Is there a doctor here?! Worry of damage after using anal beads chain. :(

Discussion in 'Safety aspects of BDSM' started by Death, Aug 19, 2010.

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    Please take this seriously; I'm worried out of my mind, and because of my severe concerns with keeping intimate areas to myself, I can NOT go to a doctor. I just used the sinFIVE alterno anal beads chain, and when I pulled it out, there was some light coloured blood. I don't know if it came from near the start of the anal passage or further in. I put all 15 inches in (just left the large handle). I didn't feel any pain, and I even spinned it a little. I used as much lubrication as I could. Before I started I had used the toilet and a douche to quite a bit. When I pulled the anal beads out, it was almost clean, despite that I had inserted almost its full length. Due to the blood, I tried to take a dump, afterwards, but instead some light blood came and also a bit of something mucus-like that was dark red. I used the douche again to clean it up, in the hope to prevent infection, and when I released what I put inside, a lot of mustard coloured mucus came out. Have I ruptured my intestine? :/ Or is the mucus normal? When I used the douche, little or maybe even no blood came out.

    Almost an hour afterwards, I still don't feel pain. But there was light blood, very little of mucus-like, dark red, small, gooey pieces and then the mustard coloured ones that looked the same like the red, except another colour. I have a high pain tolerance but not THAT high - I mean I get headaches and backaches and even they bother me, and if I get peel from a fruit under my nails, it hurts quite a bit. So shouldn't I then feel if I've done permanent, non-self-healable damage to my intestine? Also, the large intestine is 1.5 meters long and 6-7.6 centimeters (2.4-3 inches) wide - what could a 15 inch (38 cm) long anal beads chain do with only one bead that is 1.5 inches? The rest being max 1 inch. Is the mucus normal? And is blood nothing to panic about? Or did I end up twisting my intestine and therefore damaging it when I spinned the beads while they were inside?

    Thanks in advance. :/ I'm including a picture of the anal beads chain.

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    You need to go to a doctor. That does not sound good at all. Many people are uncomfortable with seeing a doctor over personal matters, but if it's something potentially serious it's best to push such concerns aside and get it seen to. Otherwise, you'll just make yourself ill worrying, and have no idea if you've done any internal damage.
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    I'd rather just die than let a doctor go down on me, honestly. :/ Maybe if they cut me up, instead... that wouldn't that bad.

    I'm still feeling perfectly healthy. I'm feeling entirely normal. Maybe I actually overreacted...? I also read about the large intestine and it seems to produce some sort of substance - maybe what came out? Maybe that was just some sort of waste handling substance. And if the large intestine can pass undamaged after constipation, surely it should be able to handle just that...? And blood isn't completely unusual when you go to the toilet, after all, and maybe the reason you don't usually see that mucus is because it's surrounding your waste? I don't know, just thinking. :/ Seems logical that mucus would help the waste to slide out more easily.
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    I'd advise you to see a doctor...sounds like something serious,bleeding from the ass and you overreacted?...
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    But it was light blood - there's a big difference to light and dark blood when it comes to how serious it is (or isn't).
  6. master jey

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    See a doctor dude there is nothing to be ashamed of!

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    It shouldn't be bleeding, full stop.

    I'm not intentionally scaring you by saying this, but bleeding from the rectum can be a potential sign of cancer. A friend of mine recently had such bleeding, and went straight to the doctor to demand an emergency appointment. He doesn't like the thought of doctors investigating that area, but knew that it was necessary if it was to stop him worrying, and to diagnose and hopefully cure whatever was wrong. Everything was okay in the end, but the only way he found that out was by getting checked.

    Without wanting to be harsh, I think refusing to see a doctor about this is extremely irresponsible.
  8. sillylittlepet

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    The doctor is not going to "go down on you"

    He or she is going to check to make sure there's no damage done to your rectum. Pain or no pain, man up and see a doctor
    Its only embarrassing or weird because you let it be, in the US everyone over the age of 50 is advised to have a colonoscopy, where they check to see if your colon is healthy via a tube through the rectum. Its an extremely standard procedure

    chances are good that it wont even have to be that intense for you. Honestly, if your let fear and shame stand in the way of health then I don't even know what to say to you
  9. L8NightQ

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    Here's another one. Some seem to think the mucus and blood are related to damage to the lining of the colon and rectum, but not necessarily perforation. If you are perforated you will get sick pretty fast and not have much time to correct it.

    Read up. Hope it helps.
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  11. Sparrow69

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    While i agree that in most cases like this you should see a dr, I understand your reluctance. The links L8NightQ posted are pretty informative. Generally the deeper parts of the colon are not reached as often and as such may have been irritated especially if you've never gone so deep before. if you had perferated your colon there would have been pain, and a black viscus discharge, and you would have definately experienced severe negative side effects withing 6 hours. Since your still here I lean more towards a severe irritation.
    Please be careful. Remember, safety is a good thing.
  12. Death

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    Thank you to all, even to those that just said I should go to the doctor. :B Not what I wanted to hear, though. I'm going to read up on the links that L8NightQ gave. I think I'm in the clear, though. Still no pain, and I still feel perfectly healthy. I've never been so happy to have been able to have a normal toilet visit, before, today. -_- There was no visible blood in the waste, either. I've started eating the right things to heal the tears up, such as tons of honey, as honey has quite impressive healing properties, and will be eating linseeds, later, that I have left to soak, as soaked linseeds produce a kind of healthy mucus for the intestines. Will also be eating oatmeal, as it gives that same kind of healthy mucus. I also have just had ibuprofen, as it helps to prevent inflammation, and will be using it for a few days, at least. I will go see a doctor someday reasonably soon, though - NOT for a colonoscopy, but blood tests, to see if there are any septic traces in my blood, and ultrasound, so I know if there might be some minor problems in my large intestine. In the unlikely event that I'd need surgery, they'd just have to cut me up, instead, as that wouldn't be so bad to me. I actually do not think that this sex toy is what entirely caused this to me - I think it damaged an old scrape wound in my intestine. Not really much better but it's not like this was the first time that I've had some blood in the waste that comes from further inside. I probably should start eating better for a start - I do drink tons of healthy tea, and rooibos, but the great amounts of candy that I eat probably aren't good for my intestines. From what I've heard, sugar is like white whey flour, except worse, in the way that it causes constipation. I do not use to have a problem with that, but, regardless, it probably is something I should start having in mind.

