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Discussion in 'General fetish discussions' started by Obedient Little Puppy, Mar 1, 2009.

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    Does anyone here share my interest in being made into a human puppy?

    As I think I've said elsewhere on this forum, this was not something I ever thought I'd be interested in, but once I tried it, I really got to love it.

    To play puppy, I wear my dog collar and have my hair in pigtails (I don't go naked at the moment as my flat is too cold for that, but will do once the weather's warmer). I love being put on the lead and taken for walkies around my living room (again, the current cold weather means my master is not willing to take me for outdoor walks just yet) and playing fetch with a small plush animal toy. I eat from a bowl on the floor (meatballs, all mashed up to resemble real dog food, resulting in a very messy puppy) and do all the tricks (sit/stay/roll over/beg etc.).

    I am a good puppy most of the time, but sometimes I will be naughty. Last night, for example, when taken off my lead I wandered away, instead of sitting as I'd been told to do, and sometimes I might refuse to bring my fetch toy back to my master. I get a shouting at or a smack on the nose for bad behaviour, but when I'm good, I'm allowed to jump up onto the sofa to sit in my master's lap, having my head stroked and my ears tickled.

    My master doesn't want me to wear a costume as such for these games, but I did see a dog tail butt plug online somewhere, and a gorgeous bone shaped bit gag, which I would love to own.

    So, are there any other puppies out there, or puppy owners, who have stories to share? :)
  2. nix

    nix Guest

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    I'd love to do what you're doing, personally.

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    It really is seriously brilliant, loads of fun. If you could find someone like minded to play puppy games with, you would absolutely love it :)

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    I'm a puppy, too! I've only been a puppy for five months or so but the decision was the right one for me.

    I am my Master's first collared slave. I wear my collar every day and wear my hair in what my Master calls wiggly tails (the same as your pig tails, I'm sure). He also likes it when I put on too much eye liner and wear camisoles and skirts.

    He just bought me my first puppy toy: a rope tug-of-war toy. I really enjoy playing with it. I made a special trip out to see him yesterday and I got to surprise him at the door naked, on my knees with the toy in my mouth. We both really enjoyed it.

    He doesn't make me eat from a bowl on the floor, I get to eat like people when I wear my people costume, but he does feed me by hand and give me puppy treats (animal crackers) when I'm really good or do tricks for him. Do you like eating from the bowl? I've wanted to suggest it but I don't want to overstep my boundaries with my Master. If he wants me to eat from a bowl on the floor I would gladly do it, I'm just not sure if the idea has crossed his mind.

    Master really likes it when I sit with my head in his lap while he is on the computer. That way he can look at whatever he looks at while he is online and still pet his puppy. He pets me a lot but sometimes it seems like I will never get enough. He likes to have my lay on my back so he can rub my tummy and scratch behind my ears.

    Recently he had me start giving him puppy kisses. Before I always gave him people kisses but he had me lick his face and hands just like a real puppy. I really enjoyed that. Does your Master let you give him puppy kisses?

    He bought me a special leash from the pet store and threaded black and red ribbons through it to make it prettier and so it would match both of my collars. Sometimes he leads me around the house with it but I'm still not used to it and it makes me a little self conscious sometimes. Does it get easier to be lead around like that?

    I'm really excited to hear that there are other puppies out there! My Master thought maybe he was weird at first for wanting a puppy but we both enjoy it so much he hasn't mentioned it in a while. I would like to know more about your relationship with your Master. I am really curious about the lifestyle since I haven't been part of it for very long, and you are the only other puppy I know of. I hope we can be friends!

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    Another puppy! YAY!!! :D

    Well, I've only actually been playing puppy since the new year, but I've been told I'm coming along really well. At first, it was really difficult, because I couldn't do anything without laughing.

    And yeah, I love eating from my bowl, but it's a bit difficult to get a grip of my food and so it takes a pretty long time for me to finish it, and it's a very messy process too, but I wouldn't change it for the world. And I also love rolling over to be tickled and stroked, and to lick my master's face. I love everything about being a puppy :)

    I don't know if you've seen them yet, but in the story section here, I've posted two Puppy stories I've written. Unfortunately, neither is based on any real experiences, but I'm hoping we can get a bit more adventurous as the weather gets warmer ;)
  6. Prissy

    Prissy Member

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    Puppy play does excite me, but Master doesn't want to do it, for some reason. I think it is because we do switch every so often to allow me a way to "kill" my frustrations. I think he may feel that if he makes me be puppy, then when I am in charge he would have to be..., I don't know if I would want him to be puppy.

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    Pussy then. Thats fun. :)

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    I don't like Pussies. I got attacked by a Pussy once, a horrible scruffy black and white moggy that lived in a dirty, smelly alley :( But I got my revenge on him...Puppies are the best! :D

    PuppyPuppyPuppy, has your master decided on a breed for you yet? As you can see in my avatar, I am a Welsh border collie, which my master decided on because of my colouring (black hair and pale skin) and my nature. It feels somehow fitting to have been classed as a particular breed of dog, like I now have a 'proper' identity of sorts :)
  9. Prissy

    Prissy Member

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    So that is how you came to class the "puppies" in your stories.

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    Yeah :) My master is worried in case PuppyPuppyPuppy is a golden retriever, because he's scared that I might then pick a fight with her (see 'Puppy's Walk in the Woods' :D) I wouldn't do that though, because I want to be friends with other puppies, not alienate them :(
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  11. Prissy

    Prissy Member

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    I have already read both of your walks. And I enjoyed them

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    I read both of them and showed them to my Master. He wants to feed me by hand from the table but he said water from a bowl was okay so he is probably going to get me one. I'm excited about it.

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    My Master hasn't given me a breed and I don't think he will. I'm not worried about it, I'll just cal myself a mutt and be happy being his puppy.

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    Haha, see if this pic will change your master's mind!

    Edit: removed.

    Sometimes, if I finish all my dinner, my master will give me some doggy chocolate drops (Cadbury's Buttons, not real doggy treats) as a reward. He will feed them to me by hand, make me beg for them, or balance one on my nose and have me try to catch it without it dropping to the floor :D

    He is also taken with the idea of playing Pussy to my Puppy; we were going to do this last night, but the problem with cats is that you can't make them do anything :( Shame really, because I was going to have him eat some tuna and drink some milk from bowls on the floor, and wear my fish skeleton pendant instead of a collar. He wants to find a cat mask to wear, but the only ones I've seen are cute little girly ones :(
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  15. Prissy

    Prissy Member

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    Puppy looks lke she is very pretty, and with the right clothing/dresses, and hairstyle, could be acting as a rich girl that her master, errr, rapes, for his own enjoyment.

    Edit: I must show my master this. It looks like fun. :)

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