meters off from the main road. When they got inside, he put her sit down on a couch and took out her gag. He went out into the kitchen and returned with a glass of water in his hand. "You thirsty?" "Of course I'm thirsty," she snapped. He held it in front of her and let her drink it all down. Then he grabbed her by the hair"¦ "You naughty little bitch, don't ever answer me like that again!" She remained silent. He picked her up and brought her down some stairs in a sort of dungeon. "Now were going to have a little fun," he said excitedly. The room was relatively dark and she could hardly see anything. Her eyes had to adjust to the darkness despite there being a very dim light in there. "What is this place?" she asked in a bit of amazement. "Where"¦?" "Now now," he said soothingly, and cutting her short of what she was saying"¦ "You have to be punished for all the trouble you've caused me." Rena's eyes opened wide in surprise"¦ "What?"Â
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    There were two ropes hanging from the ceiling, a little distance from each other. He untied her arms and tied each wrist to either rope. Then he held onto her hips and pulled her taking a few steps back so that her arms were stretched out wide in front of her and slightly above her head and she was slightly leaning forward. He tied her left ankle to a ring in the floor and pulling her right ankle further, he tied it to another ring a small distance away. Pushing her forward with her legs spaced and firmly grounded, she leaned forward with her back arched and her arms supported her up in this position, being fixed to the ropes in the ceiling. Watching as her miniskirt was lifted putting her ass on display through her pink lace panties, he smiled and his cock began to harden. "Now shall we begin your punishment?" he asked calmly as he picked up a riding crop from a table on the side of her. "Why?" she protested. "What are you"¦?" WHACK! "Ugh!" she moaned as Don hit her with the crop. "Because you've been a naughty little bitch," he said. "When I give you an order, you must obey and ask nothing!" "But I"¦" WHACK! "You like being punished don't you?" he asked. "No!" WHACK! "What was that?" "I thought you liked being punished?" "No, I don't!" WHACK! "Then why have you been such a naughty little bitch?" "Now how many strokes with the crop do you want?" There was no response from her. "Then I guess that means u want 100 strokes," he said. "What? One hundred!?" she shouted in protest. "Well then, tell me how much you think you deserve you naughty little bitch," he said as he was caressing her ass. After a long silence she mumbled something under her breath. "What was that?" "Five!" she replied angrily. "Now, now, we both know that five is nowhere near enough he said as he continued to caress her ass. "Don't touch me!" she shouted. "You see, that's the bad attitude that gave you your punishment in the first place" WHACK! WHACK! WHACK!... He continued to spank her until her ass became sore red. With each blow she cried out in pain. "I hope you learn your lesson, you still have 20 more to come." "Twenty? But it hurts so much, I've already learnt my lesson." He said nothing, and then he stopped and untied her ankles. She felt relieved. Slowly he started to pull her panties off. "Stop it" she shouted, kicking and moving her hips away from him. "Are you putting up a fight with me?" he asked angrily. "No I'm not" she said softly," lowering her head in surrender. He took her panties off and held it in his hand as he watched her asshole and moist pussy from behind and made a little chuckle. "So you little bitch, you enjoy this don't you?" Then he tied her ankles to the rings once again and forcing her forward leaning and arching her back for another round of spankings. "You were very noisy for your first round of spankings, you better keep quiet for your second round" he told her. "Please no" she protested. "It hurts""¦. "Like I said, you were a bit too noisy." As she opened her mouth to say something again he stuffed her pink lace panties into her mouth and took a red ball gag from his pocket and buckled tightly around her head. She started to scream but her noises were muffled into mmmphs. He gave another round of severe spankings; each followed by a series of mmmphs. After spanking her till he was satisfied, he untied her and