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Discussion in 'General BDSM discussions' started by littlegirlsophie, Apr 18, 2012.

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    I am so, so sorry if I'm posting this in the wrong area. It's my first post here, and I wasn't quite sure where to go. Please let me know if I should move the post, or delete it outright.

    I'm incredibly, incredibly new to all of this. I've only recently started thinking I even MIGHT be interested in this lifestyle. Because I'm not quite sure what my own feelings about BDSM are, I've decided to do some reading before I mention it to my (very, very vanilla) 5 year fiance.

    Thus, I bought a kindle in order to download some reading on the topic fairly innocuously. I'm definitely submissive, and was hoping to find some reading that would really let me analyze how I feel, find some fantasy ideas and (possibly?) some erotica that may be up my alley.

    I've looked around amazon a bit, but most of what pops up isn't really what I'm looking for. Unfortunately, because I'm in higher education (currently in grad school) and was an English major, I'm a lot snootier with my books than I have any real right to be, and a lot of what I'm finding is... not exactly well written.

    Anyhow, I know, long post for a really short question: TL;DR version: I'm looking for well written books about the lifestyle, BDSM in general, submissives, and (possibly) erotica. Thank you all so, so much for your time and any recommendations.
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    Check the newcomer's FAQ for the practical books. As far as erotica goes, that lays in your personal reading tastes- I, for one, cannot stand first person in erotica, but have seen a lot of books I've almost picked up, other than that. I can get into an actual list of titles I enjoy tomorrow, so I'll reply or edit it in- if you come back in the meantime, you can mention if you have any dislikes like mine for first-person.
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    Oof! Thank you! I actually read the Newcomers guide a few months ago, and had forgotten that there was a list of recommended reading. Sorry for being so repetitive.

    I'm not sure for the erotica yet; I'm still kind of exploring. I typically just download a sample before buying, and see how it works out. Are there any big name authors that are pretty popular? Does anyone have any personal favorites?
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    I don't read a ton of BDSM erotica, but I write it and just started proofreading for a publisher that publishes it. Again, I'm super picky about first person, and a lot of it seems to be. The easiest way to pick something out is to go to Chapters' or wherever's erotica section, then pull out interesting titles, read a couple pages in the middle, and if their writing style bothers you, put it back.

    Oddly, the most enjoyable BDSM-esque erotica I've read lately was written by a new member of this forum, Andre. You can get them on Amazon, and she has samples posted in the stories section (Ielle and Ovia, I believe- I've only read Ielle). They're not very realistic for modern BDSM (they're set in a fictional place, probably a couple hundred years back technologically), but they're very focused on female submission and have all the elements of BDSM included.

    I'll have to wrack my brain for more- I haven't had much time for reading lately, sadly. Things I've almost bought are Master/slave, Alison's Wonderland, and a few others. Again, I recommend flipping through the books somewhere. Anne Rice (as A N Roquelaire)'s Sleeping Beauty Trilogy goes highly recommended, but I haven't had the chance to read them myself yet.

    Sorry, that's a lot of words with not much information.

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    Hi Sophie,
    You're welcome to read some of my fiction free of charge on

    These are FemDom stories, so if you're a submissive female it might not be your cup of tea.

    Here are the first chapters of three different stories, all of them ended up as novel length, posted as multiple board entries.

    "My Wife's Sister". My first effort, but there are some good plot ideas in this one.

    "Making Plans for Nigel" is one of my favorites - and it was the first story I wrote from a female perspective.

    "Family Business"

    You'll need to follow the threads through the board, but they are easy to find if you use Advanced Search, and look for the user name "spudmachine".

    Let me know if you like them.

    I've recently sumbitted my first MaleDom manuscript to Pink Flamingo. It may be a while before it's published, but the title is "The Slow Seduction of Claire MacDonald".


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