Going To The Edge - Pt.01

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    V.W. Singer

    I'm on Goodreads and I have a website. I'll post more short stories if anyone is interested.
    (M/F, SM, Cons, cutting, very hard, blood)

    Note: The following is an "edge play" fantasy, which means things like infection and accidentally severed veins and arteries do not happen, and the characters magically heal just like they do in action films. NOT SSC and NOT intended as a description of BDSM lifestyle.

    The door opened and Hugo looked up from the screen of his notebook, which displayed the day's returns from his loan-sharking and bookie operations. He pushed to screen down out of a caution that was instinctive to a gang boss who had fought his way to the place he was in. A touch of a switch would trigger a special system which would fry the hard disk and RAM chips beyond recovery even by the interfering intelligence agencies that so often helped the police these days. But he smiled when he realised the identity of his visitor.

    "Motherfucker! You bastard, you knew my sister couldn't repay you in time," Caroline shouted from half way across the room.

    Hugo leaned back and smiled coldly. "She came to me. Nobody dragged her in here." He tapped his fingers as his eyes narrowed. "In fact, I tried to dissuade her from taking the loan. Believe it or not, being forced to break my customer's legs isn't good for business. Ask the boys." He nodded his head to either side.

    Like a pair of dark suited bookends, his two enforcers nodded and revealed gleaming teeth in shark-like grins.

    Caroline's shoulders sagged when realised that Hugo was right. It was always easy to blame the loan shark, but Hugo at least made his terms very clear before handing out money, and in his own way he was honest. Her voice almost a whisper, she said, "But she can't …. "

    "What about you? That bakery of yours must be worth … well, enough."

    She shook her head despondently. "I have loans. And I can't … it's all I have left of my mother and father." She frowned. "You already knew that. You know everything that goes on in this neighbourhood. But you still let me in to see you. What do you want?" She jumped when the gangster's hand slammed against the table, making the notebook rattle against something heavy and metal.

    "Want? I want what's owned to me!" he shouted. "And if I don't get it there will have to be an example made. You know that just as well as I do."

    Her own words went round and around in her mind. He agreed to see her. She must have something … her eyes widened when she remembered the stories they whispered about him. She glanced at the spot on the table beside the notebook and she saw it. "It" was a gleaming piece of steel and wood. Suddenly she knew that the stories were true, and she knew what she had to offer him. Her eyes lifted and met his, and she knew he was waiting like some dark predator to see what she would do. Even though what he would want was awful, from his view it would still be a concession. It was hard to match having your kneecaps smashed with a sledgehammer. It was up to her to ask for it … beg for it.

    "Well? Do you have something to say, or should I write off the money and have my friends here pay your sister a visit?"

    When he started to turn away she knew that her time was up. "Wait!"


    His voice was smooth, calm, and his face expressionless, showing none of the satisfaction Caroline was sure he was feeling. He had won. "Will you tear up my sister's IOU if I … do what you want?"

    "What I want? Have I made any demands of you – made any threats? I thought we were having a business discussion. If I was mistaken – "

    "No! Please. I'm offering … of my own free will. In exchange for my sister's debts, I will do whatever you want." She realised to her horror that he had to be video recording this humiliating conversation. He wanted evidence, proof that he did not coerce or threaten her.

    Hugo brushed imaginary lint from the cuffs of his black designer suit. "What are you offering? I like your Mille-Feuille strawberry cream pastries, but …. "

    She closed her eyes for a moment, and then said, "I will have sex with you in any way you like and … and you can … use your knife on me. I don't really know what you like to do, so don't ask me to describe it."

    "Limits? And do you require a safe word?"

    Her nerves tingled when she heard the hard, brittle tone in his voice. "N-no limits and no safe word required. I t-trust your judgement."

    His lips curled in a narrow lipped smile. "So if you say No, or Stop …. "

    Her lips almost refused to work. "Y-you can ignore me. Only stop when you're satisfied."

    Like a hungry predator preening, Hugo brushed back his hair and gracefully stood up. "If you try to stop me, or object to anything, our deal is off. Understood?"