looked at her contented then took the gag from her mouth. He had spanked her so hard and so many times that she felt pain even when he caressed her ass. He watched her sob with a smile on his face. "You're a bastard," she said sobbing, "and you're not going to get away with this." He gave her a sharp spank with his palm on her ass. She moaned loudly in pain. "You're being quite disrespectful aren't you?" "¦ "It looks like some one hasn't yet learned their lesson. She did not answer. "You've just earned yourself another round of spankings for your disrespect" he said. She protested, but to no avail. "I've learnt my lesson, I promise," she pleaded. He said nothing as he walked over to the table near by and took up a thick paddle with holes in it. Her eyes widened with fear. "Oh please no, don't do this"¦ I'll do anything you ask. I'll"¦ mmmph mmmph." She didn't even notice when Don placed the paddle on a table next to her and picked up her panties as he rammed it into her mouth. "Looks like you've learnt a little too late. If you don't want to be a good girl then you will learn the hard way," he said calmly as he replaced the ball gag. Her ass was already red and sore and just as she thought the pain was subsiding"¦ WHACK! "¦ The paddle came down hard on her ass, hitting both cheeks and bringing back all the pain she was trying to forget about. She screamed into the gag. After receiving eight swats with the paddle, she felt like she was going unconscious; her ass was getting numb. Her moans became softer and softer as she realized that it was pointless. Her ass was on fire. And after 20 swats, Don stopped and caught his breath. She was there quietly sobbing. He removed the ball gag and she spat her panties out of her mouth. "I'm sorry, I promise I'll do everything you say," she blurted out. He looked down on her and smiled. "Good girl," he said contently. "Now for some real fun to begin." He untied her arms form the ropes hanging from the ceiling and untied her ankles from the rings in the floor. Then he removed her tank top, exposing her pink lace bra. He caressed her breasts through the bra then he bound her ankles together and her wrists behind her back again. Watching her with a smile, he then bound her thighs, knees and elbows before slowly removing her skirt, but leaving her high heels on. He watched at her now fully exposed reddened ass. "Get on your knees," he ordered as he started undoing the zip of his pants. She watched him in surprise and horror. "Get on your knees or you'll get another punishment!" She quickly fell to her knees. He walked around behind her, taking a long hard look at her ass and caressing it, and then he came up in front of her. His cock was raging by now and he released it from its torment. "Oh my God!" she thought. His cock was huge. "Open your mouth" he commanded as he grabbed her hair"¦ She hesitated a bit. "Open your mouth bitch!" "¦. She shook her head away from him. He pressed his cock against her lips then grabbed her jaw and squeezed her face roughly to open her mouth. She could do nothing as her wrists were tightly bound. Lifting up the paddle off of the desk near by and holding it up for her to see it, he made her open her mouth. A smile came on his face"¦ "good girl." Then his smile immediately faded away as he watched her in the eyes "¦"No biting or I swear you're going to be sorry!" he shouted. Then he rammed his 9-inch cock into her mouth, moving quickly in and out and using her hair to help keep her balanced. "Oh yes, you're a good girl," he said as he forced his cock further and further down her throat with each thrust. He was moving quickly and then slowing down the paste and moving quickly again, going as far as he can. Then finally with a loud grunt of relief, he shot his load down her throat and commanded her to swallow. She swallowed all of it without hesitation. He went on fucking her mouth for almost an hour before he got soft and came twice again. Rena had to swallow everything or she knew that she would be spanked mercilessly again. He pulled his cock out of her mouth. He started rubbing her glistening pussy. Then he took her bra off and squeezed painfully hard on her large nipples, making her scream out aloud, before he caressed and sucked on them for minutes. Every time she was about to protest he would squeeze on her nipples to silence her.
