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    Police officer Jennifer White had been on the force for about four years and had lately been assigned to the streets and alleyways of the inner city. Many of her fellow officers eschewed the inner city as a dirty place with too many difficult societal problems like the street people, poverty, prostitution, drugs and gangs. Jennifer, though, had always felt a somewhat higher calling that required her to help the most disadvantaged of the people in any way that she could. She had earned the respect of many of the people in this area because she treated everyone with dignity and respect. They could see that she really cared about them.

    Several hours earlier in her shift, Jennifer had been called to one of the main streets in the area where a man had collapsed on the sidewalk. When she arrived on the scene, she found that one of the street people had collapsed and was nearly unconscious. A shopping cart containing his meager belongings was nearby. It was a sight she had seen many times before, except that this time there was a very elegant looking older gentleman down on one knee and attending to the man. All of the spectators standing around the scene thought that the man was drunk.

    “Excuse me, sir,†said Jennifer, “I’ll have to ask you to stand back please.â€

    “I don’t believe so,†he said, as he looked at her with deep brown penetrating eyes that bespoke the wisdom of many ages, “this man is a diabetic and in insulin shock. He needs medical assistance.â€

    “How do you know this, sir,†asked Jennifer, “are you a doctor?â€

    “I have knowledge of this matter,†he said, as Jennifer came closer, “do you smell the nail polish remover around him, officer? That acetone smell indicates a diabetic problem. If he had been drinking, unlikely at ten o’clock in the morning, then the odor emanating from him would be quite different. Also, his pupils are tiny little pinpricks at this time, much smaller than normal. If he was drunk, they would be dilated and much larger than normal.â€

    The paramedics arrived with their ambulance and came to attend to the man who had collapsed. The older gentleman stepped back. Jennifer noticed how articulate and elegant he was, perfectly dressed in an expensive suit and tie, clearly in exceptional physical condition with muscles that appeared almost restrained in the confines of his charcoal gray suit.

    “Thankyou for stopping and helping, sir,†said Jennifer, “not a lot of people would have done that.â€

    “Perhaps in another place, another time, another world or another life, officer,†he said, “that man would have done the same for one of us. In the words of the great master of science, Albert Einstein, for every action there is an equal and opposite reaction. Even if we do not see that reaction here, it has already taken place somewhere that we may not even be aware of.â€

    “Well, thankyou again, sir,†she said, “could you tell me your name, please.â€

    “Of course, officer,†he replied, as he walked away, “you may call me Horus.â€

    Jennifer had never felt like she did in the presence of anyone before. The man had wisdom, charisma and strength such as she had never sensed in her entire twenty five years of life. She thought that he must be very important and highly intelligent from the way that he had spoken in a most articulate and precise manner with an accent that she could not recognize but which somehow seemed familiar to her.

    On her break, she had spoken of her experience with the stranger she had met with several other officers. When she mentioned the man’s name, Horus, to her fellow officers, one of them, who had an interest in ancient history, seemed to recognize it. As there was no last name, he typed the name Horus into his laptop computer.

    “There, Jen,†he said, “as I thought.â€

    “Horus, one of the most ancient gods of ancient Egypt, who existed even before the pharaohs and the dynasties, and who was revered throughout the history of ancient Egypt, as the sky god and the sun god. He was known as the keeper of secret wisdom. He was the embodiment of wisdom, goodness, truth and purity.â€

    “That sound just like him,†said Jennifer, “but this is the twenty-first century and not ancient Egypt.â€

    “In the ancient Egyptian Book of the Dead, there is a quotation that reads ‘I am Horus, of a million years – I traverse the ages and spaces that are endless.’ He was known to appear in many forms, sometimes with the head of a falcon or the features of a lion, but always as a very wise and powerful man.â€

    “Get real,†she said, “this is Los Angeles of today. There are no ancient Egyptian deities here.â€

    “Perhaps not,†said the fellow officer, “but that is the only Horus listed in any of the search engines.â€

    “Oh, and Jen,†he said, as she was about to leave, “one other thing. He loved to tickle young women for hours and even days at a time, forcing them to intense sexual arousals that could only be alleviated by having sex with him.â€

    “Haha,†she said, “I think you made that up. There’s nothing like that in there.â€

    “As you wish,†he said, “see you later.â€

    As she drove around the area she was assigned to patrol, she couldn’t get the stranger out of her mind. ‘I am Horus of a million years’, ‘the embodiment of wisdom, goodness, truth and purity’, ‘traverse the ages and spaces that are endless’ and ‘the keeper of secret wisdom’ kept running through the pretty brunette’s mind.

    “No way,†she suddenly said out loud, as if there was someone to hear it, “he’s a nice older man, that’s all.â€

    Along Wilshire Boulevard, Jennifer noticed a blue light emanating from one of the alleys and thought that she should investigate. She found it funny that she had never noticed that alley before. It was right there in front of her. Nobody else seemed to pay any attention to the alley or the blue light. It was as if nobody even saw it. She turned her patrol car into the alley and drove in toward the blue light. In the midst of the blue light, Jennifer saw the hooded figure of a man seated at the side of the alley. She called in to report that she was stopping and out of the car but there was no response. Thinking that was because of the location between the buildings, she stepped out of the car.

