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Discussion in 'General BDSM discussions' started by ex-vanilla, Oct 27, 2009.

  1. ex-vanilla

    ex-vanilla New Member

    Well, we've been having sex for about a week or so, maybe more. I don't feel much different, but she loves it, and basically went from saying "I don't know why anyone would do that," to "When are you getting another one?"

    I told her if we wait a while, I'll get an ampallang if she gets her nipples pierced. I just have a thing about pierced nipples. They are adorable.

    Anyway, we tried anal two days ago. It hurt and I couldn't manage it, but we did finish having sex. All day yesterday I was in pain. Today we tried to have sex (this morning) but I was too sore. She encouraged me to see to myself, and I managed that with no pain.

    1) Did we try anal too soon?
    2) If yeah, how long should we wait?
    3) I think she might have been dry (we never actually use lube, just saliva or pussy juice). What's a good lube?
    4)Is anal possible with a PA?

    Someone had better say yes to 4, we both love anal. Then again, if it means never having anal again, I doubt she'll let me take this out. She's enjoying it too much.
  2. stefanofgor

    stefanofgor New Member

    Pussy juice, if copious, should be enough. Before going in, first put one finger in her AH to widen it a little. KY Jelly is a good water-based lube, if pussy juice is not enough. Enter slowly and gradually not by a sudden, macho thrust. While you're in, massage her clit - you'll find her pussy will be a little forced outwards by your dick and this exposes her pussy even better. Say a prayer for me while you're in paradise!!
  3. LordOfCups

    LordOfCups New Member

    An extensive period of anal stimulation before insertion should help. The finger is a great idea. Gradual entry is a given for initial play. Eventually after repeated play perhaps lube will not be absolutely necessary. One of my favorite scenes involved no lube at all, but that is not for beginners, just something to look forward to.
  4. Martello

    Martello Member

    I'm going to have to say maybe don't have anal at all if you have a PA or any other piercing involving the urethra. Ever get soap up your dick? Ever see what the infection when shit gets into the urethra? It's pretty friggen horrible - and I've seen some horrible shit.
  5. ex-vanilla

    ex-vanilla New Member

    We're not beginners, we've had anal hundreds of times, just not since I got pierced.

    Martello, I'll sport a rubber, mate.

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