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    Suddenly Rena's cell phone began ringing again and they both heard it from upstairs the cabin. He quickly ran for it and brought it for her to answer again. It was her mother. Don watched her with a strict face and told her to make another excuse. She complained that her mother wouldn't fall for it again then he grabbed her by the throat and said, "you better make an excuse or you'll be sorry!" She lied to her mother about being at a friend's home again but her mother did not believe it. Realizing that she wasn't being fooled, Don grabbed the phone and turned it off. Then he looked at Rena angrily. "Why don't you just let me go?" she pleaded. "Now every one will know that I've been kidnapped." Don's face turned to a smile. "Not yet, I haven't finished with you yet." "But why are you doing this?" Then Don looked at her silent and sternly for a while. He told her about how his wife divorced him and about his dark fantasies that he desperately wanted to fulfill. He also mentioned that he had been watching her a while now and was fantasizing about fucking her and that his dream had finally come true. "But why me?" she asked. He simply watched her and simile, ignoring her question. "Another reason why she divorced me," he added"¦. "was because I loved anal sex and she hated it, but now I can get as much of it as I like," he said as he smiled more broadly. Rena froze in shock. She never really liked anal sex either. The thought of it always turned her off. She only did it once or twice before but never enjoyed it. "But first, I have to make sure that you are properly cleaned." He walked off then returned with a kind of sack like bag in his hand with a long hose attached to it and a bucket. She squirmed uncomfortably as he lubed the hose and pushed it about 2 inches into her asshole. After giving her the enema and wiping her up he smiled and said, "now the real fun can begin." His limp cock started pulsating until it was swollen to its desirable size once again. He put her bend over a small table and kneeling with her ass sticking out. Then he put lube all over his cock then around her moist asshole. "Please don't do this, you're too big"¦. you're going to hurt me, it wont fit," she begged. "Don't worry, its going to fit and you're going to enjoy it." He then spread her ass cheeks apart with one hand and positioned his cock with the other. Then he thrusted mercilessly into her tiny asshole. She moaned and squirmed in pain. She tried to pull her ass away from him. He slapped her hard on the right ass cheek. "Stay still and enjoy it." "But it hurts so much," she moaned. He continued to ram in and out and increasing the speed. "You have a nice tight asshole"¦ so kind of you to give it to me," he said as he rammed deeper and deeper. Then he shot his warm load insider her anus. "Please stop!" she screamed. She felt like his cock was inside of her stomach.

    Despite her reluctance, her pussy uncontrollably started becoming wet, her body denied her as she became aroused and she felt like she was going to orgasm. He took his cock out and put more lube onto it and went at her ass again. He fucked her for more than half hour straight in the ass then he finally pulled out leaving her asshole dripping with lubricant and semen. She felt like the muscles in her anus were burning up. Her asshole remained widened for a while from his huge cock before it started to tighten up again. She couldn't control herself and she got an orgasm just before he pulled out. "See, you're enjoying this after all," he said as he began teasing her clit and pushing his finger into her pussy then rubbing the outside and feeling her juices. "No I'm not," she protested as he pushed his finger into her mouth, making her taste her own juices. She was about to pull her head away when he rammed his finger inside and grabbed her head to keep it in. She then sucked his finger clean of her juices. "Good girl," he said with a smile on his face. Then he bent her over the table again and fucked her pussy, mercilessly thrusting in and out and leaving her screaming for him to stop. After he had seemed to cool off he untied her legs and put her lie down on the table, spreading her legs and fucking her tight pussy for what seemed like hours to her before he got soft. Then he told her to suck his cock immediately after, being covered in semen and her own juices. "Gross!" she protested. Then he gave her left nipple a hard long squeeze then twisted it violently. She immediately opened her mouth and sucked his cock clean.

    After he was finished with her he grabbed her face and squeezed her jaw hard. He told her that he was going to let her go but if she tried anything to get him caught by the police to kill her. If she was to tell her mother or any one about what had happened between the two of them he threatened to kill her family. Then he told her where she lived to confirm to her that he could catch her anytime. She became very frightened. "How did he know so much about me?" she thought to her self, and she took his threats seriously. He also seemed to know the school she attended. Now she was really scared of this man. He then told her that he would like to see her again next weekend. After school, she was to go home and change into some sexy clothes then meet him at the same place he had kidnapped her. She looked into his eyes. "But, why? Didn't you have enough?" He ignored her question and started telling her the consequences of not obeying her. And he told her that if the police ever became aware of what had happened, he would definitely kill her. She was frozen in silence and shock. He even knew her name.

    He fucked her again in her pussy for the last time and pulled out after feeling tired but satisfied. All of her protests were in vain. After such a brutal fucking she passed out from exhaustion. When she woke up she was out in the woods, a little off the road from where she was kidnapped and fully dressed again. As soon as she got up to her feet, her cell phone rang. It was Don's voice. "Remember, no one must know! And I'll be watching you." The call went dead and she shuddered in fear.
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    so what do you think about it? did you like it?
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    well??? does ANYONE have an opinion?
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    Great story man. Keep writing
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    Very interesting. I want to know what happens.
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    My master and I both loved the story. Please right more
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  10. Love it ;)
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    I read this a while ago with Master, and I never replied. It was awesome and I am curious to know more
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  12. Wow. This is pretty good.
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    I absolutely love it. I'd like to see what happens next.
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    Great story! Please write more.

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