    “Hey, you can’t be here,†she called, “you can’t stay in this alley.â€

    The hooded figure, seated in his robes, didn’t respond. He didn’t even move. It was as though he was in a trance of some sort – as though his mind was somewhere else. Jennifer approached him. She wanted to put her hand on her pistol, ready to draw it out if she needed it, but something stopped her from doing so. For some strange reason, she couldn’t bring herself to reach for her gun.

    “Hey, you can’t stay here in this alley!â€

    The figure raised its head to look at her. It was the same man she had met earlier in the day, the one who had told her his name was Horus, who had attended to the man who had collapsed with a diabetic condition. The hood that covered his head appeared to be lined with the same very soft blue light that appeared to be all around him and through the alley.

    “Jennifer White,†he said, “I have been expecting you.â€

    “Do you know me? I didn’t tell you my name this morning.â€

    “I have known you before, little one, but you can not know that.â€

    “Who are you?â€

    “I am Horus Bahn Kor, a traveler from far away.â€

    “What do you want with me?â€

    “I want to show you things that you could never even imagine, Jennifer White.â€

    A feeling of absolute relaxation came over Jennifer, as though she didn’t have a care in the world, as though she was absolutely safe and secure, while she looked into his deep brown penetrating eyes, his face surrounded by the soft blue light in the hood of his robe. He stood up to his full six feet, much taller than her five feet three inches, and reached out his hand to her.

    “Come, child, let us go,†he said in the most soothing, hypnotic voice she had ever heard.

    “Where are we going,†she asked softly, straining to get out the words as her will to resist grew weaker and weaker, and she took his hand like a little girl takes the hand of her father.

    “We are going to a place far away from here, child, a place of great wonder and amazement, a place where you will experience new things and learn much about yourself, a place that will change you forever.â€

    “How will we go there,†she asked, still capable of forming the thought in spite of the effect his voice and his presence were having on her.

    “We will follow the light,†he told her as they walked hand-in-hand into a circle of blue light that had appeared before them, “we will follow the light.â€

    As she heard it over and over again, each time softer and more distant than the last, ‘we will follow the light’, Jennifer fell into a relaxing, deep sleep as the soft blue light surrounded them like the water of the sea when you dive below the surface, ‘we will follow the light’, ‘we will follow the light’.

    Jennifer started to awaken. Sensing that she was on her back, a position she always found especially uncomfortable for sleeping, Jennifer tried to roll onto her left side. Somehow, though, her arms and legs would not move. Her wrists and ankles felt restrained. She opened her eyes. Remembering the soft blue light around her and the strange man who had been with her, she was surprised to find herself strapped down on a large table in a dark chamber. She was in a face-up position with her wrists and ankles in restraints at its four corners.

    “Oh, my God,†she exclaimed as she became aware of her predicament, still with all of her clothes and equipment in place but absolutely helpless.
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    Jennifer remained there in the darkness for a while. She had no idea how long it was. She struggled against the restraints on her wrists and ankles but it was to no avail. She wasn’t going anywhere. She thought back to the alley from which she saw the blue light but there was nothing she could think of that would have made her behave in any other way than she did.

    She heard a massive stone door in the wall past her feet slide open and she saw the shadow of a man enter the chamber, his shape barely discernable in the light of the torch he carried. He lit two torches on each of the chamber’s four walls and one torch at each of the corners of the table to which she was helplessly secured.

    “What’s going on,” she asked the man.

    “We have arrived at the first of our destinations, child,” he said, “this is where I will divest you of your earthly trappings and introduce you to some of the things you will soon come to experience. I will be your sensual guru, so to speak.”

    “What do you mean,” she asked, becoming slightly apprehensive.

    “The women of your world,” he started, “are so limited in the sensations they can feel by political propriety and feminist doctrine that they can only rarely, if ever, experience the tremendous ecstasy of which their incredible female nervous systems are capable. For a few carefully chosen young women, sensual guides such as I will remove all of these artificial limitations and open up a whole new realm of sexual pleasure and gratification.”

    “But I am twenty five years old,” she told him as he gently unbuckled her gun belt, “and I have already had sex many times. I don’t think that I have any inhibitions.”

    “You are much older than that, Jennifer White,” he said, as he gently lifted the small of her back to remove her gun belt and all of its attachments, “but you are only aware of the years that you have lived in the present continuum of time of space, the one with which you are presently familiar.”

    “Close your eyes, child,” he said, as he opened the top two buttons of her uniform shirt to expose her neck and collar bones as he started to tickle her ever so lightly with his fingers, starting with her neck and moving along her collar bones toward her shoulders, “and feel the little ants crawling over your skin.”

    “Heeheehee,” she giggled, “what kihihind of ahahants are they?”

    “Who knows, Jennifer,” he said, as he continued to tickle the delicate skin of her neck, even moving his fingers toward her ears, “perhaps they are fire ants to irritate your soft skin or carpenter ants to burrow beneath and tickle you from the inside out.”

    “Ew,” she giggled, “that’s teheherrible. Ahahahaha, with my eyes clohohosed, I can really feeheeheel them.”

