Male Dom/sadist fantasies...?

Discussion in 'General BDSM discussions' started by BeastieBabe, Nov 10, 2011.

  1. BeastieBabe

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    So I recently started discussing fantasies with my male dom. I'm new to the "hardcore" side of BDSM, he is not. He wont share much with me, he says he's worried he'll scare me. So we spend a lot of time with me talking, about what I want and what I think about. And that's all great, but I'm wondering what kinds of things he thinks about. I know everyones different, but was wondering what some of the things others think about and like. Mostly looking for ideas I like, that I can incorporate into my stories so he'll know I'm ok with them. I just dont feel like im being creative enough though.
    Thanks for any input, been searching the web to no avail for scene ideas.
  2. subarama30

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    I think it's important that he opens up a bit more about what his likes/dislikes are too as you need to know that you are compatible. Since you are newer he may well be worried about scaring you off but at the same time this needs to be a mutually satisfying thing so if he never tells you what he wants to be able to do, how can he figure out what you will/won't accept?! As you have said yourself you are just figuring things out so a little guidance would be really good for you right now so you need to discuss this with him.

    When I first brought up my desires with my long term partner, I was worried how he would feel and react to me and was very reluctant to open up properly as he had never shown any interest in the lifestyle at all. In the end he was just like 'how can I know what to do to please you if you won't tell me?'

    I have learnt that communication has to be a two way thing.
  3. BeastieBabe

    BeastieBabe New Member

    Thanks for the reply, its kinda what I figured. He's given me some scenarios and then we discussed what was ok, what was off-limits, and was possible. He keeps pushing me to give him scenarios that would be ok, but i 've kinda hit a wall. Think I just need to do more reading and we need to do more talking. THANKs!
  4. subarama30

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    Personally I think a blatant approach would work better for me, like him just saying 'look i want to you, can you deal?' so I would know exactly what he is all about in much the same way as a sub might tell a Dom 'i want you to beat me like a dog' or whatever.
  5. pepeluism

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    I have only had a few opportunities to be a Dom, but here are a few things I've done or have wanted to do:
    - Dehumanizing her by not allowing her to wear any clothes around the house, no use of furniture, eating from a bowl on the floor. Sleep inside a cage
    - Sexual use and humiliation - Verbal abuse, forcing her to wake me up with a blow job, receive me with a blow job when I come home, using her as entertainment with other friends (making her suck dicks/lick pussies for long periods of time)
    - Punishment - Whippings for even the smallest infraction, including pussy whipping. Making her do hard labor for hours at a time,

    Hope some of that helps

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