~*A Pet's First Time*~

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    Hi, everyone, this is my first story on here =). My partner Cody and I like to fantasize a lot, so our names will be in most of the stories, unless somebody has a request. I hope you enjoy <3


    "Where am I?" Cody wondered groggily. He didn't know how long he had been out for, or what had happened. He slowly and gingerly opened his eyes, looking around.

    The room he was in was dark. He tried lifting himself up, but found that he couldn't. Looking on either side of himself, he saw that his arms were bound to an ornate headboard by heavy cuffs.

    His eyes had adjusted to the darkness by now and he could finally make out the bedroom. How had he ended up here? He wracked his brain for an answer. Then, all of a sudden he remembered.

    He had been at a party and gotten pretty well wasted. However, he remembered meeting a girl there. She had been very sexy, all clad in leather. He remembered that she'd danced with him for quite a long time. When they had finished dancing, they'd sat down and she'd whispered something in his ear about him being her pet.

    Thinking about the way she'd said it, made him aroused all of a sudden. He looked down and saw that he was naked, with his cock standing at attention.

    Now, Cody had never been dommed before, but the thought of it had always gotten him hard. It had been difficult to find a girl willing to take the upper-hand with him. That was when he'd decided to take matters into his own hands and go to the fetish club that night.

    That girl. Wow. She'd been amazing. She had said her name was Minxy. He could picture her in his mind. Petite with dark hair and a pair of gorgeous gray eyes. He wondered where she was now.

    As if to answer his question, he heard the bedroom door open and a shaft of light filtered across the floor. Squinting to look, he saw her standing there. She was wearing a black leather corset, black leather skirt and fishnets with knee-high boots that had buckled straps all the way down them. Her eyes were done up with dark liner and mascara. Now, these eyes were flitting around the room, seeing if everything was as she left it. Satisfied, she smiled.

    "Sleep well, my pet?" She asked, her voice soft but firm. he looked at her, his breath quickening, trying to remember how to respond.

    "Y..yes miss," Cody stammered a bit. Minxy slowly approached the bed, her boots clicking against the hardwood floor. She knelt beside him slightly, flicking on a light. He closed his eyes a bit and waited for them to get used to it. Then, he looked at her, his eyes hesitantly trailing over his mistress's body. She leaned over, lightly tapping on his cheek.

    "Mmm mm mm. Now what did I tell you about wandering eyes?" She asked him. He swallowed.

    "To keep them focused down, Miss," he replied.

    "Good boy," Minxy purred, stroking him under his chin. "You learn quickly. I'm impressed."

    "Thank you, Miss," Cody replied, being sure to keep his eyes trained on his feet.

    "Well, let's see how well you obey," she told him, smirking. "You're to do everything I tell you, without question. Understand?"

    He nodded. "Yes Miss."

    Reaching up, she undid his restraints, one at a time. He breathed a sigh of relief, bringing his arms down. They had been starting to go numb.

    "Stay," she ordered and he obeyed. She walked over to a chair in the room and sat down, crossing her legs. He sat on the bed, waiting to be told what to do next.

    "Stand up." Minxy said. He obliged, still looking down.

    "Now, get on all fours." She raised her eyebrows, waiting. Slowly he dropped down, his head bowed, utterly subservient to her will.

    She bit her lip with approval. "Good boy. Now, I want you to crawl to me, very slowly. You may look at my feet so you can see where you're going." He nodded and carefully made his way towards her. When he was finally sat at her feet, he quietly anticipated what she'd order of him next.

    "Very nice, my pet." She smiled. "Seems that you were made to be owned. I like that. I think it warrants a reward, don't you agree?"

    "If Miss says so," he said softly.

    "Good answer. Come closer." She looked down at him. He scooted up more until he was just about touching her knee. She gently placed a hand on the back of his head, pushing it down so that it was resting on her lap. Then, she lightly stroked his hair. He shivered, nuzzling into her thigh a little.

    "Mmm. Does my pet like this?" She asked.

    "Yes miss." He nodded. She slowly moved her hand down the back of his neck to the middle of his back, trailing her nails lightly at first, then slightly increasing the pressure. Cody bit his lip, arching against her hand. She dragged her nails back up to his hair and pulled his head back a little, making him look at her.

    "Would my pet like to be pleasured, or pleasure his mistress?" Minxy inquired.

    "Both, Miss," was his reply. In response to this, she grabbed for the leash around his neck and stood up, pulling him with her back to the bed.

    "Lie down," she ordered. "And don't move unless I say so." He obeyed, wondering what was going to happen next. As he was laying there, she picked a set of cuffs up from the foot of the bed and attached them to his ankles, then repeated with his hands. When he was secured, she looked down at his throbbing cock.

    "Hmm...I bet you'd love for me to taste that." She ran her tongue across her bottom lip.

    "Yes Miss, please," he begged, his eyes desperate. Scooting between his legs, she took his cock in her hand, gently gliding her thumb over the head of it. He reacted by shivering and letting out a soft moan. She gave it a few languid strokes before leaning down to lick at the head of it. He couldn't help but buck into her hand a little at the sensation. He knew that she was sensing his urgency, because she slowed it down a bit, using her other hand to gently massage his balls. He wriggled and squirmed underneath her, desperately wanting her to go faster. Without warning she swallowed his length quickly, moaning on it and giving it a bit of an extra sensation. He arched into her mouth at the intensity of it. She bobbed up and down on his length for a few moments, before following her movements with her hand. Cody was going insane and getting close to cumming already. Nobody had ever gotten him this close that fast before. His moans became more insistant and desperate as she brought him closer to the edge. Again, it seemed like she could sense how close he was, because she quickly stradded him, pushing her panties to the side and poising her pussy over his cock. Slowly and deliberately, she started sliding down. He could feel every inch of her wet walls as she took him, inch by inch. Cody sucked in a breath at her tightness. He could feel her muscles squeezing around his length. Placing her hands on his chest, she slowly started bouncing on him at first. The bed jolted with her movements. She got all the way down to the base of his cock, then grinded slowly, looking at his reaction. Cody was desperate to cum. He knew that if he hadn't been restrained, he probably would have tried getting control from her.

    "Are you ready to cum for me, pet?" She asked, a little breathless. He nodded vigorously.

    "I didn't hear you," she said darkly, slowing her movements.

    "Yes!" He yelped, biting his lip quite hard. As a response, she grabbed the headboard of the bed and started slamming down on him. He let out a moan every time she came down on his cock. It was now at the point where he couldnt' take much more, and he knew that she could sense it.

    "Cum for me now pet!" She commanded, grinding on his cock hard, making sure it hit her spot. Unable to hold back, he felt his cum shoot out of his cock and into her soaked pussy. He tilted his head, panting as he came down. After a moment she tugged his head down so she was looking at him. He looked back at her, suppressing a content smile.

    "You're a very good pet for it being your first time." She smiled approvingly.

    "Thank you miss." He beamed, knowing that there were more pleasures to come in the future.
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    Heh, I wonder who Cody is.... nice story though :) deffenatley want to read more x)

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