    “Now that the ants have introduced themselves to you,” he said, as he opened the lowest two buttons of her shirt, pulled it out of her pants and started to tickle her stomach, quickly but very lightly moving his fingers all round her navel, “here come the bees to see if there is any pollen in the little flower named Jennifer White. They are flying all around the flower of her little belly button.”

    “All theyheyhey’ll fihihind in thehehere is lihihint,” she laughed as he continued to tickle her stomach. Oh, my Gohohod, that tihihickles! Aaahahaha!”

    Suddenly, and without warning, he reached down to her stomach with his lips, gave her a massive wet blowing raspberry on her stomach and flicked his tongue in and out of her navel.

    “Aaaaaaah,” she screamed, arching her back, “stohohohop!”

    “It seems that one of the bees has found the sweet nectar inside the flower,” he said, “and here come all of the other bees to collect the rest of the pollen.”

    “No, please, aaaaah, nohohoho,’ she laughed, as he continued to tickle all of her stomach with her fingers while his tongue continued to flit in and out of her belly button. His patience was incredible. His endurance was phenomenal. Soon, Jennifer lifted her navel toward his lips and his tongue over and over again, arching her back almost to the point of cramping, as he continued. Sensing the intensity in her muscles and the change in her breathing that indicated an impending orgasm, he stopped tickling her.

    “Aaaaaaah, you bastard,” she said, “I was almost there. Why the hell did you stop?”

    “Not yet, Jennifer, it’s not time yet,” he said, as he undid the last two buttons on her blouse.

    He unfastened the restraints holding her wrists and lifted her up into a sitting position. She allowed him to remove her uniform shirt and her bra with no resistance. She was already exhausted from the tickling and the orgasm denied and she knew that her legs were still secured. Even with her arms free, the man always had a firm grip on one of them.

    “Would you like to hit me, Jennifer, now that your arms are free?”

    “I don’t know. I feel like I should defend myself but something tells me that I couldn’t even if I wanted to.”

    “Yes, you could hit me with one fist if you wanted to, but I would just push you back down and do up the restraints again. Here, like this, now that you’re topless.”

    “I’m a police officer, sir,” she said, as he fastened her wrists over her head again, “you can’t do this to me.”

    “Close your eyes again, child,” he said, as he started to lightly stroke her breasts with all the fingers and thumbs of both hands, stroking delicately from the base of each of her breasts to the very edge of her nipples, “here come hundreds of giant army ants to make their home in the mountains, climbing up all sides to enter the tunnels near the very top.”

    “Aaaahahahahaha,” she laughed, as he kept tickling her breasts, occasionally going back to her neck, her upper chest, her shoulders and her stomach. Her nipples were harder than they had ever been as they anticipated the touch that never came. Soon, she was on the verge of sexual climax for a second time and, again, he stopped.

    “No, child, not yet.”

    “Damn you,” she cried, “let me do it!”

    “Aaaaaaaah, crahahahap,” she cried as she felt his nimble fingers lightly tickle the sensitive hollows under her arms. She squirmed and struggled against her bonds as he continued to tickle her underarms without letting up. The tears flowed down her cheeks and her long brown hair started to stick to her tear-soaked face as she rolled her head from side to side.

    “The fire ants have found some more places to dig their new anthills,” he taunted, “can you feel them, Jennifer, there’s thousands of them.”

    “Aaaah, Gohohod, stohohohop.”

    After a while he did stop. Jennifer was a mess of tears and sweat, exhausted from her struggling and squirming. He allowed her a few minutes to catch her breath.

    “You are going to be so sorry you did this!”
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    “My, Jennifer,” he taunted, as he moved to the foot end of the table and started unlacing her work boots, “what big boots you have.”

    Taking one of the boots in each hand, he slowly and deliberately removed both of them in unison. Jennifer did all she could to flex her toes and keep her boots on.

    “And what pretty little feet you have. One would never have guessed that such a big pair of boots could be hiding such lovely little feet. You should be ashamed of yourself for hiding them from the world.”

    “I’ll just bet you think I’m going to tickle these delicious little feet right now, don’t you,” he said as he gently kissed the toes of both feet with her socks still in place.

    “I don’t think so,” he said, as he moved to her side and slowly unbuckled her belt, unbuttoned her pants and opened her zipper, “you still have the spiders to deal with before we move to your feet.”

    He unfastened her ankle restraints, lifted her ass up from the table and pulled her uniform pants down over her hips, along her legs and over her feet. He then removed her panties the same way. He then fastened her ankle restraints again. Standing between her legs. He started to lightly run his fingers up both of her legs, starting from the tops of her feet over her ankles, shins, knees and thighs.

    “Oooh, Jennifer, the spiders are coming,” he teased, “can you feel the spiders as they stream up your legs by the hundreds. Oooh, terrible six legged spiders all going up your legs. Oooh!”

    “Aaaaaah, stohohohop, pleaheeheese!”

    “No, you don’t,” he said, as she started to near a climax again, this time trying to hide it from him, “it’s not time yet.”

    “Damn you, I hate you,” she said, “you’re going to be so sorry for this.”

    “Now for these delicious little feet,” he teased as he slowly peeled off one of her socks and then the other, “amazing!”

    “What’s amazing?”

    “You’ve been wearing your boots and socks all day, little one,” he said, bending over to inhale the aroma of her feet deeply, “and there is no smell. I thought for certain that there would be a little of that cheesy smell.”

