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    So recently my girlfriend and I have been experimenting with I guess you could say our darker side of our sex life. I have always been a fan of the SnM scene, primarily with feminization.

    She always treated it like I was forcing her to do these things to me but that wasn't really the case. I told her what I was into and I would sometimes ask her what she would be interested in doing with me or if she would be interested in certain things. Well needless to say we experimented a lot for about a little more than a year and I loved it. She did everything to me from hot wax, forced feminization, anal and a few other things. She told me she felt uncomfortable when she starts off but once she is going it doesn't bother her.

    Well recently I had my birthday and she wanted to give me an "unforgettable" night. Well we woke up and she started off by the day with an awesome session in the morning doing some stuff that I was used to but loved. We went out for lunch afterwords and she wanted to know how I liked everything and I told her it was great and that I couldn't wait for the night to come.

    We went out to the movies and dinner later on that day and came back and she told me to get dressed with a select few things she had placed on the bed. She came out and we got started but I could feel from the start she wasn't feeling it but I tried to just look past it but then she began to just say she was not into this any longer and that if I wanted to continue on with this lifestyle, I would either need to do it on my own time or we should go our seperate ways.

    I love her to death and I don't want to lose her but I don't want her to forget about all the fun we did have while having our sessions. I understand what happened that night was a little odd (I'll explain it in a pm if you must know), but I don't understand why she stopped in mid session.

    I guess I really just need some advice at this point or just someone to chat with that understands my situation. If you read all this, I really appreciate it and hopefully I'll hear from you soon.
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