    She nodded silently, biting her lip in dismay.

    Hugo snapped his fingers and pointed at the door, and his "assistants" silently filed out, both of them hiding their grins until they were out of the room.


    The harsh lamp burned down in a cone around a steel framed chair that was bolted to the concrete floor. There was simple sturdy table in the corner with plastic bottles of drinking water and a first-aid kit sitting on it. Caroline stood next to the chair and shivered. They were in a room connected to Hugo's office by an internal door. The walls were sheathed in aluminium panels, and the bare concrete floor was coated in some kind of synthetic sealant, making it waterproof. She had no trouble guessing what it was normally used for. She jumped in fright when he snapped his fingers.

    "Don't waste my time. Strip!"

    She felt a strange calm as she unbuttoned her blouse. She noticed that there was a pink icing stain on it as she pulled her arms out of the sleeves. She resisted the urge to hug herself and unfastened the waistband of her practical trousers that she wore to work. Folding the garments she placed them on the table and returned to stand beneath the light dressed only in bra and panties and her comfortable low heeled, open toed shoes. An impatient wave of his fingers made her reach for the clasp of her front-closing bra. Fear overcame modesty or neatness and she quickly shrugged out of the undergarment and tossed it at the table. The room wasn't cold, but she realised that her nipples were hard and erect. Worse still, when she pulled her panties down over her hips, she realised that she was soaking wet too. She had never believed the stories about people becoming madly horny in the face of death or danger, but it appeared that it was absolutely true. She also realised that she could have come at that moment with just a touch of her clit, even though this was the most un-sexy situation she had ever experienced in her life. The panties came off of her ankles, and she was thankful that they didn't get hooked on her shoes. She bundled the flimsy garment into a ball, hoping to hide the wet crotch band and flung it at the table. Naked now, she stood with her hands at her sides and looked inquiringly at him. She was damned if she was going cover herself with her arms like some stupid comedy character.

    Hugo pushed away from the wall and slowly walked around her. "Remember, you asked for this, so I expect you to be happy about it, grateful even."

    She nodded. "I understand. And I am grateful. Just tell me what you want and I'll give it to you."

    "The truth for a start. Are you wet?" He grinned when she nodded again, red faced. "Don't let it bother you. I've had girls in here to be taught a lesson, or to teach their fathers or boyfriends a lesson, and they often get wet too. I know because I've checked." He smacked her buttock with a hand. "Legs open."

    She obeyed, and had to fight back tears when she felt his fingers search and probe deep, the sounds of her wetness loud in the hard walled room. It should have felt bad, painful, but it didn't and she felt as if her body had betrayed her. "How … how badly are you going to – "

    "Cut you? Hard to say. But the more you cooperate, the less likely you are to be accidentally cut. Understand?" He pulled his hand out of her cunt and grabbed a breast with fingers that glistened with her juices.

    She inhaled sharply, but said, "I understand." And she did. He was going to play with a sharp knife, not a whip or cane, and the slightest unexpected movement on her part could be disastrous – for her at any rate. He went behind her, and she felt the smooth fabric of his coat press against her back. She also felt his erection pressing into her buttocks. But she knew it wasn't simply her nakedness that aroused him.

    Back in front of her, he kissed her nipple and then looked into her eyes. "Put your hands on top of your head. Elbows back. You're a beautiful woman, I would like to keep you looking that way for as long as possible."

    Caroline obeyed, pulling herself very erect. "How are you going to do that?" She bit her lip when she heard the deadly metallic click of the blade of his folding knife locking into place out of her line of vision. The question was more than academic. She really preferred not to be covered with scars like some tribal warrior.

    Leaning close he whispered in her ear. "Be a good girl, do everything I say, and I won't touch your face." He let the cold steel of the knife touch the outside of her thigh and grinned when she hissed.

    "I'll be good."
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    Going to the Edge - Pt. 02

    GOING TO THE EDGE - part 2
    V.W. Singer

    Note: The following is an "edge play" fantasy, which means things like infection and accidentally severed veins and arteries do not happen, and the characters magically heal just like they do in action films. NOT SSC and NOT intended as a description of BDSM lifestyle.

