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    Jennifer opened the box that was lying at the foot of the bed. Inside was a matching pair of bra, panties, and stockings. She knew that Spencer left them there for her while she was in the shower. On the top of the box was a rose with a note.

    “Meet me at The Plaza hotel seven pm sharp. Wear these all dayâ€

    Jennifer pulled the bra out; it was a very fine laced red bra. When Jennifer placed the bra on, she could feel small bumps on the inside that sat right where her nipples where. They would slowly massage her breasts and nipples all day, every time she moved, the feeling would be very erotic, she could tell. The panties where the same, once put on, they had little nubs that touched the outside of her lower lips.

    The stockings where Cuban style, with a red trace line, the feel of them was very smooth, not a cheap pair at all. As she put them on, she saw the red heels next to the bed, the three inch heel would not be the most comfortable for her day, but she was willing to play along.

    When she was fully dressed for work, she looked fantastic. “Well†she thought “this will turn some heads while I do my errands.†Jennifer was wearing a red dress over her garments, she felt like a million bucks, and not only that she felt beyond sexy.

    Jennifer’s phone rang; picking it up all she heard was some heavy breathing. Knowing who was there, she asked what he wanted.

    “Nothing†Spencer replied, “just wanted to hear your voice.â€


    “Is that so wrong? So, you like what I picked out for you?â€

    “Yes. I feel so hot right now.â€

    “Good, see you at seven. Love you.†With that he hung up the phone. Jennifer looked at the phone, hung it up and thought about what he might have in store for tonight and dreaded that it was only quarter to eleven; it was going to be a long day.

    Every time Jennifer walked, the bra and panties rubbed her. Her nipples where hard all day from the bra, it was a gentle touch, but one that drove her crazy. By three in the afternoon, the panties where soaked from her own juices, she so wanted to just go in the bathroom and massage herself to ecstasy. But she resisted.

    A little after four, Jennifer headed to the garage to get into her car. When she arrived, on the front seat was a card, it was from Spencer.

    “Can’t wait to see you. I’ve been hard all day thinking of you, and what you are wearing. This night will be more for me then you, but you will NOT be disappointed.â€

    With that, Jennifer was even more curious about what he had planned. Along with the note, there was also a bottle of moisturizing cream with a small yellow sticky tag to use on her wrists before leaving the lot. Her conclusion was he was going to use the leather cuffs on her.

    The leather cuffs where a pair of hospital restraints Spencer had picked up a few years ago. The where wide, and very hard to get off, they also chaffed if you didn’t put some cream on for any extended wear, or if you sweated a lot. Jennifer did as the note said, the cream smelled good and reminded her of strawberries.

    She pulled out of the lot and headed to The Plaza Hotel. The hotel was not cheap and when she arrived at the front desk, the honeymoon sweet was awaiting her. The desk manager gave her they key and she headed up to the 21st floor.

    Jennifer entered the room, the lights where on low, there was a fire in the gas fire place, roses on the bed and dresser, and a bottle of red wine on the table. She walked in and looked around. She could not wait to see Spencer, to jump his bones, to take his cock and be satisfied by it. There was just a note next to a bottle of wine.

    “I’ll be there soon and will give you a night you will never forget-Spencerâ€

    How much longer did she have to wait! Jennifer was going crazy, she needed to come and come fast. Her mind wasn’t even thinking clearly at this point, so she poured herself a glass of wine and walked over by the fire. Sitting down she could feel its warmth, but not as hot as the fire she had inside her.

    Jennifer slowly drank the glass of wine. She felt it going to her head, not eating dinner was a bad idea. But she didn’t know what Spencer had planned, she thought maybe dinner before their evening started in bed, or a quickie then off to dinner, she wasn’t sure what he had planned, or wanted.

    It was seven thirty when her cell phone went off. It was a text message from Spencer stating he would be there in a few minutes. Jennifer went into the bathroom, fixed herself up and when she walked out, Spencer was standing there.

    “You look amazing†he said.

    “Thank you, I feel amazing†Jennifer replied.

    Spencer walked up and kissed her on the lips. It was a passionate kiss, his tongue interlocked with his, as his hands slowly wrapped around her waist. He then stopped the kiss on the mouth and worked on her neck. He could smell her perfume, the one that drove him nuts; she felt his cock through his pants and rubbed it through the fabric slowly.

