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    hello everyone. i am new to this site and am looking forwards to getting to know everyone and already i have found lots wonderful information. the discussions are really interesting. i am a sub, married to my husband for 11yrs and have always liked things rough, over the last little while we have been developing into a D/s relationship, which is having its ups and downs, but we read and talk and its fun. i have a really bad habit of trying to tell him what i would like done, and i hate doing it, i catch myself doing it and am trying to stop, but its hard when i am at home with the kids and have more time to look at things and get ideas.

    anyway enough about me, i do have a question, we bought a Tazapper the other day, honestly i liked the idea until i saw it, but at least it will work as a punishment lol.
    we have read so much on electrics and obviously plan on taking it slowly but i cant find specificly any do's and donts regarding the actual tazer. like were you can and cant use it and any tips. now i have see that there is a few fans of it on here and was hopeing that you could give me some info on safe areas, and i guess i better ask for Sir, the areas that will give the greatest impact.

    thank you in advance.

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    Hi there - welcome to the board.

    I'm a big fan of the Tazapper because it only has one setting, and it's a "surface" static electricity device. That means there is very little current passing through your body - only across the surface nerve endings. The result is that it's supposed to be one of the safest electrical play toys.

    The pain level is pretty "challenging", but you have to remember that it's designed to be used when the sub is highly aroused.

    If I just take my Tazapper and zap my leg, for instance (which I did to test it when I first got it), it hurt like heck! I thought "no way...I could never enjoy that". But as part of a scene it works really well.

    I loaned it to a friend of mine, whose wife is a sub. He was worried because she was asking him to hit her harder and harder, and he didn't want to risk actually hurting her. Besides, he didn't really like the bruises he left on her ass after one spanking session.

    The Tazapper leaves no marks, but she loved it - and she even asked him to use it on her clit a couple of times when she was particularly into the scene.

    If your husband is a reluctant Dom, and is worried about really hurting you then a Tazapper is the perfect toy.

    It sounds like you already tried it and found it too strong - to be used for punishment only. Remember you can use it all over the body, and you'll find different areas are more or less painful.

    It can be used on the ass, for example, and I would say that's probably the least painful area. The palms of the hands are also pretty tough.



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