    He laughed again. "I'm sure you will. How will I keep you looking nice? That's simple. I'll start with those parts of you that don't show when you're standing normally." He tapped her thigh with the polished steel. "Your armpits, the fold under your breasts, the space between the cheeks of your buttocks, the folds of your thighs, and of course the insides of your cunt – all the parts that only show when you pull the lips apart with your fingers." The blade tapped the back of her thigh. "But you'll have to be a very good and cooperative girl for that to happen."

    What he was saying was horrifying, and yet she wanted it because it was better than being cut all over her body. If she could satisfy him with just those places, no one would be likely see the scars at all. "I promise …. " she whispered.

    "Good. Excellent. Now I'm going to start with just the tip of the knife. If you're lucky it shouldn't cut you. The armpits first, I think." Her armpit was smooth and clean shaven. He touched the tip of the blade to her skin and drew it down and across, scraping over her skin like the needle of an old fashioned record player and drawing a red and pink diagonal line.

    Caroline's jaw clenched and her head pushed backwards against her interlaced fingers. The sensation was shockingly intense, part tickle, part pain. She hissed when he drew another red line on her armpit, creating an "X". She could feel it glowing hotly on her skin.

    Hugo studied his handiwork and smiled with satisfaction. Sweat was forming in her armpit and elsewhere on her body, and her nipples were still almost impudently stiff. "And now the other side." He walked around her, trailing the smooth brass butt end of the knife across her shoulders and back. Slowly and precisely he etched a duplicate "X" in her other armpit. "A little broken skin, but no blood yet. Your breasts are next. I want you to lift them for me. Not too hard, just enough so that I can get at the fold under them with this," he said, waving the point of the knife in front of her eyes. "But first – " He took hold of her nipple with finger and thumb, and pressed the sharp point into the tip.

    Her nipple was much more sensitive than her armpits, and Caroline made a soft, frightened sound in her throat. "But you said – "

    "I said I would keep you looking nice – maybe. But only if you cooperate fully. One more complaint and I might lose my patience." The point dug deeper into her nipple, and a tiny drop of blood welled up.

    Caroline gasped and squeezed her hands into fists. The pricking of her nipple made the muscles of her cunt and buttocks clench as well, but she was aware that apart from the blood, her nipple had not been visibly harmed, although it was swelling even more, which she had not thought possible. She saw him reach for her other nipple and she turned her chest to oblige him. The knife pricked her other nipple and a shock ran all the way down to the soles of her feet. The painful digging of the point continued until she felt that she would be forced to whimper, but it pulled away just as she was about to cry out. Another tiny crimson drop welled out, only to be licked up by Hugo's tongue and she exhaled with a whoosh of relief.

    "Now lift those breasts for me. Not so high … yes that lovely." He using the tip of his knife he traced the delicate fold in her skin that marked the edge of the underside of her breasts. "Right here. Now be very still if you don't want a deep cut."

    Caroline tried to breath slowly and evenly, a difficult thing to do when there was a man with a knife studying her breasts. Her armpits were sore, and her nipples throbbed with little jabs of pain, but still she felt a raging arousal that was so incongruous that she almost laughed. The knife touched her chest and she stiffened.

    Hugo's voice as soft, almost kind. "Try to relax. Tense your body too much and you'll begin to sway and quiver. Breathe deep and slow … good …. " He tilted the knife so that only a very small part of the edge near the tip touched her smooth skin. He knew the blade like he knew his own hand. With almost no pressure, he stroked the knife along the fine line in her skin. The edge broke the skin, but just barely, almost like a paper cut.

    It hurt. This time it felt like a real cut and she clenched her teeth, fighting the horrors created by her own imagination, which insisted on recalling images of surgical procedures seen on TV. Her fingers wanted to dig deep into the flesh of her breasts, but she resisted. The pain spread in a stinging line moving inwards towards the centre of her chest.