    “I always clean my feet and then I use baby powder.”

    “I see. The mice are going to be so disappointed.”

    “Mice,” she asked apprehensively.

    “Yes, don’t you feel them coming,” he asked as he lightly stroked the soles of her feet, “they’re coming for the cheese.”

    “No, hahahahahaaaa, nohohohooo,” she laughed.

    “Can’t you feel them crawling all over your feet looking for the cheese,” he taunted, as he tickled both the top and the bottom of each foot, and then pushed his tongue into the hollow underneath her toes, “they’re going to start forcing their noses and their tongues into the corners to find it.”

    “Aaaahaaah, nohohohoooo, Gohohohod,” she cried, sweating and struggling against her bonds, “nohohohooo. I’m going to peeheehee!”

    As he continued to tickle the hapless young woman, ignoring her pleas, he was suddenly drenched in a powerful stream of liquid. The pressure of her stream of urine was enough to soak him from head to waist in her warm, golden fluid.

    “Is that my thankyou, Jennifer, for showing you some new sensations that you can have,” as he dried himself with a towel.

    “Sensations, my ass, you’re torturing me, I can’t stand it anymore.”

    “You’ll have to stand it for a while yet, little one,” he said, as he started to tickle the soft soles of her feet again, “these feet are good for at least another hour.”

    “Nohohohoo, pleaheeheese, I’ll die!”

    “You won’t die, little one,” he said, as he continued to tickle the soft soles of her feet, “you’ll only wish that you would.”

    In the following hour, Jennifer started to climax two more times. As he tickled the soles of her feet, from her toes to her heels, occasionally moving his fingers to the tops of her feet momentarily, she hoped that he would move his fingers further up the insides of her legs and all the way up to her genitals. She was more sexually aroused than she had ever been in her life. Each time, she felt the waves of her orgasms start along the insides of her thighs, move into her most intimate areas and enflame her entire abdominal areas. Involuntarily, she would tighten her fists and flex her toes, breathe more slowly and moan, almost as if the ever present tickling on her feet was somewhere else even though she could still feet it. Each time, Horus would recognize these signs of an impending climax and stop tickling her immediately.
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    “I hate you,” she cried, as he denied her a second orgasm, “oh, my God, how I hate you!”

    “You don’t hate anyone, child, it’s not in you to hate anyone.”

    “How do you know?”

    “Because I have known you before, and for a very long time, Jennifer,” he said, “I know it’s not in you to hate anyone or anything.”

    “Please let me climax, Horus,” she pleaded, doing her best to move her genitals as she tried to get rid of the terrible sensations driving her to a sexual orgasm, “I need it so bad.”

    “Imagine, little one,” he taunted, “this is only the beginning. Now it is time to eat and to rest. Before that, however, someone in this room is all sweaty and dirty with a tear stained face and long sticky hair. Someone needs a bath.”

    Horus lightly touched Jennifer’s head, placing his thumb on one temple and his fingers on the other, squeezed lightly as he sent a little surge of energy through his fingers, and Jennifer immediately fell asleep. He left her on the table while he left the chamber.
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    “Mmmmmm, so good,” Jennifer moaned as she felt the most delicious sensations in her breasts. She started to stir as she began to waken from the sleep he had induced in her on the tickling table. She felt the warmth of the lightly scented bath water around her and the very light and delicate massaging of her breasts, as though in a dream, but she couldn’t bring her hands down to touch them. Her eyes flashed open as she recalled the tickling chamber and the man named Horus, while she realized that she couldn’t move her hands from their position over her head.

    When she opened her eyes, she saw Horus in front of her, lightly massaging her breasts, which were so much on fire that her not only her hardened nipples but indeed her entire breasts wanted to reach out to him, to move deeper and deeper into his powerful yet gentle hands.

    “Aaah, Oh God, mmmmm,” she moaned, closing her eyes and flexing her toes, “what are you doing to me?”

    “I am giving you a bath,” he explained, as he continued to massage the lotion-like soap into her aching breasts, “you were pretty sweaty after the four hours in the chamber of laughter.”

    “Is this part of a bath,” she asked, “torturing my tits until I can’t stand it anymore?”

    “Heavens no, little one, this is only to wake you up so that I can bathe you.”

    “I can bathe myself, you know.”

    “I don’t see how you can, child, in your present position.”

    Jennifer and Horus were seated in a large rectangular polished stone bath. He was seated on the very bottom of the bath facing her, with his legs opened to pass on both sides of the little stone platform Jennifer was seated on. She was seated on the small stone platform facing him, with her legs spread widely and passing on both sides of his muscular torso. Her wrists were secured in restraints above her head and her ankles were held in restraints attached to the sides of the bath, about halfway up from the bottom to the top. An abdominal restraint held her body firmly against the side of the bath behind her, although it was angled slightly for comfort.

    The effect of her position was ingenious. She was helplessly spreadeagled, even though she was in a sitting position, with the outer parts of her vagina touching the very end of his manhood. If she tried to move either her arms or her legs even slightly, it would cause her hips to move behind the abdominal restraint and move her most sensitive parts against him. Seated on the stone platform within the bath, though, she could only cause his manhood to move along the edges of her vagina. There was no way she could lower herself and force him to enter her. Aroused as she was from the tickling in the other chamber, the torment was devastating.