    I think it's safe to say that I won't be using this sex toy again. -_- I also really would not recommend that anyone gets it or anything else of this length and I hope that this thread of mine will help others not to make the same mistake that I did. Maybe your intestine will handle it just fine, but it's hard to know if you have an old wound that is still sensitive enough to get redamaged. I'm going to ask for a refund for this sex toy, by the way, and ask them to stop selling it. Will also contact the company, sinFIVE, that manufactures it and explain what happened to them. If they are a respectable company, they would stop manufacturing it, or at least put huge warning signs on the package of what may happen at least to *some* people.

    Thank you all for the replies, again.
  13. sebastian

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    Death, part of the reason that damage to your colon is a source of real concern is that the feces that pass through your colon carry a lot of infectious bacteria. While urine in your body is normally sterile, the same is absolutely not true for feces. Normally these bacteria can't penetrate the lining of your colon and therefore pass safely outside your body, but if you get a cut in your colon or rectum, it's a chink through which bacteria can pass and therefore start an infection. Not all colon damage is the sort that causes pain, so the fact that you're not feeling any pain doesn't guarantee that you're ok. The fact that you're not seeing more blood is definitely a good sign, but from what I know, it's not a guarantee that you're in the clear.

    I understand your fear of seeing the doctor. It's a common problem, but, as my mother taught me years ago, just because you're afraid of something doesn't mean you don't have to do it. In my opinion, those who practice bdsm simply have to get past their discomfort about discussing sexual activity with doctors, because too many things can go wrong during bdsm that require medical attention. (In my opinion, being willing to visit the doctor is part of the 'sane' element in SSC.) Most doctors and hospital personal have heard and encountered just about everything imaginable sexually and if they're competent, they will be sensitive to your embarrassment and try to put you at ease. In particular, they're used to people putting odd things into various orifices--it's one of the most common reasons for visits to the ER, and I've heard all sorts of stories about the things ER doctors pull out of anuses and the bizarre stories people tell to cover up what they were doing sexually.

    "I was vacuuming in the nude and somehow my cock got caught in the vacuum hose."
    "I slipped in the shower and fell on a bike handle."
    "I slipped in the shower and fell on a lemon."
    "I slipped in the shower, tripped over my dog, and fell on my cell phone." (The phone rang during the procedure to get it out.)
    "I was cooking in the nude and dropped a frozen hot dog in my vagina."
    "I was trying to brush off a hemarrhoid and I lost control of my toothbrush."
    "I was hanging curtains in the nude and slipped and fell backwards onto a potato on my kitchen table."
    "I woke up and there was a light bulb in my ass."
    "I was trying to reinsert a hemarrhoid and I lost hold of the anti-aircraft artillery shell I was using." (They had to call in a bomb squad for that one, since it was a live shell.)
    "I was trying to relieve my constipation and I thought a microwave egg boiler might work."
    "I was really sure that if I put the matchbox car in a condom, I'd be able to get it out again."
    "I didn't want my boyfriend driving, so I hid his car keys somewhere I knew he never went." (This for a woman's vagina.)

    A friend of mine told me story from an ER doctor she knows who became quite adept at removing screw-top bottle caps from anuses (just put the bottle back in, rotate it clockwise to reattach the cap, and gently pull.)
    One doctor, in a single ER shift, encountered a potato, two spoons, a butter knife, and a roll of copper wire.
    There's even a medical term for this phenomenon: Rectal Foreign Object (RFO).

    My point here, apart from the simple amusement value of these stories, is that your doctor isn't going to humiliate you for sticking anal beads up your ass (and if, by chance, he does, you have a right to be angry with him, because it's extremely unprofessional). The medical literature on RFOs emphasizes the importance of treating the patient with dignity. You took reasonable precautions, used a genuine sex toy, and didn't get it stuck, so there's nothing to be ashamed of.

    Anal sex is wonderful, but it's not something to take a chance on. Please, swallow your fear, and go talk to a doctor. If you're fine, the worst that will happen is a little embarrassment. If you're not fine, this could literally save your life.
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  14. L8NightQ

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    Well said Seb....

    And certainly to be remembered for more than Death's immediate situation.

    Death.... Let us know if they actually give you a refund on your (used) product ha ha.
    Glad you're feeling better
  15. sebastian

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    One other story (friend-of-a-friend, so who knows if it's true or not):
    Guy comes into the ER with a very large vibrator logged firmly in his ass. His sphincter muscles are spasmed so tight that even with a muscle relaxant and a lot of lube, the nurse can't get it out. Finally, the nurse, who was at the end of a 40-hour shift, told the man they were going to have to dismantle the vibrator (essentially cut the core out). The man started bitching about how expensive the vibrator was, at which point the frustrated nurse said "Sir, do you want me to remove it, or just change the batteries?" The nurse was fired at the end of the shift.

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