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  1. missmasochist

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    Ok, whenever I go to bed with a dom or sadistic man... Why do you always do the face... I've noticed over the years, you all do one same face. When inflicting pain or dominating me, you stare at my face, sometimes into my eyes and just stay poker-faced and concentrate for a while. It's sexy, if a little psychotic... What's that about?
  2. SlutControl

    SlutControl New Member

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    In my own case...

    1) Inflicting pain and dominating is like a drug to the person with the the power. For me, it is in its own way as good as sex.

    2) The eyes are the window to your soul. The more I stare into your eyes, the more I see your pain/ pleasure, the higher the effect induced by the authority and power I have over you.
  3. sebastian

    sebastian Active Member

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    Yes, it's about the intimacy. I love looking into a sub's eyes as he struggles with pain or pleasure. One of the most effective things a guy ever did to me during vanilla play was he had my lie back and he jacked me off. Just as I was close to cumming, he say "look into my eyes". I felt incredibly exposed and open and vulnerable to him. I try to give my subs that feeling.
  4. RopeRanger

    RopeRanger Member

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    That intimacy is why holding eye contact is considered rude in most cultures. It is definitely a dominant trait. I was introduced to a young lady the other day and as I shook her hand I looked deep into her eyes. She completely forgot she was holding my hand and didn’t let go until her friend commented on it.

    I’m not sure what the psycho poker face is all about. I personally like showing my subs how much I am enjoying myself.

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    Hi MissMasochist,

    Three questions/comments:

    1. Do you really mean "all" men you've been with "do the face"?
    2. Give us a break...we're not all character, or even method actors. We're only men - the lesser of the species, remember. (BTW - I mean that. The human race can exist without men, but it can't exist without women - check out parthenogenesis).
    3. How would you suppose that your stereotype might apply to a male switch, like me?

  6. MrWolfgang

    MrWolfgang Member

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    And see....I like to keep mine blindfolded during playtime. They cant see me fumble around and (in my wifes case anyway) she can go to that place she goes in her head easier. So....no "Dom face" from me.

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