    “Close your eyes,” said Horus, as he reached into the water, which was up to her navel, filled a long-handled container and poured the deliciously warm water over her head.

    After he poured several containers of the scented water over her head, wetting her long dark-brown hair thoroughly, he picked up a container of a creamy substance, put a substantial amount on his hand and began to apply it to her hair, massaging her entire head as he worked the shampoo deeply into her hair. She couldn’t believe how good it felt to have this man, this powerful stranger, massaging her whole head. She could feel the energy emanating from his hands into the very essence of her mind and her spirit.

    “Aaaaaaah, wow, that’s so good,” she moaned, as she flexed her entire body from her fingers above her head to the tips of her toes, “my God, oh my God, mmmmm!”

    “Keep your eyes closed, little one,” he said as he worked on the hair just above her forehead.”

    From his position directly in front of her, he massaged both sides of her head from her temples over top of her ears and bringing his fingers together at the back while moving them down onto her neck. The sensations were electrifying. He formed his fingers into a v-shape and applied pressure under and in front of her ears at the same time. He followed this pattern, starting at her temples, over and over again. Jennifer just wanted to go back to sleep but the fire in her genitals wouldn’t let her. He patiently continued to work on her head. It felt like hours to Jennifer but it was probably only a little over half an hour.

    He picked up a second container, which had a lightly colored cream inside, took out a small amount and rubbed it all over his hands. He then applied the cream to her arms working his way down to her shoulders and openly exposed underarms.

    “Aaaaaah,” she screamed and laughed at the same time when she felt the soap and his fingers in both underarm areas at the same time. She tried to struggle as he carefully, deliberately and ticklishly washed the area, causing her genitals to move over the thing he had placed lightly against her vaginal lips. It was an unbelievable sensation to squirm against the tickling and rub against him under the warm water. He had placed her so that her vaginal lips could touch him but her clitoris was a fraction of an inch away.

    “Aaaah, shihihit, dohon’t,” she cried as he thoroughly washed her underarm areas, “don’t tihihickle meheehee.”

    “But I love to tickle you,” he said, as he worked his fingers all around the area, starting with the tendons of her upper arms on both sides and slowly moving his rapidly wiggling fingers toward the center, “you have such a lovely laugh that I just can’t get enough of it.”

    She winced her eyes and grit her teeth, clenched her fists and flexed her toes, pulling down on her arms with all her might. It was to no avail. The only thing that did move was her hips. As she arched her back to pull down on her arms, the rocking motion of her pelvis centered on her tailbone caused her genitals to move against his. The sexual arousal within her body continued to build up, as it had in the tickling chamber, without a way to release it.

    “Pleeheeheese, you’re killing meheehee!”

    “Oooh, oh my God,” she exclaimed as Horus placed his hands on both sides of her rib cage, reaching around behind her back, and massaged the soap into her back and her sides all at once, working his hands from her shoulder to her lower back. She winced her eyes and flexed her whole body as he worked his gentle hands deeply into the small of her back, just above her pelvic bones.

    “Aaaah, Hohohorus, crap, nohoho,” she laughed as he tickled her ribs and her sides, struggling all over again, triggering the movement of her genitals another time, “you are sohohoho cruhuhuel to meheehee!”

    “And you, little one, are so adorable to me.”

    “Pleeheeheese, stohohohop!”

    “This is a very special soap,” he explained as he again massaged her breasts, while the water level lowered inside the bath, “that comes from another world, a world you have no present knowledge of. It is a sensitizing soap that is specially formulated to increase the sensations in your body perhaps a hundred times or more. It cleans and softens your skin perfectly and it brings the nerve endings all over your body back to life, as they are intended to be.”

    Next, he moved down to her stomach and her abdomen, applying the soap, washing her gently and massaging her abdominal muscles. Then he moved on to her legs, paying particular attention to her inner thighs, as he massaged the entire length of her legs from her hips to her ankles. He massaged deeply into the large muscles of her thighs and calves, and ever so lightly along the inside of her thighs and behind her knees.

    “Aaaah, aaaaah,” she cried as he started to apply the soap to her genitals, carefully reaching underneath and making sure that he didn’t trigger a sexual climax. She tried desperately to move her hips and force herself onto his hand. But it was to no avail as he would simply move his fingers away from the desperate reaching of her vagina toward his fingers.

    “Nooohohoho,” she laughed and screamed as he started to wash the soles of her feet, restrained along the sides of the bath slightly higher than her hips. She howled with laughter as every little part of each foot was carefully soaped and washed. The warm water had returned and reached up to her stomach again. It was new, clean water, gently scented with flowers and spices.

    “Aaahahahaaaa,” she laughed, as he carefully and intensely washed her feet, going out of his way to tickle every separate little part of each foot, “nohohoho.”

    Jennifer especially bucked and struggled in her bonds when he used the tips of his fingers to work the soap and tickle the middle part of her soles where the little crease of the ball of her foot meets the soft skin of her instep. It was absolute torture for her when he washed the little hollow underneath her toes and even the spaces between her toes.

    “Stohohop, Hohohorus!”