    He pulled away from her all together and took a step back. Jennifer looked at him, she looked down, she could see the bulge in his pants. She wanted it, she needed it inside her.

    “Strip for me, would you†he asked.

    “Slow or fast†she asked.

    “Slow. It won’t take you long; I don’t want the undergarments offâ€

    Jennifer stepped back. Slowly she undid the belt that was around the dress. It fell, hanging from her sides, sewn as part of the outfit. Then the zipper came down, it was on the side, easy to access. She slide one shoulder out, then turned away from him. She slide the shoulder out and let it slide to the floor. Bending over to pick it up she spread her legs slightly, showing him her crotch with the pose. With the dress back in her hands she spun towards him covering herself with it.

    She lowered one side to show her breasts and then another before letting it hit the floor. Her hands covered her chest and waist, being protective of the view he was getting. When she looked back at Spencer, his shirt was off, revealing his chest. His pants and shorts where gone, he stood there fully erect, looking at her. She walked over slowly, took his cock and rubbed his shaft to the base then back to the head.

    She bent went down on her knees and placed it in her mouth. It was so large she couldn’t even go down on it all the way, but she did her best. Coming back up, Jennifer ran her tongue on the bottom of it, then placed just the tip in her mouth. She teased him, slowly. His head leaned back. She stroked the shaft while her tongue made loop circles around the tip, then would go down a bit, then back up. Her free hand slowly tickled his sack, rubbing it slowly.

    With out warning he pulled away. She knew why, it felt too good. He didn’t want to end it there, neither did she. He placed his hands out, Jennifer took them, he lifted her back to her feet, bringing her lips to his. Another deep kiss, she felt his tongue move to catch hers, it was a hot passionate kiss. He left her lips and took his tongue down her neck, moving to the base of the neck and top of her shoulder. Not only licking, but kissing, sucking her neck, and then back to licking her neck and ear.

    Jennifer threw her head back. He still had her hands, so she lifted her knee, rubbing his cock with her knee, the nylons stroking him. He continued to kiss and lick her neck, then he spun her around, still holding her hands, now they where crossed in front of her. Spencer went to work on her back, licking her shoulders, the base of her neck, then deep kissing her neck. She could feel him sucking hard. His hands let go of hers and he grabbed a breast with each hand.

    Squeezing her breasts, she felt his fingers lightly rub her nipples, with the bra and the built in nubs, she went crazy. She reached around and grabbed his cock, she wanted him now. Her angle was wrong so she reached around and grabbed his hips, pulling him towards her. She felt his cock against her ass, it was hard, she wanted it, and she wanted it inside her. He kept rubbing her breasts and her nipples, continued to kiss the base of her neck and shoulders.

    Spencer spun her again and pushed her on the bed. Jennifer hadn’t realized it while they where kissing, he guided her close to the king size bed. She was half on and pulled herself towards the head board and waited for him.
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    While she waited, she brought one knee up and let the other leg go out. The position was very attractive; she was offering herself, but not exposing herself to him.

    Spencer watched her. He also saw the fire in her eyes; it was a mirror into his. He walked around to the top of the bed and reached for her wrist. Jennifer slide up and offered the wrist with no argument. He laid it on down on the bed, pulling the propositioned leather restraint from the side of the bed. He locked it over her wrist.

    Then Spencer went to the other side of the bed and pulled the other restraint out. Jennifer offered her wrist freely. Spencer pulled on her wrist, Jennifer had to slide over a little to get her wrist into the proper spot. It spread her arms to the extreme, she could not bend her elbows, she was truly stretched.

    Spencer took his hand and rubbed it over breasts. It was such a tease, the nubs in the bra felt so good, but she wanted more. He then crawled up in the bed and licked her belly. She kicked off her heels and brought her legs up to him, rubbing them up and down his sides. His tongue circled her belly button, across the top her panties, then down the front of them.

    Jennifer felt his tongue through the fabric. She wanted it inside her, not just teasing her. Spencer reached and started to pull her panties off. She was finally going to get his tongue now. He slide them further down her legs, she squeezed together so he could slide them off. Spencer completely removed them, then straddled her, her legs where trapped under his weight, she couldn’t spread them. The tip of his finger rubbed the top of her sex. He then slid and got off the bed.

    Her knees pulled up, bent, and her legs spread. She wanted him to come back up, to insert something in her, she didn’t care what at this point. She followed him with her eyes, he moved to the dresser and unzipped a bag. She couldn’t see what he was getting, but her interest was only haunted by her longing for him in her.