    Hugo watched as minute red drops welled up, like miniature rubies strung on a doll's necklace, and he inhaled deeply. He could smell her body, her sweat, her fear, even her arousal. He thought he could smell the copper and iron of her blood, but it was probably his imagination. His hand reached down.

    She felt the sleeve of his coat brush her belly and then his finger delved into her slit, low down where the wetness accumulated, and then slowly and gently up, between the turgid inner lips and then to her clitoris. He stroked it with a skill that she had not expected from someone like him, and she moaned with closed lips, like a hum. The underside of her breast burned, but he kept toying with her until her hips began to sway in response.

    "Now still …. " he said as he raised the blade to her other breast.

    Tiny biting pain trailed across her chest. She couldn't see what he was doing, her vision blocked by her hand and breast, but she could certainly feel it. The pain in her nipples pulsed in counterpoint to the burning sting under her breasts, and she moaned aloud when his touch returned to her cunt once more.

    He loved the warm slippery feeling of the woman's cunt, and he thoroughly explored it with his fingertips while he watch the minute droplets of blood form on the curving lines he had created like a frame embracing the delicious mounds of her breasts. He had no illusion that she was being aroused by what he was doing to her, but nevertheless she was hot and as ready as any woman could be. It was amazing what fear of pain and destruction could do. His fingers worked her sex and he said, "Soon, very soon, my knife is going here, and you are going to open it for me, and welcome the kiss of the edge, aren't you?"

    Almost without thinking she nodded, her mind torn between the pain and the pleasure.

    "You may release your breasts now," he said, and kissed the spot between her breasts. He pushed his finger deep, searching for her cervix. "But not yet, my pet. First there is somewhere else that you are going to offer to my blade, isn't there?"

    She nodded again. "Yes …. " The breath caught in her throat when the knife tip trailed down her belly and his finger deep inside of her pushed up as if to meet it.

    "Tell me where."

    "My … between my b-buttocks." She felt the knife trail over her hip and around to the curve of her bottom, and she couldn't help but tense her arse cheeks in anticipation. Her hips rocked rhythmically against his hand, giving him what he wanted, giving him her lust and arousal just as she was giving him her pain.

    He withdrew his fingers and wiped them on her belly, painting glistening streaks that filled the air with the scent of her sexual heat. "Stay here." He went over to the table and dragged the heavy wooden construction under the light. "Climb up. Face down, knees wide and your arse jutting over the edge. Press your breasts against the table, arch your back. I want that bottom crack open wide." He held out a hand and helped her climb up, and guided her into the position he desired. He kissed her raised buttocks, the base of her spine, and her arse hole, tickling her with the tip of his tongue. Despite his penchant for cruelty, he liked women, he liked the way they felt, the way they smelled, and they way they looked. He actually liked Caroline too, which was why he was willing to absorb the loss of so much money. But that didn't mean he wasn't going to enjoy himself. "With both hands, reach down and play with yourself. Don't stop, even when I start with this – " he said, touching her with the cold of the blade.

    Caroline obeyed willingly. The more aroused she was the less she seemed to notice the pain, so she had an incentive to masturbate. Her fingers played and caressed her cunt even though she was acutely aware of his touch and breath, and of course, the chill kiss of the knife.

    Hugo waited until she was well established in the pleasure of her masturbation. It was not a hardship for him, he liked watching women play with themselves. Then he started to scratch the skin that framed her arse hole, drawing outward radiating lines with the pink furled orifice as the centre. He could see her fingers busily working beneath the knife, and the way her arse hole contracted and squeezed with each scratching stroke of the knife. Every once in a while he would actually prick the arse hole, smiling when he made her gasp.
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    Going to the Edge - Pt. 03

    GOING TO THE EDGE - Part 03
    V.W. Singer

    Note: The following is an "edge play" fantasy, which means things like infection and accidentally severed veins and arteries do not happen, and the characters magically heal just like they do in action films. NOT SSC and NOT intended as a description of BDSM lifestyle.