    “These feet need a thorough cleaning, child,” he said, as he continued to scrub the bottom of her right foot, “you had them in those big leather boots and socks all day, then you perspired intensely in the tickling chamber, and now I have to clean your dirty feet for you. I can’t take you anywhere if you’re not clean. You know that.”

    “But you’re tihihickling me on puhuhurpose.”

    “Oh well, that’s what I like to do.”

    Horus moved to the other end of the bath, reached around to a switch and all of Jennifer’s restraints released instantly. Her feet fell to the bottom of the bath and her arms were free.
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    “Come here, little one,” he said, as he reached his hand toward her, “come sit with me.”

    Jennifer moved to the other end of the bath and sat in the warm, delicately scented water beside him, as he held her to his powerful body. Now that she was seated on the very bottom of the bath, though, the water reached up to her breasts. She felt his hand on her arm as she tried to touch herself under the water.

    “No, little Jennifer, it’s not time yet. Let’s just sit here for a while.”

    “My God, you are so mean,” she complained, “why don’t you let me finish myself?”

    “Because it’s not yet the right time,” he said, as he took her hands in his, “but you will do it soon.”

    “You said that you have known me before, Horus, but I have never met you that I know of.”

    “You have been taught a great deal of untruth in your society, little one,” he told her, “some of which is intentional and some of which is not. You believe that you were born into your world and that you will go to Heaven when you die.”

    “Yes, of course.”

    “So what you believe, then, is that you are a human creature who will move on into a spiritual existence.”

    “Yes, I guess so.”

    “That, Jennifer, is a misconception. The truth is that we are all spiritual creatures who have lived for thousands of years. You are temporarily a human creature for a special purpose. After your human life, you will return to a spiritual existence.”

    “You mean that I have lived before?”

    “Yes, you have lived more than forty times in this world alone.”

    “Was I always a police officer?”

    “No, little one, you were not. In ancient Egypt, where I first came to know you, you were a very beautiful dark-haired maiden who worked as a dancer, a musician and a composer. Your music was known from Alexandria to Karnak and Memphis. Your name was Nephretiri, which means beautiful creation, the second daughter of Kemnebi, or black panther, and Afrikaisi, meaning from the Egyptian hills.”

    “Is that why I am dark-haired today, and why I love music?”

    “Yes, that is where it started. Some things do not change as we move through the many universes. You will always be female, dark-haired and beautiful. You will always have a special fondness of music which you not only play but compose as well. Have you not composed a song in this existence?”

    “My God, I have so,” she said, opening her eyes widely in amazement, “I already made up my own songs when I was a little girl.”

    “There, you see?”

    “Was I your girlfriend or your wife?”

    “Many thousands of years ago, little one, I was a warrior and I fell in love with an intensely beautiful girl in the city of Memphis, an ancient city along the Nile, who was a dancer and a musician. She had many admirers and suitors come to her. While I tried to reach her, she had no time or patience for one such as I, a warrior, a soldier.”

    “Was it me?”

    “Yes, it was you.”

    “And you have been following me ever since, for thousands of years, from life to life?”

    “Yes, I have followed you for a very long time.”

    “Is this the first time you have been so intimate with me?”

    “Yes, it is, because I now feel you are ready for me.”

    “Aaaah, what are you doing,” she said as she felt his hand under the water tickling the sole of her left foot.

    “I have decided to tickle you again,” he told her as he reached around her with both of his powerful arms and began to tickle her sides and her ribs. She laughed and screamed, squirmed and struggled in the bath, splashing water everywhere, as he tickled her for several minutes. She lost control and wet herself in the water.

    “I thought the tickling was over,” she said, as she hit him with her small fist on his massive chest.

    “Let’s get out of the bath now. It’s time to eat.”

    Horus helped Jennifer out of the bath. He picked up a soft, luxuriously thick towel from a stone bench nearby.

    “Lift your arms,” he said.

    “Don’t tickle,” she said, as she raised her arms apprehensively.

    He dried her whole body, from head to toe, carefully and thoroughly. He then brought in some clothes for Jennifer to wear. He gave her a diaphanous silk tunic that covered her torso down to the tops of her thighs, tied with a cord around her waist, which covered her but left little to the imagination. He put a necklace around her and placed bracelets on both wrists.

    “These clothes are so different, Horus.”

    “That is because we are in a different place.”

    “Where are we?”

    “We are in another galaxy, little one, far away from your own. Not only that, we are also in another time. In some ways you will find this place similar to ancient Egypt but with many differences.”

    “I understand, Horus, but how did we get here?”

    “We traveled in a way that will not be known to your world for many generations into the future. The technology is so far beyond earth technology that your scientists can’t even imagine it.”

    “I see. Where will we eat?”

    “We are going to go into the city, Jennifer, to a public restaurant. As a foreigner you will not understand the language or many of the customs. Stay with me and do only as I tell you. If not, you could get in trouble.”

    “Okay, Horus, I’ll trust you. After all, what choice do I have?”

    “You look stunning, little one,” he said, looking her over, “isn’t that better than the shirt and pants you came here with?”

    “It’s different.”

    “How do you feel?”

    “I feel very naked but very sexy and beautiful. You know what else?”

    “No, I don’t think so.”

    “I feel more alive than I have ever felt before.”

