Anal play....a question or two.

Discussion in 'General BDSM discussions' started by MistressMaria86, Mar 29, 2013.

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    Hi all,

    So the guy I have a bit of a D/s thing going on with likes anal play. A while ago I bought a beginner strap on which described itself to be designed to stimulate the prostate. Owing to him being fairly large at the time and me not really knowing what to do with it am not sure we got close enough for it to have much of an effect.

    We recently re connected after some time apart and in that time he has lost ashed load of weight but has said that he reckons it was far too small and that I should go bigger. i wasnt entirely convinced but recently purchased a vibrating thing which i guess is a dildo but is more beaded in shape. I can probably find the link if it doesnt make any sense.

    So the other night I was round and I tried it. Now again I am not an expert but it seemed to me that I was having quite a tough time pushing it in and am not even sure I was putting it in the right place (although I guess there arent that many options lol). Whatever I managed though he seemed to enjoy.

    Well despite being ridiculously broke I ended up in shop in London which sells all manner of stuff. I thought I could maybe buy something bigger to fit into the strap on I already bought. I bought one that was definitely bigger but when I got it home I found it couldnt fit into the strap on harness ...darnitt!. I guess I can still have him suck it (i thought as a bit of a makeshift I could just buy some quite tight underwear and cut a hole to fit it through. It probably wouldnt stay there if I tried to used for pentration but at least he could go down on his knees and take it in his mouth.

    My question therefore is what can I do to make him able to take more? Is there a particular position which opens a guy up more in that area. I know lots of lube is advised and gently does it but if there is anything else because I dont really want to say to him well actually you cant take more - i'm trying and it just aint happenin' lol.

    As always thank you in advance

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  2. sebastian

    sebastian Active Member

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    Some positions might be easier for him than others, but I'm not sure there's a specific position that will automatically do that. So just try using different positions. It also depends on the exact shape of the object going into the butt. For example, my cock is curved upward, so some positions are much easier than others.

    If you want his ass to take larger toys, the thing to do is get a set of butt plugs in increasing sizes. As he gets comfortable with one plug, move up to a larger one.
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  3. max-egypt

    max-egypt New Member

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  4. diegocouto

    diegocouto New Member

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    Those prostate toys are efficient to estimulate or is just something to put in your ass?
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  5. sebastian

    sebastian Active Member

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    Prostate stimulators are very effective, especially the ones that have the rollerball that presses against the taint. I love mine.

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