    Caroline had become so swept up in the shuddering pain and pleasure happening where she couldn't even see, her hips rocking slowly as if she was being fucked in a slow motion doggy style, that she didn't even notice the first time the edge broke the skin and actually cut her.

    When her body hesitated, Hugo pressed a hand on the small of her back. "Don't stop. Take it. Open yourself to it." Very carefully, he drew the edge outwards from the edge of her arse hole out to towards her buttocks, and beads of red sprang up behind it.

    With her teeth clenched tight, Caroline stroked her clitoris and fingered her cunt, producing the sexual pleasure that he demanded of her even while he drew lines of fire around her arse hole.

    Hugo felt his cock strain painfully against his tight trousers as lines of red grew and darkened in the delicate and sensitive space between her buttocks. The edge of the blade was still just barely breaking the skin, but deep enough to be really called cuts, and he could see her struggling to accept the pain. When he had cut fine radiating lines all the way around her pink anus, he placed the knife on her back, and touched the fine, almost invisible wounds with his fingers, staining his fingers red.

    The burning between her cheeks was fierce, and she struggled to breathe evenly and to keep her fingers working on her cunt. She began to rub her clitoris harder and harder, creating an intensity of sensation to match the burn that flowed around her arse hole and above the hole of her cunt.

    Hugo pulled her arse cheeks wider so that he could bring his face in without staining his face with blood, and pressed his lips to her arse hole. The tip of his tongue flickered and danced over the sensitive spot and he heard her groan and sigh.

    The pleasure glowed in her mind like a lighthouse in the middle of a storm of pain, and she focused herself fiercely upon it, searching with her fingers for the elusive wisps of her orgasm. Hugo's lips and tongue felt amazingly good, perhaps because of the pain and not despite of it. She was surprised when he didn't stop, licking and caressing as she played with herself, all the while aware of the cold steel resting upon her arched back. Then she felt it. "I'm going to come. May I come?" she asked, remembering something she had read in a piece of BDSM erotica.

    Hugo grinned and took his lips from her arse hole. "You may. But remember we aren't done." Then he placed his lips back upon her tightly squeezed orifice, framed by the fine lines of glistening red.

    Suddenly, impossibly, she was coming, and her screams of pain and pleasure bounced off the walls of the small room as her hips rocked and shuddered.

    Hugo watched her come, enjoying what he had created, and he waited until she had rubbed the last shudder from her clitoris before he patted her hip, picked up his knife, and said, "Turn over. Time for me to play with your cunt." She didn't hesitate and he nodded in approval when she rolled smoothly onto her back and drew her thighs up and apart without being told to do so. He was even more pleased when she spread the lips of her still spasming cunt apart. He licked her, running his tongue slowly over her cunt, all the way from the clenching hole and up to her clitoris.

    Caroline moaned softly in delight, and then lifted her head to look into his eyes.

    He smiled. "Don't worry. I always keep my word."

    She smiled back. "And I shall keep mine. Here is my cunt. Take whatever you want. I'll try my best to be good for you."

    He patted her thigh. "I know you will." He brushed her inner labia apart and brushed their inner surfaces with his finger tip. "First here and here."

    She adjusted her grip so that the soft lips were pulled taut, and then she nodded. She closed her eyes when she felt the edge of the blade touch. There was a slight tugging and then pain flared bright. She bit her lip and her face darkened as she strained to remain absolutely still while he cut her cunt.

    The cuts were the deepest yet, but still they were barely skin deep. That was where the nerves were and it was all he needed to do to hurt her cunt the way he desired. There was more blood, but mostly because of the abundance of blood vessels in the places he was cutting. The wounds would heal, mostly without any scarring. But for now, a beautiful young woman was holding her cunt open for him to use his knife on her in any way he liked. It was a sensual rush more powerful that any drug or alcoholic drink could give, and her cries were the sweetest sounds he had ever heard.

    She held herself still for four light radiating cuts on each of her inner labia. The pain made her dizzy, but somehow it was so intensely, overwhelmingly sensual that she felt completely lost. The cutting stopped and she opened her eyes and she saw him waiting for her. She took a deep breath, lifted her head and gasped when she saw the sheen of blood. "Where next?" she asked with dry hot lips.