    “And you look exquisite!”
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    A panel in the stone wall of the large house of Horus Bahn Kor slid open to reveal the street outside. Jennifer White, the 21st century police officer from earth, and Horus, her captor, stepped out of the house into the street. It was a wide main street with paving of limestone, gravel and some sort of clay that made the surface as smooth and, indeed, quite similar to the asphalt paved streets she was familiar with. There were no sidewalks, as such, but there were various stores along both sides of the street. Looking to the end of the broad avenue, Jennifer could see a city wall and several large pyramids in the distance. There were statues in various places and, since it was evening, the street was fairly busy with people. The aroma of cooking and the smell of fire was everywhere.

    “What place is this, Horus?”

    “It is the city of Avaris, somewhat similar to the cities along the river Nile that you may have heard of, like Alexandria, Memphis, Thebes, Karnak and so on. This is one of my favorite places to stay and I have built a house here.”

    “I thought Memphis was in Tennessee, with Elvis and all that.”

    “No, Memphis was an important city in ancient Egypt. The one in the United States was probably named after it.”

    “Of course. Where are you taking me now?”

    “I thought that we would walk a little ways along the east avenue and then turn to a sidestreet that has a particular restaurant I like.”

    “Why didn’t you give me shoes or sandals to wear?”

    “Girls in this society go barefoot. Their feet are much prettier that way.”

    “Then they’ll get dirty, though.”

    “Yes, of course. Whenever you enter a building here, there will be a facility to wash your feet at the door.”

    “So my feet will be pretty when I go in.”

    “Yes, and so that you’ll feel refreshed. If you prefer, I can wash your feet for you.”

    “No, that won’t be necessary. I’ll do it.”

    “Ah, yes, here we are,” said Horus, as he turned into a side street with Jennifer.

    “This street is so narrow.”

    “In places like this, people built brick houses along narrow streets that allowed only enough room for access to their various doors. There are no vehicles other than ox carts and a lot of space is not required.”

    “Horus Bahn Kor,” said a lady quite loudly as the two of them entered the eating establishment, “welcome.”

    “Thankyou, Djabenusiri, this is Jennifer, a stranger to this land who is with me.”

    “Is she slave?”

    “She is not aware of that, but yes, at least until she returns to her home.”

    “Is she on the list for tonight?”

    “Yes, I think so. She has used some disrespectful language in my presence.”

    “I see.”

    “I want her to eat before anything else, though.”

    “I understand, please follow me.”

    “There you are, little one, sit beside me here,” he said as they reached one of the low tables in the restaurant. Horus sat down lotus style and Jennifer was about to do the same.

    “No, child, girls don’t sit that way,” he informed her, “you have no underwear on and would be shamefully exposed if you did that. Girls kneel, like the others around these tables.”

    “Why are we all sitting on one side of the table, Horus?”

    “That way, the servants can bring our food and drink to us from the other side, we can see anything that may take place in the center of the room and we are in a position from which we can defend ourselves without having to worry about someone attacking us from behind.”

    “Is this really a restaurant, Horus.”

    “It is both a restaurant and a beer house, much like the gastatte establishments in Germany on your world.”

    The food arrived at their table. There was roast fowl, fish, cucumbers, lettuce, a few other vegetables, fruits, and a large loaf of whole grain bread. To drink, there was a large ewer of beer.”

    Jennifer was famished. She hadn’t eaten in at least ten hours. In fact, she didn’t even know how long it had been with the leap through time and space that Horus had taken with her. Musicians entered and started to play while two dancers, much like the belly dancers of the middle east but slower and more sensual performed in the center of the facility to entertain the diners. After their introductory performance, the drums began to beat with a more pronounced rhythm and one of the dancers did the very sensual and erotic pole dance.

    “My God, Horus, I’m getting hot just watching her. It’s like she’s making love to that pole.”

    “She is making love to that post,” he told her, “some part of her must always be in contact with that whipping post which must represent a lover or a master to her.”

    “I don’t think I could ever do that.”

    “Yes, you can, little Jennifer,” he said, pointing to the dancer, “and you will. Today I have already lighted new fires within you, even if you don’t know that they are there as yet. Observe and learn, Jennifer, for you will dance after the second girl is done. You, Jennifer White, police woman of Earth, will dance for me.”

    “My God, you’re serious, aren’t you?”

    “You will dance, little one, and you will dance beautifully. Let go of your inhibitions and your body will perform the dance for you.”

    “What if I don’t want to do it, Horus?”

    “Then you might be introduced to the other function of that pole – the whipping post.”

    “Okay, I’ll try it, then. Don’t be disappointed if I can’t dance like that, though.”
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    When the time came, Jennifer rose to her delicate little feet, butterflies in her belly and her cheeks flushed with a crimson shade of excitement. She stepped forward, the bells that Horus had attached to her ankles jingling with each movement, sucked in her stomach, wiggling her hips in a deliberately slow and enticing manner, lifting her chin, moving to the center of the open area and the pole. Her knees weakened as she stepped into the sand before the whipping post, the two dancers watching with muted laughter.

