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Discussion in 'General fetish discussions' started by piki, Jul 13, 2008.

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  1. piki

    piki New Member

    hello all:)

    this is question that i would like to ask you guys:

    if we will take man and woman, and we will let them do distance pissing competition, who do you think will have better chance to win?

    *take in maind that the woman can use any position , even genicologic chair or what ever so the stream will run forward like the man.
  2. piki

    piki New Member this the silence monastery forum?
    wakeup guys;) i need answer lol...
    57 view's and no answer....
  3. InnocentLooks

    InnocentLooks New Member

    I'm not sure anyone knows? I know I don't. I would have automatically said the guy though, just because of his little advantage. I really haven't a clue, though.
  4. piki

    piki New Member

    i see...well..this question came to me when i was watching this clip:

    i hope it is not agains the rules to post link like this, but this is for the example about the issue.
    and now you will have clear view of what i am talking about, i don't think there is male on earth who can shoot farther. am i wrong?
  5. Mr_Jizz_Bo

    Mr_Jizz_Bo New Member

    It really depends on the individuals involved, not to mention numerous other factors.
  6. licker4450

    licker4450 Guest

    Depends on how long he/she was holding it. I often use bathroom restriction for my pain sluts and they really fire away after holding a pee for 3 or 4 hours.
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