strangulation/asphyxiation led to convulsions??

Discussion in 'Safety aspects of BDSM' started by trouble2111, Sep 15, 2011.

  1. trouble2111

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    I realise this is a long one but please read..

    Ok, so, Hi, my name is Sam and my partner's name is Paul. I'm female, 23 and sub. Paul is male, 35 and dom.

    background stuff:

    we've been together for a couple of years and since pretty early on we've been playing around with strangulation, with me being the one being strangled. we discovered it was something that turned me on a LOT, and P got to enjoy the power/domination it gave him too.

    we've never done it too hard/long, only ever been for 10, maybe 20 seconds at a time, only hard enough for my face to go a bit red and it never really limited my breathing or anything. i've always been the one who wanted him to push me to the edge and P's always held back, worried he'll hurt me, but lately we've been pushing it a little bit further each time.

    what happened:

    well, one day last week we were fooling around, enjoying some foreplay etc and i grabbed P's wrist and motioned him to grab my neck, and he did. immediately i felt it was too tight and intense, and then all i remember is waking up, with my hands and feet numb and P with a look on his face like he'd seen a ghost.

    so what's happened is within 2 seconds of P grabbing me I've passed out. My head fell to the side, my eyes still open (P described me as having "dead eyes" - not looking at anything, no focus etc), and i wasn't breathing. within a couple of seconds i started having convulsions which lasted for around 10 seconds and then stopped. i still wasn't breathing, laid still for a few more seconds then started a second lot of convulsions for another 10 secs or so, after these finished i started spluttering then woke up.

    after i came round i couldn't remember anything (no white lights or St Peter - lol) about what happened, all i know is i must have passed out so fast i didn't have chance to tap P's arm or anything to say it was too hard. i could breathe ok when he was doing it, so he must have cut off the blood running to my brain or something..

    has anyone ever had this happen to them? or heard of this? i find it strange the 1) i passed out so QUICK! like, it was immediate almost and 2) the fact that i had stopped breathing completely, and 3) the convulsions???

    needless to say we've decided to not do this again until we find out what happened, lol.

    oh, and no we didn't go to any doctor or hospital or anything. after i came round i was fine after the pins and needles had gone from my hands/feet, and it was all over too fast for P to have called an ambulance, though he was about to try mouth to mouth when i came round..
  2. sebastian

    sebastian Active Member

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    The FAQ has a section on breath control and the considerable dangers involved. Your case illustrates one of the major problems with breath control: it's not possible to predict how quickly the sub will reach the point of unconsciousness.

    I'm not a medical practitioner, but my guess is that when he was choking you, he accidentally applied pressure to your carotid artery and accidentally cut off the flow of blood to your brain. That might explain why you became unconscious so quickly. That runs a serious risk of causing a stroke.

    To learn more about breath play, google Jay Wiseman and breath play and read one of his short essays on the problems involved.
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  3. Aibo

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    That is sound advice from sebastian, and I also think the bloodflow to the brain had been stopped there. My ex had strangulation as one main theme, but honestly we never ended up with such an emergency.

    The convulsions are indeed the final stage of a body trying to stay alive. So you were indeed dying as you told when you said you had stopped breathing.

    So please play careful and yes read up some, i'd hate hearing about anyone that get killed or seriously damaged. We've had enough of such!
  4. jaded

    jaded New Member

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    I joined this forum to ask the very same question - i had a similar situation where my partner grabbed my throat (no harder than usual i might add) and within seconds i was having convulsions. I cant remember what happened, only that I had a 'vision' where i belived i was somewhere else. I felt pins and needles and couldnt feel anything or grab him.. he looked terrified when i came round and was crying. he said i was shaking and looked like i was having a 'fit' i couldnt remember anything which happened which made it really scary for me.

    Its possible that this situation has turned strangulation from a massive turn on, to something i am absolutely terrified (when he even put his hand on my neck with no pressure for the rest of the day, i pushed it away and it just brought back how scared i was)

    is there any way to ensure that something like this wouldnt happen again?
  5. Smallest

    Smallest Moderator

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    I don't think there really is, but perhaps something between hand and neck? like a thick layer of fabric, just laying across, not wrapped around or putting pressure on alone, just so there was less likelihood of putting pressure right on the carotid. I'm not sure whether it would help though.

    Having your dom know the location of that artery in your neck would be best either way, but s/he might not always think about it.
  6. 01007653

    01007653 New Member

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    The carotid sinus is very sensitive to pressure, with baroreceptors there which can immediate changes in blood pressure rapidly. Also the vagus nerve has innvervations to lots of the body and stimulation can lead vasovagal syncope.

    With it happening so fast it is less likely to be due to reduced blood flow to the brain, and more likely due to nerve irritation.
  7. nsdnq

    nsdnq New Member

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    I don't see how increased BP could result in passing out. far as I've been taught unconsciousness is always due to hypoperfusion to brain, not hyperperfusion. If it was a vasovagal episode they would be complaining of lightheadedness, nausea, and/or hot flashes.

    The brain can only remain conscious for three minutes without oxygenated blood. My money's on poor circulation, combined with too much pressure on the carotid artery. >circulation = >time before loss of consciousness. But I'm just a med student so I'll defer to anyone qualified to actually dispense medical advice lol.

    Are either of you smokers? On any medications? High Cholesterol? This could be the result of a preexisting condition. If I where in your shoes I'd going to the hospital and requesting an nMRI, or at the very least learning my baseline blood pressure.
  8. MargaretS

    MargaretS New Member

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    I have a question , is this basically what happens when a person uses a wrestling move called a "sleeper hold"?
  9. sebastian

    sebastian Active Member

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    Yes. That's basically what a sleeper hold is, although my understanding is that the term covers a couple different maneuvers. Law enforcement agencies no longer teach or allow the basic sleeper hold because there have been a fair number of severe injuries and fatalities to those targeted with such holds (which brings us back to the dangers of breath play).

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