    Spencer approached her with some rope, a silk scarf, and a vibrator.

    “What do you have planed†she asked? As he approached she took her foot and rubbed his cock with it. He stopped and looked at her. She twisted her body and brought her second foot over, placing him between her two feet. She rubbed him the best she good.

    He pulled back with his head lifted back and stared at the ceiling.

    Once Spencer’s composure was restored he sat on the bed, wrapped the rope around her waist, with a few knots, securing it tightly. The extra lengths of rope on either side he tossed over each side of the bed.

    Then, taking his finger he slid it up and down her sex. She tried to lower her body to insert the finger into her, but he pulled away and the leather cuffs would not allow her to follow his finger. She huffed in frustration and looked at him.

    Spencer grabbed her right ankle and pulled it up to his lips. He licked the bottom of her heel, circling back and forth on the base of her foot. He then kneeled on the bed, took his tongue and followed the line in her stocking to the top. He crossed his tongue over her slit, stopping for a quick insert lick while he lifted her other leg and licked down the back of her leg to her heel. His tongue followed the arch of her foot to her toes. He took them into his mouth and sucked.

    Her right foot curled from the sensation of her left. He continued up and down, licking under them, then back down the arch of her foot, placing her foot down on the bed into another leather cuff that he had pre-propositioned for her. After locking the cuff, he moved to the other leg and did the same.

    Jennifer was now in a full spread eagle; her slit was exposed to whatever Spencer wanted to do with it. She tested the bindings; she was very secure, unable to move her legs or her arms much more then a few inches in total.

    Spencer secured the rope around Jennifer’s waist to the one side of the bed, then went around to the other side. By doing this, she could not move her hips to much from side to side. She was very secure, and trapped.

    She looked at him, she wanted him. Spencer stood at the edge of the bed, she pointed her toes towards him, trying to lure him close, just to feel his cock against her toe would have been something.

    Spencer walked over and picked up the vibrator and placed it on the top of slit on the lowest setting. Jennifer felt it, she also felt herself getting more excited, she knew it would not take long for her.

    She started to feel it and rocked a little, the vibrator slide off onto the bed.

    “Fuck†she said out loud.

    Spencer walked over and placed it back in the same position. “It would be best if you did not move around to muchâ€. He then picked up the black silk scarf and cover her eyes. It was a complete blindfold, Jennifer could not see a thing. She felt his movements, only when he leaned on the bed or made sounds as he walked.

    She tried to follow him around the room. But she also didn’t want to disturb the placement of the vibrator. Then she felt him lean on the bed near her head, she felt his lips kiss his. She returned the kiss. It was deep and passionate.

    He pulled away from her. She felt the vibrator tickle her, it was driving her crazy, it was in such a bad position. Jennifer wanted to buck, to get a little more of a feeling, but she couldn’t move too much, in fear of loosing the one thing that was giving her pleasure, as tortured as it was.

    “Open your mouth†Spencer said. She complied, she felt cloth pass her lips and enter her mouth. He then placed another scarf around her head, covering her mouth. She felt the tightness in the way he tied it, she felt the scarf pull the sides of her red lips. She then realized what was in her mouth, it was her panties that he took off.

    She bucked for a different way, she wanted them out. But no protest would leave her lips. She was very silent, her throat was securely blocked. She also realized she could only breathe through her nose. Her oxygen was now limited, so if her heart beat did get going, she would feel it that much more.

    Once again she tried to call out to him. In her limited struggle the vibrator fell off and now rested on the bed. She screamed in frustration, but little or no sound came out of her.

    “Jennifer, I’m going to go out for a little bit, leave you here.†Spencer stated.

    She could hear him getting dressed. She fought the restraints, they would not budge. Her face looked in the direction she believed him to be. Her frustration was at an all time high, from not being able to climax and that he would leave her here.

    She heard him pick up the phone. “Yes this is room 2130, the honeymoon sweet. My tub won’t drain, seems to be all clogged up. Could you send someone up to take a look? You can, 30 minutes would be fine. I might be out, but they are free to come in and check it out. Great, thanks.†Spencer hung up the phone.

    Jennifer screamed into her gag, her nose flared from needing more air. Her arms pulled as hard as they could against the restraints, only proving they where stronger.

