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Discussion in 'General BDSM discussions' started by KayleeKakes, May 4, 2012.

  1. KayleeKakes

    KayleeKakes New Member

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    I guess it's clear I'm new here. I'm really shy, so discussing my new passion is a bit embarrassing for me.

    I've been in a wonderful relationship for four years, and have been married for six months. My husband made me so happy when he began expressing interest in BDSM a few months ago. I'm naturally a submissive, and as we both work at home, I've been enjoying our spontaneous playtimes a lot.

    So, greetings to all!

    Oh, and I recently was given a punishment box and told to fill it with cards. Does anyone have any ideas? I've been reading through the FAQ, and visited some websites. Any website recommendations would be great.
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  2. sebastian

    sebastian Active Member

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    What do you mean by a 'punishment box'? A box with cards in it that describe random 'punishments' to be imposed when you misbehave?

    And when you say 'punishment', do you mean enjoyable play (what I call 'discipline' in the Newcomer's FAQ) or unpleasant sanctions to discourage misbehavior?

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    I was wondering the same thing as Sebastian.

    Here are three categories I thought of:

    • Reward punishments. Write these on green-colored cards. Choose a punishment you would secretly (or not so secretly) enjoy.
    • Challenge punishments. Select punishments in order to stretch you as a sub. Write these on yellow cards.
    • Real punishments. Things that your Master really can use to discipline you. Write these on red cards.

    Now when he tells you to draw out a card from the box he can tell you to choose a green, yellow or red card.

    All the punishments can be combined with dice to spice up the scene.

    For example. Let's say that your usual CP limit is to be spanked. You think maybe you could take a belting, but you're not sure.

    So a "Challenge Punishment" could be to take light belting (where the belt is swung using only the wrist only).

    But a "Real Punishment" would be a more robust belting (where the belt is swung using the lower arm only).

    Dice can be used with both options to decide the number of strokes. Since the numbers can be so random, you can limit the options by setting a rule on the card. For example..."Throw one die. If it is an odd number, take 12 strokes. If it is an even number, take 18 strokes."

    You can write down these "dice rules" for a lot of different punishments, just to create some variety. For example - "Throw one die. If the number is even, you must be blindfolded for your punishment, if the number is odd you do not."

  4. KayleeKakes

    KayleeKakes New Member

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    I mean exactly that, Sebastian - punishment for when I misbehave. It's not enjoyable for me - that's what discipline is for! :eek:

    I really like your dice idea, stanley_jeffries. I think I'll ask him if I can make a reward box.

    I've been poking around and found some good ideas; the apparently classic one where you hold a quarter against a wall. I'll keep looking for more!
  5. sebastian

    sebastian Active Member

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    If you want unpleasant punishments as a sanction for misbehavior, then you need to select things that you don't want to experience. For example, if you take a lot of pride in your appearance, a punishment could be not being allowed to wear make-up for a week, or having to wear baggy clothes to work. You might be forbidden to use the internet or not allowed to watch your favorite TV show for a month. Think of the way that parents might punish a naughty child--time out, go to your room, no desert, no cell phone use--and then figure out appropriate adult versions of those things.

    Also a good thing to do with punishments is to have the sub say what s/he is being punished for, to show that s/he knows what the mistake was, and to say what the proper behavior was. If s/he gets it wrong, the dom needs to clarify.
  6. KayleeKakes

    KayleeKakes New Member

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    Thanks for the ideas and clarification, Sebastian. I think I was stuck on thinking that the punishments had to be sexual in nature.

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    One of the things I deal with in my stories is that traditional corporal punishment sounds a lot better in the fantasy than the reality :)

    In other words - being caned really hurts...and more than that, it can cause serious, long-lasting damage.

    So I often use electric punishment. The Tazapper is a classic item. It's too much for my wife (no matter how much I try to turn her on!), and I have to say it's a challenge for me.

    Electric dog collars can be an excellent way to deliver pain at the touch of a button. They work better for guys because we have dangly, sensitive parts :)

    But it can also work for girls too. Around the neck...or the waist. If you're really serious the dog collar could be sewn into a pair of Spanks for a girl.

    Electric dog collars are pretty inexpensive, and they can have the power level controlled over quite a wide range.

    All in all I think an electric dog collar could play a big part in your punishment box :)

    How could you work the dice into an electric dog collar scene? How about this...

    Buy a collar. Find your limits for the power level. Dial it back to an "annoying, but not hideously painful" level.

    In the game figure a way that the die is cast several times. If you throw an even number the shock level stays the same. If you throw an odd number you dial it up a level.

    By the way - you can use the shock collar in a lot of other games.

    • Imagine you play Cluedo (if you're American I think you call it Clue). If you make a wrong guess you get a shock, AND your Master dial it up a level for your next guess.
    • Play Snakes and Ladders. If you throw any odd number of the die you receive a shock. If you go down a snake or up a ladder the level is turned up.

    The possibilities are endless.

  8. sebastian

    sebastian Active Member

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    If they are punishment rather than what I call discipline, they shouldn't be sexual, unless it's an activity that you really don't like. For example if you really dislike anal sex, anal sex can act as a punishment.

    The idea here is that punishment needs to be something you dislike, because it has to encourage you to avoid the bad behavior so you avoid the punishment. If you like the punishment, it will encourage the bad behavior to get the punishment.

    Now, if the punishment is intended to be part of scene, then it should be fun, because it's not actually supposed to be unpleasant. For example you might do a scene where you're a naughty school girl and your dom/teacher spanks you. In that case, the scene is basically an excuse to do spanking play.

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