Things to do in a public bar?

Discussion in 'General fetish discussions' started by NickJ, Nov 29, 2008.

  1. NickJ

    NickJ New Member

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    hello everyone, I come to you looking for ideas. :)

    my new girlfriend is into little games, mainly involving the risk, and chance, of embarrassment and humiliation. she loves that. so I'm going to take her to a bar, and we're going to sit away from each other and I will be directing her to do certain things from across the room without anyone else in the bar knowing we're together.

    she will have no idea in what order I'll decide to make her do things.

    I thought this sounded like a real neat idea, and I come here asking for some ideas on what I can have her do.

    things I have already;
    cross, and uncross legs slowly
    remove her panties(better believe there will be some legs uncrossing after this)
    remove bra(in bathroom, I think people would notice if she did it in the bar lol)
    unbutton one button(this'll be more embarrassing after she has no bra :D)

    have any of you ever played games like this? got some more ideas? I'd love to hear them. maybe I can get her to write a story about this day and I'll post it.

  2. ReallyGreen

    ReallyGreen Member

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    A command to make her say "I love to suck cock!" (In her most cheerful & perky voice). Then have her do it at random times when guys are trying to buy her drinks.
  3. sirbrisgirlshel

    sirbrisgirlshel New Member

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    I once had to wear vaginal balls and squeeze them whenever a "trigger" word was spoken.
  4. NickJ

    NickJ New Member

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    nice suggestions. I like them. keep them coming, please. what about ways I could make her sit to expose her slightly? ideas?
  5. Masterslug

    Masterslug New Member

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    use a self adhesive label to write something like "I'm a cock sucking tramp" or "cum dumpster"....etc. place it on her back in the bar with a simple arm around the shoulder move.........sit back and enjoy
  6. ReallyGreen

    ReallyGreen Member

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    This ones always fun for giggles. The "woman dressed like a guy pretending to be a woman". Complete with fake penis and pancake make-up. Then send her to the local gay bar and tell her to hit on every guy there.

    This isn't even really a humiliation thing (well the STR8 guys at the bar will be humiliated). its just too freakin funny.

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    It's not so long ago that my master and I played games like this in my local. We were always sat at the front of the pub, on a comfy sofa, next to a huge window and right in front of the CCTV camera.

    Unfortunately, we couldn't do anything too risky, but did have a few kinky moments here. He would slip his hands inside my top and fondle my tits, pinching my nipples hard, and when I wore a baggy sweater one time, he arranged it in such a way that he could slip his hand inside my jeans without anyone noticing. We never actually got round to this one, but he was going to have his motorcycle helmet on his lap, to hide me opening his jeans and going inside.

    Also, whenever I gave him any cheek, he would shout 'PUPPY!' loudly, to punish and humiliate me. And one time we had a bit of a vicious play fight, biting and scratching and pulling each other's hair. Right in front of the CCTV...and no one batted an eyelid :D
  8. prettylittlesub

    prettylittlesub New Member

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    my boyfriend had me remove my bra at the bar when i'm wearing a flimsy white top... then, unsuspectingly, he "spilt" water all down the front. you could see my nipples and everything!

    also, if you could find a dress for her that has a zipper that goes all the way down, you could unzipper it 3 inches every time she says a trigger word... example, "like," "drink," or "friend"

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    Master is going to take me out while I have a butt plug inserted. He says it will keep me turned on the whole time. I like the idea because it is a dirty little secret. It isn't really embarrassing or humiliating but it can make for good times.

    A friend of mine told me Master should get me a butt plug with a rectangular handle (okay, I don't know if it is called a handle, it was just the most fitting term I could come up with). My friend uses butt plugs pretty much all the time and he likes the rounded and square handled ones but he says that for extended use a rectangular handle is more comfortable. I guess it fits between the cheeks better. :)

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    Hehe, I've been 'threatened' with that too! ;)
  11. prettylittlesub

    prettylittlesub New Member

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    i was just given this idea last night: have her wear a halter top that ties in the back. have it loosely tied and make her pretend not to notice when both her tits are exposed...
  12. filfy

    filfy Member

  13. Phantasm

    Phantasm Member

  14. bipolarber

    bipolarber New Member

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    Take her to the local bar on a rainy night... wearing a poncho... and nothing else... you could also have her in handcuffs under the pancho, which will make it difficult for her pick up drinks.
    (A friend of mine took his GF/sub to a movie like this.)
  15. EchoEcho

    EchoEcho New Member

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    I made K wear a butt-plug in public once with a little bell attached to it. She wore a skirt and the bell jingled whenever she walked. No one could tell where the jingling was coming from, but her face was beet red with embarrassement as she walked through the crowded streets.

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