    His finger touched her cunt hole. "Here. Open it for me."

    She shifted her fingers lower, and pulled outwards, ignoring the raw pulsing pain in her labia, until she was satisfied that she had spread her vaginal opening as wide as she could manage without putting fingers inside of herself. "Are you going to cut me … inside? Cut my vagina?"

    Hugo shook his head. His finger touched the circle of her vaginal orifice. "Top, bottom, left, right. Four cuts. Ready?"

    She inhaled, gathered her nerve, and nodded. It was frightening. The knife was at the very core of her womanhood. He could ruin her with a single stroke of that terrible blade. The chill metal touched, the edge upwards. The tiny pressure. She whimpered, but her fingers didn't waver. The slight tug, and the familiar burning sting made her vaginal muscles clench.

    He had nicked the opening at the top and he watched the redness well up. He flipped the blade over. Now the bottom. Again the tiny, superbly controlled movement of hand and fingers. Her gasp when he hurt her. More blood. The left, and then to the right. Her chest was heaving, lifting her breasts up and down and waving her nipples, still stiff, at him. He unfastened his trousers, unzipped his fly with his free hand, careful not to stain the fabric with blood, and let his trousers fall along with his underpants.

    Caroline saw what he had done, and felt a rush of relief and satisfaction. She had done it. She had endured and survived, and everything was going to be all right. She knew there was one more trial, but she didn't care. She knew that she could do it. The head of his cock touched her wounded vaginal opening and she hissed in pain, but she smiled when she felt his hardness enter her. He didn't have to tell her the last place that the edge would visit. Silently she moved her fingers once more, this time carefully pulling the fleshy hood back from her clitoris. One last time their eyes met. "There she is. I give her to you." She was surprised by the gentleness of his smile.

    "This will hurt."

    She nodded. "I know. It's all right. I'm ready." His cock went deeper, about half way in, and then with her head straining she watched as the gleaming edge approached her clitoris. Very gently, the razor sharp blade rested itself on her exposed and defenceless bud. She saw his fingers move, and the knife edge stroked the tip of her clitoris. Pain exploded in her loins and her vagina gripped his cock as if she might crush it. She watched again as he laid the knife aside on the table. Together they watched as a droplet of blood welled up from the tip of her clitoris. Her teeth squeaked as she ground them together while his fingertip approached the tiny wounded organ. Then he began to brush his finger over her clit from side to side, masturbating her but also stretching and rubbing the tiny wound. The agony made her vagina spasm and convulse, massaging his cock in a way she didn't believe possible, and she felt him come inside of her, jet after jet of his semen flowing into her body. Even though he just held his finger tip in contact with her clitoris, she used the movement of her hips to rub the tiny cut against it as he came, forcing her vagina to contract in a way that she could never have managed voluntarily. She wrapped her legs around his waist and pulled him into her. She licked her lips and said, "Paid in full?", and grinned when he nodded.


    Back in Hugo's office, she stood in front of his desk once more. The knife was folded and lay beside the notebook. "Thank you."

    Hugo tilted his head. "For?"

    "For not hurting me worse than you did. For keeping your word. For saving my sister."

    He nodded. "I respect loyalty and courage. And you're damned sexy when you're bleeding." He grinned. He watched her turn to go, and then said, "I could lend you the money to pay off your mortgage."

    She raised her eyebrows incredulously. "And how would I afford your rates?"

    He grinned. "We could work something out."

    Caroline glanced at the door to the other room. "You mean …? You've got to be crazy to think I would …. " Then she thought about being free of the monthly loan payments and what it would mean for the business. Very slowly, she turned and sat down in front of him. "I would need some time to heal first …. "

    Hugo nodded. "Of course. Come back when you're ready, and we can talk … business."

    Caroline looked at the folded knife, winced at a bolt of pain from her cunt, and then nodded as she began to laugh. "Business."

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