    “I’m going to go to the bar to get some drinks. I’m leaving the plumber a note on the bed between your legs.â€

    Spencer started to read “Please feel to plunge me, or do anything you want to me. This is my fantasy, take advantage of me, and use me, whatever way you want. There is a condom on the bedside table; I do ask you use that. Happy fucking!â€

    Again, Jennifer thrashed at the restraints. Spencer picked up the vibrator and placed it inside her. She felt it, then she felt it pick up speed as Spencer turned it up to max before she heard him leave. She followed his footsteps through the room and then heard the door close.

    Jennifer had nothing else to concentrate on but the vibrator. It had not taken her long for her body to climax, she felt it, she came strong. Her body was tight, the bounds would not give at all, she wanted to arch her back, she wanted to pull her legs up and she could do nothing. Her breathing was rapid, her lungs burned from lack of oxygen.

    Yet, she could not stop. The vibrator was relentless. It kept beating along, she had climax after climax. Her body was sore, her muscles screamed for relief. There was nothing she could do.

    She had no idea how many times she had come, or how much time has passed. Jennifer had given up on trying to get free, it was pointless. But she didn’t know how much longer she could do this. Her body poured off sweat and she was afraid she was going to cramp up soon.

    Then she heard the knock on the door. Her head in reaction turned towards where the sound was coming from.

    Another knock. She hoped he would go away. Then she came again. Her body bucked up and down as little as it could, her fingers curled into themselves grasping the leather. Her toes pointed straight out as her legs locked into position. Her moans where barely heard, her breathing was heavy, her nose flared, her lungs burned.

    But through all that she heard the beep of the key swap in the door. Jennifer heard the door open and close. Then she heard some mumbling.

    “Maam, so sorry, I didn’t hear anyone, and the note said to come in. Wait, are you OK?â€

    Jennifer tried to tell him no, but nothing of an understandable audio would come out. The panties in her mouth where very effective in blocking all sound; they also had become even heavier with her own salvia added to her previous day of juices.

    “Oh what is this†she heard him say as he walked closer.

    From there she was trying to figure out what he was doing. She thought she heard him drop something on the floor. He was closer to her, she could hear him breath, hear fabric being removed, belt buckle being undone.
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    But in a sense she was turned on by this. For some reason, she didn’t know what she wanted anymore, but she knew she wanted something inside her besides this vibrator. Then another buildup came. She shook, her chest rose trying to get as much oxygen in has possible, but her sex was relentless, she felt her juices leak from her. Jennifer’s legs again pulled tight against the restraints.

    Then she felt the vibrator being pulled out of her. Who ever was there, was pulling it by the cord. She was thankful, her muscles where thankful.

    The thankfulness was short lived as she felt a tongue on the bottom of her foot. She wanted to flinch, but couldn’t move much beyond her toes. This only caused whoever to suck them. Then his hand went up the other leg, she could feel it trace her stocking to the top, then on her bare skin. His hand went under her garter, his hand was large, not smooth, but not course, more rough. For has big as hands seemed to be, they had a gentle touch to them.

    The toe sucking stopped and the hand traveled to her slit. The tongue came up her stocking to the top to her bare skin. A finger just rubbed her lips, ever so gently. The tongue continued its journey, across her belly, to below her breast. The hand left her slit, then she felt two hands, one on each breast, squeezing them. They squeezed her breasts at the base, then pulled the breast up, stretching it till the fingers caught her nipples. They held on to them, the bra’s nubs still rubbing on the inside.

    Then he released her breast. She felt her breast come back down to her chest, her nipple was hard as a rock. He seemed to go away for a moment, then she felt him come back to her side. He took his fingers and traced the top of the bra, inserting them between the fabric and her skin. Then reaching in, he found her nipple and squeezed it. The feeling shot through her, she wished for the vibrator or something inside her to complete this touch.

    Lifting the fabric from her skin, his hand moved up and then he pulled his hand out. When the bra came back down she no longer felt the nubs on her nipple, only exposed air. He repeated the same on the other side. This now left her nipples exposed, as much as the rest of her was.

    The next thing she felt was his tongue again, it was on her nipple. Licking, sucking, pulling, it felt good. He changed sides and worked on the other side. Back and forth he went, then he started to suck one side, while squeezing and pulling the other. Then swap again.