    She lifted her fingers to her face, carefully brushing the dark tendrils of her dark brown hair to the side. She put her arms up and arched her back, as she had seen the two dancers do earlier, thrusting her breasts forward and upward. Her heart began to beat more quickly. She became very nearly entranced. The music started and she instinctively began to gyrate her hips, slowly, seductively, teasingly. Soon, a whimper escaped out of her slightly parted lips, she writhes her entire body as if Horus was tickling her again, wriggling erotically against the pole she had even forgotten was there, becoming one with it. A surge of heat flowed through her entire being, sharp and soaring, fire with ice, driving her farther and farther into her sexual arousal. The muscles in her legs tightened as her dainty little toes raised and lowered in the sand.

    Her chest rose and fell with her movements as low, almost whimpering, sounds of joy and passion escaped from her mouth. She was locked, trapped, held captive in complete bondage, confined within the ecstatic pleasures of her own mind. She gave into the unbelievable sensations. Her arms came down to slide her fingers through a messy mane of loose dark brown ringlets, lifting the curls up only to let them cascade downward again, a little rain of soft hair down the back of her neck. She lowered her arms to touch the softness of her belly, a nail grazing her fiery navel. She moans as her body quivers with need and she trembles to the touch of her own fingertips so softly moving over her aching flesh. She slides her hands across her swaying body, her hips moving in undulating, whirling motions, her mind overwhelmed with yearning, her nails digging deeply into her sides.

    Jennifer wondered how she could let herself go so freely, how she wiggle worse than any stripper she had ever seen. She looked up, startled. She had forgotten that Horus, the other customers, the dancers, all had been watching. She cried out. An aroused sigh wailed from her breath as she sank quickly to her knees to crawl through the sand and along the warm stones of the floor beyond, kissing them. She breathed in deeply, her skin glistening and moist, her heart quickening as she ran back to her table, to Horus Bahn Kor. She lifted her deep brown eyes as she ran, the fluttering of the butterflies in her stomach heightening. She fell to her knees beside Horus, kissing him passionately, wantonly, brazenly.

    “My God, Horus, what have you done to me?”

    “I have awakened the passion, the fire, within you. Now, police officer Jennifer White, you are becoming a woman. You are starting to learn the intensity and the pleasure that lies within your grasp.”

    “Horus Bahn Kor,” said two men who approached the table, “it seems that your girl is guilty of some improprieties that need to be addressed. She will come with us.”

    “What’s going on, Horus,” cried Jennifer, “don’t let them take me.”

    “You have been disrespectful to me, little one, in the tickling chamber at home. A number of young women will be punished for their improprieties tonight. Since you are a foreigner, you will be the first.”

    “No, Horus, please,” she cried, as the two men took the crying, struggling, frightened girl to the center of the floor.”

    The two men took Jennifer to the very pole she had danced with and forced her to stand with her back against it. They raised her arms and tied her wrists with cords behind the pole above her head. Next, they fastened several loops of cord around her stomach and behind the pole. They took hold of her ankles and lifted them, tying them together on the other side of the pole. Jennifer now hung from the pole, helplessly.

    One of the men brought forth a pottery container with a thick paste in it. He applied that paste, a thick salty paste, to the soles of Jennifer’s feet. The other man came back in with a goat on a leash. In her present position, she couldn’t move at all.

    “Horus, please, make them stop,” she cried, and then the licking started.

    “Hohohohorus, pleaheeheeheese, aaaaaaaaah.”

    Unable to move, Jennifer hung there in her bonds until the goat had finished licking the salt from the soles of her feet. By the time the goat was done, she was a sweaty mess with her dark brown hair matted to her tear soaked face.

    The two dancers approached her and untied her ankles, lowering them to the ground so that she could stand on her feet. They tied them to the post. Then, they started to tickle her underarms, her sides, her breasts and her stomach, using their hands.

    “Aaaah, nohohohooo,” Jennifer laughed as the girls continued to tickle her, and the two men brought forth other girls for their various punishments. When the girls tired of their activities, Horus was called onto the floor to release her.

    “Come, little one,” he said, “it’s time to go home.”

    At his house, Horus gave Jennifer a quick but thorough sponge bath, having her stand up as he did so. He dried her off with one of the thick towels.

    “What now, little one, do you want to sleep?”

    “I’m so tired, Horus, but I want to sleep with you. I want to sleep in your arms. I want you to hold me and to make love to me. I need you so bad right now.”

    Horus picked her up and carried her out of the bath chamber to his sleeping chamber, with its great stone sleeping platform covered with thick furs. Jennifer’s skin instantly turned into a mass of goosebumps as soon as she felt the hair of the furs upon her.

    “Well, Horus Bahn Kor, are you going to make love to me?”

    “No, little one, come here. I’ll let you make love to me.”

    She moved toward him, mounted his muscular form and lowered herself onto him, and gyrated her hips. Soon, she was in the most intense sexual climax she had ever experienced. Exhausted, she fell asleep.

    When she awakened, she found herself in the police car, fully clothed in her proper uniform.

    “What the hell,” she thought, “I can still feel him holding me and inside me.”

    That, however, is not the end of the story. Jennifer thought that it had been some kind of weird, sexual dream. Perhaps she fell asleep in the police car for a few minutes and dreamt of the man she had seen that morning. At home, though, in the shower, she noticed the cursive H emblazoned in the skin of her upper lift thigh. She sank to the floor or the shower and cried.

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