    He left her nipples and went towards her neck, kissing below her ear, going up and down the neck, back to her breast. She felt him squeeze the base of her right breast again, then cup the breast back up to the nipple and pull on it. Then she felt something clamp on to her nipple, tightly. She felt fire in the nipple; the sensation was sudden and hurt, like a smack on the ass would have. Then it was repeated to the left side.

    Jennifer then felt metal dropped on her chest; she imagined it was a chain between the two nipple clamps. His pulling them confirmed her belief, she tried to arch her back to follow the uprising of the chain, but was limited by the extreme spread eagle she was in. When her body failed to follow, her breasts did, then her nipples. They where pulled tight,

    Breath was hard to come by, Jennifer’s nose was trying to get air, but now on top of limited intake, her lungs where being stretched by the pulling of her breasts. She was frustrated, she wanted to scream, but was trapped.

    He then let go. Her breasts came back to her, she captured the best breath she could. Her nipples where on fire, but it felt good. The blood flowed back into her breasts and nipples, the sensation was amazing, her body wanted to come again, but she needed something more.

    She felt his finger on her slit, then she felt his tongue enter her. He licked from top to bottom, from side to side. But his tongue was upside down, he was kneeling on the bed, next to her. His head moved up and down as his tongue went in, deeper and deeper.

    Her legs bucked for him to lick harder, she moaned through the gag, she wanted more from this stranger. She felt the bed move, he had straddled her, now he was in a sixty-nine, but his cock was on her chest, with her mouth gagged, she could not take him anyway. But she felt his cock between her breasts, it was large, she wanted it inside her, NOW!

    He licked harder, his face was buried into her. He licked her g-spot, then went down further, deeper. It was amazing, Jennifer couldn’t breath, she couldn’t move, she was so frustrated, she thought she was going to go mad, if not explode from this.

    Then he was off of her. He turned around and went crazy on her nipples. Once again he licked, sucked, bit, pulled. Her head picked up, looked at him with blindfolded eyes, she tried to relay to him that she needed his cock in her, now. She thrusted her body, to try to show a movement, that he would get the hint.

    She stopped when she felt it. The head of his cock was at her slit.

    “Is this what you want” he stated? Jennifer shook her head up and down, trying to express her desire for him.

    The next thing she new, he was inside her. He was huge, it filled all of her. But he didn’t rock back and forth, he was just deep inside her, her walls felt the pressure of his large unit. Why wouldn’t he fuck her, that’s what she wanted? She once again tried to move her body, nothing.

    Then she felt his tongue go up and down her belly. Up to between her breasts, he pulled the chain with his teeth, her nipples followed. He started back and forth inside her. As he did, the chain pulled her nipples with him. It was amazing, her nipples squeezed, pulled, his member inside her, filling her, rubbing her. It went deep inside her, very deep, back and forth, a crazy rhythm.

    Jennifer tried to move her body with him. She tried to be in rhythm, the restraints restricted her movement, it made it that much more erotic and frustrating. Her body started to shake, her toes started to curl, her fingers curled in. Her breathing was beyond labored, it was almost none existent. Her lungs burned for air, the sweat poured off of her, her juices leaked from her slit, lubricating his cock as it when in and out.

    Faster and faster he pumped into her. Her heart rate was over the top, she thought she was going to black out, then it hit her. Her body went into one large spasm, her fingers went straight out along with her toes. Her legs where stiff as a board, as she came. She came hard, her whole body tried to shake as one, her eyes rolled into the back of head, she screamed loudly into the gag. Her lungs where on fire, her arms flailed against the bed, smacking it.

    He kept pumping.

    She kept coming. Jennifer started to black out, her head was banging from the lack of oxygen, her nipples where being pulled so hard as she was fucked by this stranger. Her head was spinning, she thought she would never recover from this orgasm, it just didn’t stop, her muscles couldn’t take it anymore, or stomach was in pain from the muscles being so tight, her breasts where on fire. She slowly faded out in an orgasmic blitz….

    Jennifer woke up. She had no idea how long she had been out. Her body was sore, but she had been released from the bed. She lay on her side; there was a rose next to her with a note.

    It said “Happy Birthday Stranger”

    She smiled.

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    Very hot! I wish my wife would tie me and surprise me with another woman coming in to use me how she wishes.
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    very hot story. i liked it.
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    I like it too. Its a very exciting story.
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    hot stuff thanx
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    hot story.....thanks
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    Quite a long text, but I do not regret that I have read. Advise.
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    nice story...

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